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  1. as they said, d load the demo and lift the manual from there. i would like to purchase proffesional, but am struggling with it at the mo!! i've said before, THE MANUAL NEEDS SORTING!!! support is the foundation of a company, at the mo samplitude is a joke in this respect. go look at the SAWstudio site and see the difference.
  2. i dont think he was having a go at the power users, more that magix does not provide adequate documentation. my studio is not connected to the internet, if i want to know how to do something i want to be able to look up the information on a decent help file and documentation. i cant come home, post a question, wait for a reply, go back and carry on, i need it quickly. from what i see of samp i like, but i know others who have gone the cubase route for this reason. samp has the ability to be the biggest daw out there. sound on sound likened it to nuendo, not sx, nuendo, every sx user wants nuendo but cant afford it, your about £200 more than sx (UK), but wont get there money if they have to relearn working practices with little or no documentation. i am trying my hardest to find fault with samp so i can stay with sl, but i have personal issues with steinberg, many will not have such a leading and such as documentation can be the swingger in the end. sorry to intrude
  3. you know how in the realy top studios they employ people to fix things, technitians (sorry, can't spell), well i have a guy who once a week, just before his band practices, fixes the last 7 days of idiocy that this computer ends up with. i do not do computers. i shall get him to translate that later Sebastian. also, after many hours of searching, well 15 mins actually, i see that i am goung to gat a 'dongle', i hope that it is better quality than steinbergs, they fall apart just so you have to buy a new one, hence the reason i am in the market for a new daw.
  4. whats the authorise thingy for samplitude? the computer i use for internet is linux, my music computer is not conected to the internet, am i going to end up with problems, or plastic efforts in the usb?
  5. ha ha, son i thought i had lost you forever! your much nicer when giving these guys answers though getting my list of questions together
  6. could some of the big guys sit back and look at the newbie site, please. its these sorts of questions, and the support that they bring that can influence a buying decision. i know that 'officialy' there is no support here, but answer these questions and some of the guys using a cover mounted freebie, will think ' hey i like the way this works, and if i had classic or proffesional then i ve got it - and look, SOS likened professional to nuendo, but to the uk it is much cheaper! cancel the holiday love, i'm off to buy a DAW' somebody really does need to answer these sorts of questions. my soundcard manuf is mentioned in compatibility reports by MAGIX my soundcard manuf mentions that it is compatible with samplitude i ask for users thoughts i get nothing i have not purchased samp yet, so i cant ask the 'secret society' their opinions, would be nice for a 'works really well' from tech support or the like. do you think i could get £0.02 off the profesional price for this consulting work? sebastian has just given a mixtreme answer, but the general rant remains, i thank you
  7. id say go through the lot again, i have not looked at the se version as i know i will need more of the bells and whistles, from what i have seen so far, samplitude is a traditional studio in the computer,and that is what i need, rather than a sampler, so it must be intuitive etc, my son started on computers and finds samplitude 'wrong' in places, he also finds my, and many of my analogue mates, way of working 'wrong' when in the studio. what i am trying to say is, if samplitude takes you breath in the se version, sooner rather than later your going to upgrade!! and certain people on here post as if they are god, maybe its just the language barrier, i speak fluent giberish, so to master a second tongue is imposible, kudos to those that have, patients to those that receive their replys, they dont mean to be condisending - i hope
  8. so i press r? seen this sort of thing go breasts up too many times
  9. lofi


    liked your reply, pleased me, and i can see my mone staying in europe at the mo
  10. lofi


    http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...?showtopic=9576 i got a bit irrate in this thread because of the lack of support the first reply gave him, if i am going to test these progs properly then i would need these sorts of answers, if only to make sure that its right for me. the teutonic approach to audio seems to be working best at the mo
  11. can you still change the look 'skins' in the latest samplitude, and will it be also available in the next incarnation of samplitude. just seen this feature but was in relation to 7, but its a swing point for me, i moved from music studio delux to steinberg sl3, at which point steinberg managed to loose a customer - bad customer relations and product suport (hardware) so you have to go up in the world. i have decided to either invest in samplitude or SAWstudio, so its down to this and rml's equivalent forums to make my choice. i seem to find samplitude intuitive, but, and its a big but, i need your help to master this. i dont expect to be a master daw user for 3 or 4 years, but i will expect support, what can i expect from samplitude? already seen an indication of sawstudios, the designer answered a thread, so your turn, i shall be back
  12. i use 2 mixtreme 192 cards, was wondering if any of you guys have experience of these cards under samplitude, and if so how you got them to run the best
  13. maybe correct, but not very helpfull!! sorry but i am reading this with a view to buying the product, and belive me, that looks like a 'jobsworth' reply. its just i see your name all over this forum, so i assume your something to do with magix, or at least very skillfull in its use. if i posted that question in the rml labs site, i would have received an answer to the question, then a note that it belongs in the support forum... assuming ofcourse that he hasn't done something so simple that only a 'newbee' would do it, in which case it belongs here, if only to help the new kids out. just a thought, and as i am not a 'user' of samplitude yet, i cant post elsewhere to ask these sorts of questions .... so maybe i, no, i will give it a bit longer.... 'open' the forums for all, cubase, nuendo, sonar, SAWstudio etc are open to all users and non users, just register and your in...
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