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  1. thanks very much much for the info now they should correct the manual and also the ads...
  2. mh..the funny thing is that on the manual this feat is declared as present on SE version
  3. I can't believe it... really no one can take a look to the Offline Effects menù and tell me "Stereo Enhancer is/is not here"?
  4. hi all I am using Sam8.3-SE, in the manual they talk about a "Stereo Enhancer" feat in the "Offline Effects" menu... but I can't find it, it is not there. So, I took a look on the comparison chart between SE, Classic and Pro, thinking that may be the manual was just referring to a feat not available in the SE version; both in the PDF downloaded from the Magix site and in the help file of the software the "Stereo Enhancer" is declared as available also for SE. Now: where is?
  5. it seems to be a common problem, like you can see here: http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...t=ST&f=1&t=1191 I noticed that if you deactivate all others sources and select just one, then it will be recorded. But that for me is quite useless since I need to record at least two MIDI sources at the same time.... I hope Magix will release a patch to fix this bug soon..
  6. it seems that Samplitude 8 SE does have lot of problem with MIDI recording If I just use my keyboard, then it is all ok. If I just use my drum trigger module then is all ok. If I use both of them, no one will be recorded... I hope they will release a patch soon to fix this embarassing bug...
  7. hi all I've connected a Yamaha MIDI tone generator to my soundcard; now, if I activate "midi" in track properties (Sam8) and select as output "SW Microsoft GS Wavetable", if I send some impulse via the Yamaha tone generator, I can hear the correct sound inside Sam8. But... if I press the REC button and start playing on the Yamaha, nothing is recorded and after pressing the STOP button all become mute. To re-hear something I must again select "SW Microsoft GS Wavetable". I don't need of course to use "SW Microsoft GS Wavetable", it was just a test, but I really need to record MIDI.... what can I do? thanks
  8. geez, it seems I will go bankrupt buying beer for you btw, the SE version doesn't have the "Freeze" option, so I will be forced to use the Bounce instead
  9. oh thanks, that work!!!! I owe you a beer can you also tell me how to render the processed signal? (so I can save lot of CPU usage, once rendered to the track I can deactivate the VST plugin)
  10. hi there I just bought Samplitude SE 8.3, the price was very charming but I've never used any version before and I am totally n00b about it, so I've stopped before this problem: I downloaded the AC-BOX Guitar Combos demo from NI site, and enabled it as VST into an audio track in Samplitude... but no matter what I do, no processed signal hit my ears I just get the clean sound of my guitar... How can I enable Guitar Combos to process the signal realtime and, eventually, render it to the track? (a step by step may save my life ) Please anyone can help me? thanks
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