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  1. So your ASIO driver should report a wrong latency to Samplitude. You could try to use the Record Offset in the Recording options to compensate manually the delay. You can enter positive or negative values there. Just measure the delay in sample and enter the value in negative. JMM
  2. Look at Audio Quantize to adjust audio to the tempo of the project and Remix Agent to determine the tempo of the audio and adjust the tempo of the project accordingly. JMM
  3. Which Samp version do you use ? Which interface ? Do you use ASIO driver ? JMM
  4. Why are you posting in the newcomer forum ? The Samplitude forum should be a better place to be red by the Samp users and the dev JMM
  5. O-Tone mode is for you See this thread Then about the dip of audio, do you use ASIO drivers ? For me I have no problem with those instead of the wdm drivers which give often a pop at the beginning of playback or when displacing the cursor JMM
  6. Are you doing punch recording ? If you work with punchin and punchout markers, your takes will all have the same length and will appear correctly in the take manager. JMM
  7. The DLV version is fully usable during 2 month. I think it's the best way to know if really Samplitude will work for you. But the DLV version is Samplitude 10, not Samplitude 10 pro. So there is no am-munition and other things specific to the higher version. JMM
  8. MS15 download is 89Mo You can do some re-installations (3 I think ?) It seems there is no restriction to buy the UK download. JMM
  9. So just search in the pdf "Monitor volume fader", but yes TotalMix should be very usefull JMM
  10. What version do you use ? If you have V10, there are a lot of new monitoring possibilities described in the manual p.143 and next (§ Solo / Monitor volume fader). I am sure you will find there what you want. If you have SE or older versions, you will have to uses 1 aux per track to a monitoring bus. But it will be more difficult to use than with the new features in V10... JMM
  11. Look at this thread http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=19661 JMM
  12. I have been asked to make some mastering from Music Maker projects (made by someone else....). So I installed MM to see how I could get this work from MM to my Samplitude and to see what can be done in MM. Ok we know there is nothing to go directly from MM to Samplitude, but there is more : i discovered that even the producer edition of MM15 can't export wav 24bits . You can only use 16 bits and there is no automatic track bouncing... The only reason why this was done on MM instead of MS is the manner the soundpools are managed. I don't know if it's really better than the file manager in MS and Samp. Another important function I didn't find in MM is ... crossfades. So for sure MM can't be used for any serious project. For the same price Music Studio is really more "open". JMM
  13. Here is a comparison chart MM14/MS14 It was done for the V14 but i think nothing significant has changed with V15. You can also search in the specific Music Studio forum where you will find the different uses of each program. JMM
  14. Could I ask you why do you need an external wav editor ? Do you know there is one in Samplitude (and also in Music Studio) ? JMM
  15. If you do mostly classical recording, don't worry about SMS15. It's a minor evolution of SMS14 and mostly around MIDI and Virtual instruments. I have SMS14 (2008 in Europe) and Samp10DLV. The second in its last version (10.21) is more stable than SMS and I can enjoy some missing functions in SMS (asymetric crossfades, objects eq, pre and post plugs management and better integrated plugins, etc.) I don't know Sonar, but for me Samplitude give me very natural and easy workflows that I don't find in other DAWS JMM
  16. Before recording, you have to switch your track to mono in in the track properties. You will have to increase the size of your interface ASIO buffer. To do that go in the parameters (Y), Audio setup. Clicking on the "Settings" button opens the settings dialog for the sound card driver JMM
  17. I did that with no problem on the DLV version. JMM
  18. When you will buy Samp10DLV, you will be able to upgrade to V10.2.1 using the Samplitude support site. JMM
  19. Oops. Bad news for me. (After some 30 hours with Samplitude, videos and manual, I just discovered that I'm still not really able to operate the solo button...) ??? could you elaborate on what happens ? Solo is a very basic function. JMM
  20. You can use the button in the tool bar or you can use the screen "Recording Parameters" (Right click on the Record button in the transport bar) where there is a button to put the markers on the fly. JMM
  21. Why disn't you try the Samp 10 DLV ? You can use it completely during 1 month. Personnaly, coming from SMS, I find Samp10 more stable and with a better management of ASIO drivers. It's important for live recordings. JMM
  22. There are some people here, like me, coming from Music Studio. Yes, you can do some serious work with MS and it's the same workflow as Samp. Just for the moment, don't imagine using the istruments of MS in Samp... JMM
  23. You should use the multitrack bounce in 32bit wav files. See p.549 in the manual. You can specify what will be included in the bounce (track effects, master effects) JMM
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