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  1. excellent news !! Question then is... Running at 96khz seems plausable, but would it be worthwhile, hmmmm....in my experience some plugs sound better at 96, but.... Its nice to have all that oomph at 44.1 as well... What have others here settled on? Do you track now at higher sample rates, because computers allow us to more easily now ?
  2. I am currently using V8. I understand V9 allows the utilisation of dual processors , yes? Does this mean I will automatically have the use of my second core if I upgrade to V9 and have more CPU resources? Is it that simple? thanks.
  3. Firstly, why would it be that effects belonging to nero 7 show up in samplitudes DX effects box? However most importantly, how do you edit the DX stuff? I know in the program folder you can open the VST file and change /delete the plugs within.... but no such DX file. How can one edit it? thanks.
  4. essentiall, the object resampling/timestretching is not saving its settings with the project...
  5. Ok, sorry to pester with all these questions, but heres another issue.... Trying out a full version on a friends computer..... I made a MIDI track, and a MIDI object on that track. I placed some notes in the drum editor that trigger samples in battery. I made a one bar of drums, then built a "loop object" of it, and dragged the object to the appropriate length. Now, I can change the tempo in the transport bar, or the time stretching object editor, and the drum track im using for a click chnges to the appropriate tempo no problem. BUT, when I save the project and then re open it, the notes in the loop are out of place and dont play back in the correct time. If I then select a tempo, the notes in the loop reset themselves and play correctly, however then the tempo reading on the transport dosent represent the actual playback tempo. Is there a way I can stop this happening? thanks.
  6. What could cause something like .... When muting a live input signal ,the level drops but its still there? Same result if dropping a fader to zero. AND, when totally unarming the track it, can be still heard at this much lower level (including switching off input monitoring.) Obviously, must be some sort of routing problem within the software, but being unfamiliar with it, not sure where to look. I feel this may be screwing with the pan as well. thanks!
  7. Thanks. It has improved, not perfect, but livable.
  8. Ok, it works properly if I bypass all the effects, but that dosent make it usable. With effects , Im only at 40% CPU and I have very annoying mixer latency. Surely, this is a design flaw ?
  9. Ok, I tried those settings out, didnt make much difference at all. Its a real shame, I want to buy and use Samplitude, but I cant live with this mixer latency. I mean, it dosent seem right, as no other software I have used has had this problem, even when getting close to maxing out the CPU. And as I said, the demo is averaging only 40% of the CPU in this case with Samplitude. Any other suggestions ? thanks.
  10. Thanks Sebastion. Ill try it when I get home from work. I didnt try the buffers that low. Should I try all buffers in that range, or just the VIP buffer?
  11. I am trying out a demo of ver 8.0 I loaded up the demo song, and it plays fine, only using a max. 40% of CPU. However, fader moves,solo's and mute's do not respond immediately. There is up to a second delay on moving a fader of having the volume change, or for solos or mutes to come on. I have tried differentbuffer settings but nothing works. Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do to fix it. I am using a Athlon 64 3200 and 1gig of ram, so Id expect that with the low (relatively) CPU usage I should be getting no problems. Any help appreciated....thank you.
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