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  1. Hi, Which is best: os and sam/seq on NVMe and recording on SSD or vice versa? thanks in advance..
  2. Hi all I was working on a project on sam 10 po then I upgraded to sam 11 pro. I opened the project in sam 11 pro the first time and continued working then I closed it and I tried to reopen it again, it WON'T OPEN. after several tries it opened and closed by itself with the FAMOUS BLUE SCREEN just like the one we used to see in win 98. I opened the same project in sam 10 pro ,it opens with no problems at all except for the missing plugins that come with sam 11 pro like vandal... and the only way to open the project in sam 11 pro is to open it first in sam 10 pro. my 4 questions are: 1---why the upgrade is installed in a different folder called SAM 11PRO ??? shouldn’t it be in the same folder of sam 10 pro??? 2---should i remove sam 11 pro in install it sam 10 pro folder? 3---why do i get the BLUE SCREEN in sam 11 pro ,and not in sam 10 pro??? 4---when i save the project, the saved icon has the old logo ,i mean like the one in sam 10 pro (blue) not the new brown one. and i dont see the new_bak icon any more!!!!!!!!!!!! my pc: core 2 quad ,4 GB ram, win 7 64 with 1 uad card . I really appreciate any help from you guys and please keep in mind the the same project still can open in sam 10 pro. thank you in advance
  3. hey all I setup win 7 ultimate 64 bit,updated sam stick firmware and sam won't open; here is the message: CodeMeter or WIBU-KEY runtime system is not installed! Any Idea how to solve this??????????? thx
  4. thank you for your peply sorry i don't know what you mean by " firewire patch for XP " and where do i check " firewire controler chipset on motherboard " ps:I have intel thx again hi, first, make sure you have the firewire patch for XP. Then, you should find what is your firewire controler chipset on your motherboard, in case of compatibility issue like RME (TI chipset recommended). And, you should find what is the motherboard chipset as MOTU is very difficult... (Intel recommended, no Via !!!) Good luck Phil
  5. Hi I have a new motu 828 mk2 with the latest driver used with samplitude 10 pro. xp pro I get a lot of lost asio buffers in playback and recording. my old pc was a pentium4 ,2gb ram and sata hd. i upgrade it to quad 2 core,4gb ram and a new sata hd, i still have the same problem. i tried something with the buffer settings :) can anybody help here???? motu does not answer calls and their replying emails are useless. thx a lot.
  6. I'll try it. thanks a lot.......
  7. [thank you for your reply. what i ment is that i need to select them like you select items on desktop with the mouse @ once not one by one. is there a way? thx
  8. hi how can i select multiple faders ( volumes ) in a mixer? thx
  9. hi I'm getting the same. some goes to a Russian site and others to a Canadian pharmacy...
  10. hi thx for your reply i tried the batch thing but: i had 2 options for loading a preset: 1-files of type:mixer setup (*.mix) 2-*.bte so where do i get those type of files??????? because when i save a mixer chanel plugins in directx/vst plug-ins master i get a: 1-*.plug 2-*.eo2 can you please help? thx again
  11. hi I have 54 songs in one track ,with some plug ins at the master ,that i want to convert them to mp3 . is there a way to convert all objects to mp3s automatically not one by one??? thank you in advance
  12. hi thx for your reply i know i can scroll up but i was wondering why there is an empty space what is it for? can it be related to the mixer mabe? thx
  13. hi thx for your work.it is really helpful. do you intend to do tutorials on MASTERING IN SAMPLITUDE . this section is missing and i think a lot of users would love to see this. thx again
  14. hi again when opening sam arrange window there is always under the tracks something that looks like a track but it is not. what is it??? thx
  15. hi does anybody knows if a digital delay plugin exist? i mean you can find a lot of analog and tape delays plugins everywhere but no digital delays!!! what i mean by digital delay is like BOSS DD3 or higher or like the one in pod xt pro or pod farm. thx
  16. hi in sx or nuendo you can specify chanels physical input on which you can put an effect which will be recorded real time : for example you put a compressor on it and as soon as you hit the record button ,the track will be recorded with a compressor on it. can this be done in samplitude? thx
  17. Hi I downloaded samplitude 10 ( download version ) and samplitude 10 pro demo to test and I got this: When recording ( ex. Vocals ) the picture or the graphic of the wave recorded on a low volume (soft singing ) is centered to the middle line inside the recorded object.. When recording the same vocals but on higher volumes ( loud singing )almost shouting, the picture or the graphic of the wave recorded is NOT centered to the middle line inside the recorded object. IT IS RANDOM!!! Why???? Ps: when recording the same vocals in high and low velocities, using samplitude pro v8, or using sound forge 9, the recorded wave is ALWAYS centered to the middle line inside the recorded object. I imported the wave recorded with samplitude 10 ( download version ) and samplitude 10 pro demo into sound forge 9, and in the info menu of sound forge 9 it says ( DC offset…….….I can’t remember the exact value) Can you explain this? I have : Quad 2 core 2.4 GHz 4 GB ram Nvidia VGA 512 RAM Sata disc drives Motu 828 MK2 with the latest DRIVER THANK YOU IN ADVANCE badwis@hotmail.com
  18. Will sam 7.2 support 192Kz so i use mu MOTU HD 192
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