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  1. Wow... I was searching this forum for posts about the new version which I'd seen Tim post somewhere before and so I went to Tim's page and searched his posted topics and this was at the top and my heart sank. I can't believe I didn't hear about this. I worked for Rich for years at the Savannah Music Festival and other random gigs. I borrowed his Orpheus rig for many months once to help track my band's album. Funny thing is I was just thinking about something I wanted to ask him last night. I know he had a heart problem about 5 years ago that required major surgery. I wonder if it was related. Sorry to hear this. He was one of the reasons I became such a Samplitude fan. I also have my Tonnoy active monitors because I liked a pair that he would take out to location gigs. Sorry to see you go Rich.
  2. Hey guys, Sorry haven't checked back in a few days. To answer all questions. 1) For some reason I am not allowed to post in the main forums despite my ownership of Samplitude 9 & 10 Pro so that is why i have not posted it there yet. 2) Forte does not see my Magix plugs. 3) I did not purchase them separately. They came with Samp 9/10. So that is my question. How do I obtain the VST versions to the plugs I already own. Is there a way to install them as VST using the Samp 10 DVD install disk? Ideally I wish Samp could do everything that Forte does but it does quite enough I suppose. Thanks, Rich
  3. I am wanting to use my Samplitude plugs in Brainspawn Forte which will allow the use of plugs as Midi controllable live effects. Since I have already paid for the plugs is there a way to install them to my VST plugs folder and use them in any DAW? Thanks, Rich
  4. Same here. Although I just registered. Perhaps I have to wait for authorization. Just bought used Sequoia 7.2 from a friend... Rockin... can't believe he went to Pro Tools
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