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  1. Hi, Try MXV and then open it at Movie edit pro ( if you have) From there you can export it further. And at least see and hear if the problem is codec dependent.
  2. I am using Sequoia, and there i i can keep both vip and vst window open same time. Just clicking the window that i am adjusting, makes it active for to adjust. I am not sure about new samplitude version, but i guess there must be possibility to keep them both open. As normally the vip window is of course always open. Have you try to look the options behind system/audio options. Pressing letter "Y" opens it.
  3. What about is the harmony generator available as plug-in for proX or sequoia? or is there any other 3d part plug in that does the same work?
  4. Hello Sascha,

    Have you had problems with the tempo change when using vandal? there was a topic about that at vst side of this forum.

    greetings from finland, Juha.

  5. Have you try open last backup project?
  6. I like that Vandal is so "simple" to use. Simplicity in plug-ins is something that is important.
  7. Hello, i did ave similar kind of problem couple of months ago. Here is copy of my original post to the forum. "Hello, I am using native instruments Elektric piano. I have it as vst plug in at track and track contains midi data to play the piano. I also have vandal as plug in , so that i can get distortion to the sound. But, when i do tempo change, eg from 110 to 100 so that is gradually changes, i get glitches. Right away when tempo change calculation starts, the vandal starts to make glitches. When tempo change is done, the sound returns normal. The glitches come from vandal, because if its off, sound is ok. What is the reason to this? Do i have to freeze the track to audio and then use vandal, if so must do, i would like to know the technical problem which causes the glitches. Have nice Saturday evening. J. " Nobody did comment it, so i thought i am only one and that problem is at my system. Interesting that someone did have the same problem. J.
  8. Hi, I have problem with my new samplitude. I did buy Pro version. But for some reason if i install it, the codemeter doesnt start, or suggest that i have buy udate. But when i install master or normal samplitude version, then the codemeter works. hmm hmm. Packet says its Pro version. But seems its not....is there any possibility to check what versions the codemeter really keeps in? Thanx for help. Vista 32 bit, all updates. latest codemeter versions loaded...
  9. Hi, I am trying to sync SE to ourboard sequencer. The problem is that SE starts from point 001:01:304 This same thing happens no matter which outboard sequencer or midi port i use. I have tried with Korg Karma, Amiga,Akai MTC. With different midi input ports. But alwayes it starts like this...hmm where the problems is? Thanx for help
  10. Hi, How do i record the audio output of my kontak in SE. The kontakt is now as vsti plug in at track one, but all i seem to do is that it records only midi that comes in from my external sequencer. How i record the audio output that kontakt creates? Thank for help.
  11. Thanks for notice, What is the best site to get information about modifying vista to audio work? I have tried to get it work like xp. thanks.
  12. HI, I go new Fujtsu-Siemenes latop, Xi2550, with vista home basic. I got Samplitude SE from Swedish magazine, its full version of SE. But its not at all so stable as my old 6.05 version. Crashes all time. Is the problem in Vista or Samplitude????? Now my old laptop with Xp and Samplitude 6.05 seem very stable compared to SE and Vista. Will the same problem continue if i have version 10. Thanks for help.
  13. Hi, I am still using 6.05 version of samplitude professional...or was it called producer that time.Well the top version in that time 6.05 was latest version. Question is does VSTi instruments work with it?...things like absynth,reaktor.etc? Thanks to all replay´s Southpolewind
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