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  1. Long time Sound Forge user, just looked at the Magix page for the first time. How do you find updates for Sound Forge 11? I can find no update page.
  2. After reading about Elastic Audio I'm not sure if it's comparable to Auto Tune as I've seen it used in Pro Tools. In PT in playback you tell Auto Tune what key you're in and it automatically goes through and corrects pitch. It can do it in real time while recording also. Does Samp work like that?
  3. Does Samp 10 have an auto tune feature for vocals comparable to Pro Tools? I've been looking through the features list and don't see it indicated.
  4. Hello everyone. I've had V6 for some time but for various reasons haven't used it much. I now want to import wave audio tracks to mix on Samp 6. I can import the files and see the waveform but they don't play. I get a message that says: "Waveform output device Modem #1 Line Playback cannot play this format! Reason" The specified format is not supported and cannot be translated. Use the Capabilities function to determine the supported formats." I can't find the Capabilities function. And the files play on all other applications. They play in Samplitude as a wave editor but not in the multi track mode. Any ideas?
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