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  1. I see my post is getting a lot of views but no more responses. Someone out there must have an idea to fix this problem. HALP!
  2. Sorry, I should've also asked: are any of the tracks you are freezing grouped? Are any of them sharing an aux track with the VST plugin in the aux (i.e. all mapped to the same aux)? On tracks that you're having problems with freeze - which plugins are being used? Tried changing buffer sizes in ASIO and VIP? Are you moving frozen track objects around to other tracks after freezing? How many tracks in your project? How many MIDI tracks? (not that this impacts anything, but it COULD effect buffer settings). mono or stereo audio tracks? (some reports of UAD having mono/stereo driver issues over the past several months - so if you're using UAD plugins, then there may be something there). Seems to me I remember some reports of sporadic behavior in V9 when freezing either grouped MIDI tracks, or multiple tracks sharing an aux channel. Also, freezing pretty much doesn't depend on your hardware, so then the next thing to look at is your buffer settings. Greg Thanks for replying Greg. My song has 7 midi tracks with no shared auxes or grouping of tracks. 4 tracks are running Motu Symphonic, 1 is midi out to a keyboard, 1 is Sytrus and 1 audio track. All the midi tracks are stereo with no VST effects applied. I have tried changing buffer sizes in ASIO and VIP. I've also muted all tracks not being frozen. When that didn't work I tried removing the VSTI's on all the tracks not being frozen. I have also tried moving a midi object to a new track, applying the VSTI and then freezing with poor results. I can usually only have about 12 tracks total if only audio tracks before I'm out of resources. I did notice when some VIP's load initially, Robota is listed in the VSTI's that are loaded. I haven't used Robota in a project at all. I also have Samp 7 and have had over 40 audio tracks with many plugs running successfully. It seems 9 requires a lot more resources than 7. I do use the Hybrid Engine most of the time in 9. It seems that I should be able to get at least 20 tracks to run in 9. I know my computer is a bit dated, but I except better performance than what I'm currently getting in Samp 9.
  3. My system consists of: Windows XP Pro SP1, Optimized for audio, Samp 9.1.2, Amd Athlon XP 2800+, 2.09 GHz, 1.5 GB Ram, 2 UAD-1 Cards, 1 TC Electronic Card, Motu Symphonic Instrument, Sytrus VSTI, Motu 828MKll firewire interface, ASIO buffers set at 1536 16 bit, Hybrid Engine, 16348 VIP buffer, Manual Monitoring. Samp on Drive C, Motu Symponic Instrument sounds on Maxtor 200GB USB drive G, Vip on WD USB 300GB drive H.
  4. I am having problems freezing midi tracks assigned to VSTI's in Samp 9 set on hybrid engine. The frozen tracks will often have audio errors in them and at times will not unfreeze. I've also had several frozen audio tracks refuse to unfreeze. This problem is slowing my work flow considerably. I have found a work around for midi tracks by recording to the next audio track down but it is time consuming. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Ok I found a partial fix in the VSTi manager. By deleting the instruments from each track that is frozen, the song now plays without a hitch at 75% dsp load. I'm sure if I unfreeze a track to edit the midi data, the dsp overage would reappear. This is workable, but not too satisfying. Perhaps my system just won't run more that a few VSTi tracks at once but it doesn't feel like the right answer right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm new to samp 9 and was really expecting some great things from it. But so far I'm disappointed. I'm working on a song with 6 midi tracks using Motu Symponic instrument and Fruity Loops Sytrus. Even with 4 of the tracks frozen and the Vsti's removed from those tracks, Samp stutters and stops and the dsp load runs over 100%. I've tried many buffer setting changes/ engine changes and can't seem to make it work. 6 tracks doesn't seem to be too much to ask of samp. I'm running version 9.1.1, I have updated to the new codemeter version also. I'm using the Economy, Software/Track Effects Monitor engine, ASIO buffer setting 1536, 16 bit playback, VIP object buffer setting 8192. I also run samp 7 and have had great success with it running over 30 tracks with many samp effects as well as DX effects and UAD-1 and TC powercore effects running simultaneously without having to freeze tracks. Samp 7 has been very stable on my system for over 2 years. I have really gotten serious about midi since purchasing samp 9, love the midi editor, samps new effects: variverb and amtrack and others and I'm looking forward to using the new features. Please just tell me how to make it play. Thanks. System: XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 1 Computer: ASUS TeK A7N8X-X AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2,088 MHz 1.5 gig of ram Motu 828 MK ll firewire PCI cards: 2 UAD-1 1 TC Powercore Samp 9.1.1 is on drive C Motu Symphonic dat.msi file is on USB drive H Song VIP is on USB drive F
  7. Who'd of thought drag and drop would work? Works great now!! Thank you!!! If I had a million dollars, I'd upgrade to Sequoia.
  8. I just installed a Powercore Element in my pc. The dll files for the powercore are sitting in the Samp VST folder but Samp doesn't make them available in the plug ins dialog page. The dll files don't show up. I also run two UAD-1 cards and those plugin dlls are in the Samp VST folder and work just fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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