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  1. I finally managed to gain access to Inde Pro library inside Cubase. I was about to give up and then i thought maybe i should try to authorize it from within an other host. Luckily, i got a free copy of SONAR Home Studio in CM Magazine and it worked. From within Cubase, Independent kept telling me to register Independence but that wouldn't work. So i told it to not ask me again and everything seem to be OK. The FX Suite was Black listed in Cubase. Which is what was causing the authorization to freeze maybe? I'm not sure.
  2. At 1st i didn't authorized Independence cause it looked like it was working fine with the piano but i eventually authorized it and it still freezes when i try to authorize it.
  3. I'm experiencing the same problem. But Spectral Layers was OK. I'm in contact with support in regard to that frozen spinning wheel. It happens in Stand alone or within Cubase Ai 9.
  4. I'd like to know that too. Probably best to contact them? What the cheapest way for us to get access to Independence in other DAWs? I still have the YT dongle, shouldn't i be able to use Independence outside Samplitude? I'm not sure where to find info about that. Anyway, there are good samples in there for sure but 1 thing i really like is those Cathedral impulses in Origami.
  5. Just want to add that the wait is over and that it was totally worth it. Pretty impress with the content.
  6. Last night i downloaded as much in 6 hrs than i did in the previous 26 hrs or so. I've downloaded 36.4 GB so far. I hope it'll be the same tonight. But I'm not too optimistic with all these crazy deals MAGIX has going right now. There's the Humble Software Bundle: VEGAS Pro that is going on as well. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom
  7. Great! That was gonna be my next question. I too noticed the keep the files option. But I'n not downloading thru Samplitude. It should do that same i would think. Oh well, so long as i get it for Christmas. hehe!
  8. Haha! toughing it out describe how i feel about it. I'll probably do that i guess. Thanks.
  9. Hi Kraznet, no. Download speed it not an issue here. The morning after i have downloaded only 9.78 GB. it says there's 70 hrs left and then it moves to 30 hrs(the lowest reading so far. 55hrs now. I could tell it was starting to pick up speed after 400 mb and now it's clearly faster but it still very slow. What should i do?
  10. Just 1143 hrs left! lol.. Now it's back to 743 hrs left,
  11. Is it still the same? Cause every time i try it's ridiculously slow so i quit! Maybe I'll try it tonight. But if anyone has more advise regarding this please let me know. Like, you know if it's better to install directly from Independence when it opens?
  12. So my problem will be fix when i get my dongle then?...Can the admin confirm that? Thanks! Thanks for the help Steve, and thanks to Paul as well, from cold Canada.
  13. I finally got my copy of Samplitude...but with no dongle ... I'm suppose to get it by bus tomorrow so that's OK... But the thing I'm worried about is that it looks like an upgrade version for V8 but i don't have V8, i upgraded from V6...So can i install this as a regular version?...should i anticipate any problem registering and all? The version i got read's as Upgrade Version CodeMeter dongle not included. No.9 professional. P.S. It would be great if could get an answer ASAP so i can have him ship the right copy with the dongle tomorrow... ...i cant wait to try this!
  14. Any Canadian got V9 yet? I'm sick of this sh**t!.....I'll probably cancel my order tomorow.
  15. Thanks guys, it's really great to get a reply by 2 devellopers, and that quick. Sacha, thanks for explaining all this, it's gonna be really helpfull...And about Samp V9 hybrid engin etc.. I think it's a very good idea... But the reason i was asking this question is, that i want to know if i should build my templates in VSTi mode(using FX-Teleport) or standalone mode(using midioverland). Now i tried using VSTi with FX-T in cubase SE and it works really well with 4 Pc. But the problem is that is takes around 5% for each instance of K2(empty that is), and since cubase SE start's acting weird at 50% cpu load and i'm building a big templates that will contain at least 400+ instruments, there's no way i can do that with Cubase cause i will run out of power before i can even play a sound...cubase is really bad when it come to cpu efficiency,..and i had the same problem with V-Stack BTW...So i think you see where I'm going with this. Will i be able to build my templates with VSTi instead of standalone with Samp?...Now If Samp V9 is as efficient(cpu) as Samp V7 using VSTi, then i think I'll be O.K. cause Samp V7 was really good in that regard and was way more efficient than Cubase too(and souded better too!). So i guess my question should be: is V9 as efficient as V7? Anyway, i gues I'll found out soon cause the synthax guy say I'll get my copy this week...oh wait! he said that last week...and the week before. ...I'm sure it's worth the wait...but it would be really important for me to know this now becuase i could cancel a soundcard i ordered for my K2 standalone wich i wont need if i sue VSti with FX-T... So if anyone can load a few empty K2 VSTi and let me, i would be most greatfull. I hope i made sence cause it's 6:45 AM here in Canada and i really need to get some sleep. He! A smilie just for me! Thanks for the help guys. D.Wako
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