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  1. Correct....I use the Pinnacle Video Ver.8 to capture with. I think it's up to Ver.9 or 10 now. Pretty easy to use to capture. Best Buy..about $99.00. Here is a 30 sec clip of it sync'ed with samplitude..Works great and has good sound..... Video Card Sync As far as Samp itself........I just have a basic 8 meg video card which seems to work fine...I was just wondering about the video card with bigger monitors now, flats screens, being able to view more tracks on screen, mixer skins...things like that.....or does it even matter...The video card installed will in no way affect your audio in Samp? gene
  2. GT...Is correct. 1. Select the stereo track to be used, from the mixer window hit mixdown. 2. Under Format, selecct wave and mono mixdown 3. Then import it to a blank track Gene1995
  3. Sluggo...........When you play a CD in "windows media", Does your CD text appear or does it say Unknown or Track 1, Track 2, etc......? I have never been able to this to work for me. Just curious to know if your'd show up in the Windows Media Player Window? Gene1995
  4. No dice on the lasso and shift + lt mouse...It just changes from the color green to purple.....Any other ideas?
  5. From within Samp 6.0.....Can someone please tell me how I can delete all midi note (say except the snare hits note 40-E1) for example. I can import the the midi drum track, pull up the editor and can see all of the notes, chan, velocity, time, etc...now I'd like to turn off or delete all but the snare hit...? Or even just playback the snare hits only...don't really need to delete the others just mute them somehow. Thanks Gene1995
  6. I have to agree with "Boogie"......If "guest" is correct in his/her post...Is it safe to say, it would make no difference if one would record in mono or stereo? If what I hear is the same? But if the sound would change over several tracks.....Then I would argue it is not the same. I think I understand where guest is going...but if you had more information being recorded, would that not be a different sound? Sorry "guest" I think I see where you are going..but I'm still on the fence.... (By the way) Thanks for the replies....I had about had it with the crack software crap..... Gene1995
  7. You two seem to be on the same page for the most part. My question would then be: If Samp processes at 32 bit float no matter what...Then how could one have a better sound? Would not the sound be the same? I say that because that did come up and was pretty much the whole argument.....(well maybe not argument) but discussion. I agree it seem's to run smoother with stereo files.....Why is that? Even with double the HD work and file size? He is a PT guy, and I agree, I think it's because that's what he does all of the time. Gene1995
  8. When you try to playback...Down in the lower right hand corner does it show 16 bit playback or 24 bit playback? I had the same problem in 24 bit playback. Go to the system/audio under the option tab and set to 16 bit. gene
  9. This is true..... No more headaches with the DVD. Am holding out till first of year. Of coarse the prices now are still pretty affordable. Gene
  10. Got'cha now......That would be nice to do. Adding Track info or any info on equipment used, settings and so forth. I use my CD Maker 2000 to do just that......but to work from within samplitude or Audio studio 2005 under the Make CD tab with a leave session open option would be really cool. The nero software we have here is not the latest version but saw no leave session open option on this one. Nero 6.6 is the latest I think...so not sure on that. Gene
  11. Well kinda Yes and No on the clear thing...but I think I kinda know where you are going with it. I agree it would be great to be able to leave the session open and keep adding to it and then close it. Let me just throw this out there......If that was possible, to leave the session open and given the size of a single tracks wav file for let's say a bass line for a 4 min song (aprox 40 meg.) So you back it up, then a day later you make a volume change to the bass line and overwrite the wav on your HD. Now your project has just changed you have no choice but to back up the new file or risk losing the new wav, if you encounter a problem. So save to disc......Bass wav files 1 & 2 now at 80megs. Can't overwrite file 1 not a (CD-RW)...now say you need to add a tad more eq or effect or what ever....wav file change and new file...Bass line 1,2 & 3...now 120 meg Bass alone on a 700meg disc. I think we can see where this is going.......so I think a very simple 8 track project may take several disc in the long run...back to the original problem. I think it's a complete project burn or dump (if you will) for this simple reason...It would be like you said (not economical) to leave the disc session open....unless you have smaller files than the average 4 min song at 40meg per track at say 8 to 10 tracks. Not counting any changes you make. That's why it's a 1 time dump. Don't get me wrong....I see where you're going...and that could work out great but I also see a big problem with that also. All of that dosen't matter if you say ....back up your main track and use it to import from if you have a problem, you would just have to remix it or save the mixer presets....now I can see that working somewhat........Any thoughts? Gene
  12. I use a stand alone software called CD-Maker 2000 by NTI. A version came bundled with my burner but I purchased a separate version also. Kinda expensive for cd burning software $129.00, compaired to some for $19.00 bucks. It will allow you to leave the burn session open and add until disc is full or you close it. Hewlett Packard has a version also I have used (Disc Wiz / Disc Wonder) something like that. You will just have to move out of the Samplitude domain if you can live with that. Unless someone has any other ideas. It's your typical cd burning software, easy to use...drag and drop mostly. Now you have to load each .wav file one at a time, drag/drop in the order you need and in the pop up menu it will ask before you start the burn if you want to leave session open (very nice) option. You can even add data files with track info if you need to. I see Roxio and Nero advertised quite abit not sure if they allow this or not...I do have access to Nero will get back to you with the info on that. Gene
  13. When I shelled out my $1000 bucks........I didn't get the whole "Top Secret / Covert Users Forum Thing" Ohhhhh But now I do....THANKS MAGIX !!!!!! For Covering My Ass.......Yep, If you've seen one users forum, you've seen'em all...............Well maybe Not !!!!!
  15. Gene1995


    I usually do pretty good with the buffers. The default's usually work well for me a Max of 2 out of 4 and ERR=0. I have even set it at 3 with no problems. As far as DC offset, I usually run it first as soon as the track is recorded. Then work from there in this order: Record Track DC Offset Dehiss/Denoise EQ Compress Burn Nothing seems to work it just pops every so often right at the start as you hit the play transport.........Just wondering if anyone has had this happen. Gene1995
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