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  1. Hi! Sebatian, if i order Samp 8 now, does this mean i can get version 9 for free later?.. The idea is for safety, in case version 9 is buggy. thanks This is the answer I got directly from Tom Sailor of Synthax after asking a similar question on their forum..... "Anyone who has purchased and registered a new liscence in August gets a free update..." Cheers!
  2. I used to work for them. Left 5 months ago. Thanks for reminding me that I need to tell them to update their website. I had responsibility for Sequoia, where there are no upgrades. The model for Sequoia is a Maintenance Agreement. Therefore, I can't share past knowledge, and besides that it wouldn't help much, as they can change the policy at each round. When V7/V8, the grace period was very long, due to certain delays in delivery. I could imagine that they cut it to the mentioned 5-6 weeks before the roll-out of V9, which would be early for now. Sebastian Thanks Sebastian.
  3. Of course I have noticed that, but most companies have a general upgrade/update policy where you qualify for free update for 'x' amount of months after purchase. Or when a updated product is announced, whether it be German or English, there is usually info given such as, "customers who bought 'x' after 'x' date, recive a free update when 'x' is released." So what I'm asking is, what is the Magix update policy or is there not one? I don't really care if I would get a free update or not, although free is always nice for us little guys. But if not, no biggie, I'm happy to buy it. I've seen your name on the Samplitude website which makes me assume you work for them, or at the very least you have many posts so you are no stranger to how this usually works, and you'd have some insight you could share. With all that said, I'm just trying to get some basic info here. Thanks
  4. Will do. So Magix has no policy on this? It's strictly through the retailer? Thanks, Frank. Josh
  5. What is the Samplitude policy on version updates? Meaning, is there a grace period to where one would get a free update to v9 once it comes out? Or do updates always cost regardless of when you bought your software? Thanks!
  6. You get it sorted out Pingu? I had the same problem, but just changed the path for the VST directory under System preferences. It's now pointing to where I have my VST's stored, and now all is good with Waves showing up as VST's.
  7. LOL! I think that's the first time I've ever heard of anyone going the "reverse" direction. I've used PT a couple times and used to have the PT Free version on a windows 98 drive.... I just don't see what all the fuss is about over PT. It sounds like you got the better end on that deal! -tkr Hmmm, now I can see the previously 'protected' threads, but can't post on them. Say's I don't have permission. Are any admins around that could help me out. Thanks!
  8. What do you think so far? I'm having a blast just tweaking with SAMP discovering all this stuff I can now do which I couldn't do with PT. Good times!
  9. Hello, I just purchased SAM Pro and I'm LOVING it! I'm coming from a Pro Tools LE/TDM background and I can't believe what I've been missing. Anyway, my first question, which may be dumb and simple, why can I only see the newcomer forum? I'm registered but can't enter the other forums. Thanks!
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