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  1. Which options do you use in the trackbouncing panel ? For me , trackbouncing is not made to replace midi objects with audio objects in the vip, but for exporting audio. And probably there should be some more samples at the beginning introduced by the latency of the VSTi I think. Did you try the Freeze track function (Alt+Shift+F) which should be used to replace midi objects by the corresponding audio object. It's the easiest way. Then you can always unfreeze your track to modify the midi. This can be done at track level or at object level. I didn't have any delay using this function. JMM
  2. If you only want to replace your midi track with the corresponding audio, you should use the freeze function I think. But why do you want to have audio instead of midi ? But if you want to mixdown, when you import your file after mixdown, it is imported at the cursor position dont'it ? so put the cursor at the right place. In all the cases afterward you can move your object to align it with your voice track. But as Sebastian, I'm not sure about your issue. JMM
  3. Please, what Samp version ? JMM
  4. I purchased the DLV and run it with the codemeter service and executable disabled. NO problem. I think you can't install a lot of software if you don't want any trace in the registry JMM
  5. I use Samp 10 DLV without a dongle with no pb. But I can't install it on several PC's because of the need of an activation code for each one (3 max I think). It's Samp 10 with only these limitations (from the site) Limitations of the download version in comparison with Samplitude 10 box version: Independence LE not included Impulse responses for Offline Convolution Reverb not included Content for Auto Jam Session not included Demo content not included Printed manual not included DVD not included Not a problem for me Concerning the 10 pro/10 differences, I see no other differences than those in the comparison chart. JMM
  6. Check the bounce options, but what Samp version do you use ? JM
  7. Not directly using the internals effects. But why recording with the effects ? Isn't it a better way to record the clean input with the effects in the monitoring and to be able to change the effects afterward ? You can then bounce each track to generate a new wav which includes the effect or let them as real time effects. JM
  8. We don't talk about the demo but about the 10DLV version, don't we ? They are two different things. The demo can't be turn into a registered Samp, the 10DLV can be. I use this version The download version was (is ?) the 10.1. I used it 30 days freely, then buy it, register and so have access to the support where I downloaded the 10.2 patch when it was published. JM
  9. I don't know if the download version is 10.2, but for sure it can be updated in 10.2 (I did it without a problem) In any case, download it, install and look at the About menu to see the version. At least you will be able to try the V10.1 version. JM
  10. And why converting your waves to 32/88,2k ? This should not add any quality to the original recording ( or did your ear anything different ?) and even if the waves files are 24/44,1k, the internal calculation and resulting sound is 32 bits in Samp (like in MS), so JM
  11. The way this function works is not obvious, please search for recent threads about it. JM
  12. As Samp 10 DLV is 349€ and the master one is 299 € I didn't hesitate to choose the first one, just to have Variverb which is not in the master one. The only reason to choose the master version is the included restoration tools, but you will be so limited with the number of tracks/busses... JM
  13. In the Magix Worlwide Dealers page, Scv is stated as the french distributor. But in the SCV site and catalog, Magix, Samplitude and Sequoia can't be found. Is there a real Samplitude distributor in France to promote this great product ? JM EDIT : Mistake from me : I was looking to there "sound" sit and catalog and Magix is referenced in the "Hi-tech" part of the SCV site.
  14. Put a peak meter VST where you need it, for example the Sonalksis one JM
  15. Are you aware of this Windows hotfix if you are now on XP SP3 ? 955408 Good luck JM EDIT : I missed you use Vista...
  16. The demo is not the V10.1 (I thinck it's V10.0.1 or V10.0.2 ) To have the last version you should try the Samplitude 10 DLV from here JM
  17. It's all a latency problem You should use the Record Offset in the Recording dialog to compensate this delay. You will have to measure the delay. The simplest is to play a track, loop the output of your soundcard to the input and record on a new track. Then chance the unit of measurement to sample and measure the delay between the two tracks. Enter this number in negative (if I remember well) in the Record Offset. pentalamia, why don't you use the ASIO driver ? JM
  18. I think you have the SE version of Samp ? You will find more answer about these basic pbs in the dedicated forum of Magix JM
  19. You don't need Movie Edit, there is already a little program to burn your DVD-A (I don't have Movie Edit). if you only need markers, it's ok JM
  20. I just burn a DVD-A. It's as simple as burning a CD. Here is the extract of Samp help (I did that with no problem ) : Create Audio DVD... With Samplitude you can burn DVD audio discs with any DVD burner. +R/-R/+RW/-RW formats are used Hint: DVD audio discs can only be played on players with DVD audio capabilities! Such players can be identified by a visible DVD audio logo somewhere on the device. For surround sound playback your DVD audio player has to have several analog outputs. Samplitude burns so-called "Black Discs", i.e. DVD audio without graphic menus. You can create video DVDs with menus, videos, and slideshows using the video editing and DVD authoring program "MAGIX Movie Edit Pro". On a DVD audio disc, you can record audio in 16 and 24-bit bit rates, sample rates of 44.1 and 48 kHz, while double and quadruple these rates are also possible. Up to 6 discreet audio channels are supported in 5.1 Surround, but also in other configurations (stereo, 4.0 etc.). The only limitation is that the maximum guaranteed data rate of around 10 MB/s for hardware players may not be exceeded. This means that for 5.1 Surround 24 Bit sound, for instance, a sample rate of only up to 48 kHz is possible, as for 96 kHz the 10 MB threshold would be exceeded. The following playback times are approximations for the available space on a single layer DVD-R (44.1 kHz sample rate): Stereo 16-bit ca. 7 h Stereo 24-bit ca. 4.5 h 5.1 Surround and 24-bit ca. 1.5 h Creating a DVD-Audio disc In the VIP, track markers are placed in the same manner as for a CD. An audio CD and a DVD-A can be subsequently burned from the same project. Start DVD audio creation via the "DVD audio" button in the CD toolbar. The "Trackbouncing" dialog is displayed. You can choose between 16 bit and 24 bit audio. The initial setting is 24 bit. The "Create DVD audio" box must be activated. An external program is opened for burning the DVD audio. The path to this program is predefined but can be changed if necessary. Alternatively, "Movie Edit" can also be opened here, which enables advanced DVD authoring (menus). "OK" starts the bouncing process. The DVD audio burning application is launched and the files are handed over automatically. Note: Double storage space of a DVD is required on the hard drive, as the VIP is bounced first and the DVD image is then created from the complete audio data, which is then burned. The track list is displayed in the DVD audio tool. Further tracks can be added manually, and the surround format can be changed (stereo, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1). The "Burn" button opens the burning window where the burner and burning speed are selected. The DVD image is first created after pressing the "Start" button. This is then followed by the burning process. And I joined the parameter panel.
  21. First, from your requirements, I should say that Samplitude 10 master is for you. It has a great cleaning and restoration suite (ok you already have Izotope and Waves plugs...) and is the cheapest version. You said that you tried the demo version. You could also try during 30d the full functionnal Samplitude 10 DLV. Did you look at Kraznet tutorial videos ? but there is nothing specifically on cleaning and restoration projects. JM
  22. Depending of the version you use (I don't know if this exist in the LE version) you should look at Tools/Trackbouncing parameters where you can (or not) exclude the effects from the bounce. JM
  23. This don't explain why export don't use the effect But which Samp version do you use ? and which effect ? If you use other effects, are there in the export/bounce ? JM
  24. Isn't it exactly what Sebastien explained above ? Yes it's in Samp Did you try it ? You can download the Samp DLV and use it free for one month JM
  25. And Thanks for your great plugs Variverb changed my life and was my first reason to go from MS2008 to Samp. Long life in Magix for you ! JM
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