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  1. Martin, Thanks for the warning on developing your own skins. It does look time consuming. I did download the demo of SAM 9 Pro, and brought in the default skins from there. I did notice that in MS 12, the external skins blanked out the built-in FX selection for the VIP track control and mixer. So I left the VIP and mixer as default. I did try the DigiDesign and the Unempty, but had the same problem with the built-in FX disappering. I kept the V9 transport skin as it is alot better than the default. As you described, the skins are deactivated in the SE version. (even though it appears in the list of categories) It was worth the effort to check into the options. thanks LC
  2. There has been some topics on the availability of skins I found in the registered Samplitude user forum. I was wondering if you can use regular SAM 9 skins on either SAM 9 SE or Music Studio 12 (2007)? Music Studio 12 does come with a couple of options, but I've seen some of the SAM 9 and older skins, and some are really quite remarkable. It definitely spruces up the desktop if you ask me. I was also wondering if you can actually create your own, and what would it take to do that? And what you would have to do to use skins from the Pro versions of SAM? Thanks, LC
  3. Looks like they've kept pretty much the same configuration as SAM 8 SE. Wonder when SAM 9 SE will be available worldwide? And I wonder when Magix or Samplitude will post some details at their websites? LC
  4. Having a full intention of someday being able to purchase a full blown Samplitude Professional, and already using Sam 8 SE for a short while, I decided to purchase Music Studio 12 anyways. I figured that, with MS12 being based off of Sam 9, and coming with alot of pretty darn good plug-ins, I'd take the $79 plung and give it a try. I really don't have any need for any recordings above 24 bit/48khz, at least at this time. Playing around with Elastic Audio helped convince me that, even it being an "Easy" version, it was still worth having. Pretty much the difference seem to be minor, and with version 12.02 being the current release, it seems to be stable for now. Again, I haven't done much with it yet, except loading in some older projects that I did in Sam 8 SE or Sonar 6. I like what I've seen so far. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get a good feel for Samplitude, and at least have the basic functionalities and feature of the latest version, then Music Studio 12 (or MS 2007) should be a nice way to go. Good luck, and again, I hope this information is useful. LC
  5. Andy, Thanks for responding. Now the mystery is, "If I can't save within the demo version, how did the tracks get hidden?" Both the demo and its backup file, the tracks 7-11 are hidden. I guess I won't bother to much with it. Hopefully soon enough, I'll be in position to purchase the cross-grade of Sam 9 Pro, and it will all be a thing of the past. Thanks again for at least putting the issue of hidden tracks in Sam 8 SE to rest. LC
  6. John, Thanks for your response. I plan on persisting. I do have the Sam 9 demo, so I can get a feel for some of it's advanced features, via hunt and peck. Yes, the SADiE System is a wonderful system. I've never had a chance to see one in action, but I have read about it's power and quality. It would be nice to get to a system that could at least emulate that type of quality, at an affordable price. Having a small project studio, it's nice to be able to grow at a moderate pace, without a heavy commitment. I looking to procure Sam 9 Pro within the next month. Thanks again and I'll post anything I find on Samplitude 9 tutorials, books, reference, and maybe the State-side distributor might be of help in that area. LC
  7. John, Thanks for the advise. I'll have to look into someone on the Web, if possible. Problem is, in the Detroit, Michigan area, Samplitude seems non-existant. I hope someone from the Detroit area reads this statement. Most of the people I know are Logic, PT, or Cubase users. The Sonar users are ones that I've taught how to use it. It would just seem nice to know that someone has created a "Samplitude - Power User!" or "Samplitude 9 - DVD tutorial" instruction media. In the mean time, I'll keep working with Sam 8 SE and the Sam 9 Pro demo, and hopefully gather enough knowledge to be able to use it when the time comes to upgrade. Thanks again, LC
  8. I've loaded the Sam 9 demo project file, '9demo.vip', into Sam 8 SE, and it seems to work perfect. I've noticed that the mixer shows several other tracks (tracks 7-11), and they are hidden in the main project window. Using the Sam 8 SE Help stated that I could hide and show tracks with ctrl-shift-S combination. That doesn't seem to work. Since the Help is based off of Sequoia, I figured that show/hide function may or may not be available in Sam 8 SE. Does anyone know the secret of hiding and showing tracks in the main Sam 8 VIP SE window? thanks, LC
  9. I was just wondering if there are any Samplitude 9 Tutorials or books available out in the general public, outside of the ones posted at their website? I did find some of the ones mentioned with some other topics, but I'd like to find some advanced tutorials or even a book or two that focuses on the advanced functions of the version 9 version. I have used Samplitude Pro 2496 a number of years back, and I'm playing around with Sam 8 SE, relearning the ropes so to speak. I've used Sonar 6 Studio and Acid Pro 6 recently and found both products to be excellent. I just feel an urge to get back to Samplitude as I feel it would be a definite plus now that it sports MIDI more effectively. But before I commit to Samplitude 9 Classic or Pro, I wouldn't mind spending a few dollars on getting to know the products functionality a bit better through either books, articles, complete video tutorials, and such. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. LC
  10. Download this PDF file. It gives comparisons between Music Studio 12, Samplitude SE 8, Samplitude Pro, and Sequoia. http://support.magix.net/repos/?id=207. You don't need a password, just click on the download button. As Mathieujm stated,... MS 12 is 24/48khz, while Sam 8 SE is 24/96khz MS 12 does come with some nice plug-ins like Elastic audio Easy and Sampletank 2 LE. MS 12 is based off of the Sam 9 engine, minus the Hybrid Audio Engine, while Sam 8 SE is the older 8 engine. I hope this information is useful. LC
  11. The network card is just a paper membership card that Magix issues that allows registered users access to Internet goodies. I haven't used it, but I'm sure that there's something to it. Check out Magix website, under Community or www.magix.com/network, as I believe they talk about it. No, it's not needed to activate the program. That's the serial number that GT Bannah and I couldn't find, as it was on the paper slip-cover for the CD disk. www.jdsound.com is where I picked up Samplitude 6.0. I think the breakdown is as follows: Samplitude Master 2496 $ 49.99 Samplitude Studio 2496 $ 99.99 Samplitude Producer 2496 $149.95 And you can get info on the V8 upgrade as well. JD Sound also sells on eBay as jdsound-com. You might be able to get it even cheaper through eBay. That's how I got Producer 2496 V6. I hope this helps. LarryC cyrral
  12. To GTBannah, I just got V6 Producer as well, and did the same exact thing. And just happened across the number by accident. Anyways, I'm right with you on SAM V6, and foaming at the mouth for V8. Even SAM V6, being several years old, is so much nicer to use than Sonar 3. LarryC cyrral
  13. Just being curious, I decided to check the system CPU and Disk access performance and compare Sonar's and Samplitude's audio engine effeciency using the exact same wave files. Scenario: P4 2.8 HT 2GB RAM 160GB S-ATA HD Tascam FW-1884 Firewire interface ATI X300E Dual monitor video (26) 24bit/48k audio wave tracks Sonitus compressor and reverb (just on vocals, keeping it simple) Cakewalk Sonar 3.0------------------------ CPU 19%, Disk 27% Samplitude Producer 2496 (Version 6)- CPU 12%, Disk 11% It's interesting to see how Samplitude utilizes the system far more efficiently than Sonar. And Sonar even supports Hyper Threading. For what it's worth, I just thought I'd share this with the good folks on the forum. Especially since I'm still a newcomer to SAM. LarryC cyrral
  14. From Tom at Synthax "It will work just fine... All my best, Tom Sailor www.synthax.com 5111 Market St. Boardman, OH 44512 V- 330.259.0308 F- 330.259.0315" ------------------------------------------------------------------ To GTBannah, Thanks for the input as well. I haven't committed to which level yet, so there still is time to go the extra mile. (and raise the extra cash!) LarryC cyrral
  15. In the comparison charts at the Samplitude website, it states that Classic V8 has MIDI, yet lack MIDI Machine Control capabilities that is found on Professional V8. Does that mean you would not be able to use a control surface, like Mackie or similar, to control virtual faders, pans, and the like? I have a Tascam FW1884, and have used it with Digital Performer 4 and Sonar 3. In consideration of purchasing the latest Samplitude, I'd hate to loose the control surface functionality, but I'm apprehensive about spending the difference just to have that feature. (Surround Sound is way off in the distant future for me, I have enough softsynths, and Elastic Audio functionality is a extra I haven't had a need for (yet)) Thanks for any input that anyone can provide. LarryC cyrral
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