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  1. Sequoia is your first DAW ? and it's for laptop recording ? What will you do which requires Sequoia ? The color management is the same in Samplitude...
  2. From your questions, I thinck you would consider another product. Samplitude is not a wav/mp3/etc. player. You have plenty of that on the net and most are free. Magix makes good ones. Samplitude is a powerfull recording/editing/mixing/mastering tool to produce music, so the functions you ask for aren ot very relevant here. Good luck for your search
  3. Here is the comparison chart http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/vers_unt.html
  4. I am not sure about this. I have a 24 bits interface (Mackie Spike) and record mostly in 24b. No problem. If I want to record 16b and have a 24b communication within Samplitude and the interface, i assume Samplitude will dither the input. Do samplitude use, in this case, the same dithering parameters than the one selected for bouncing, CD burning etc. ? Thanks
  5. Isn't the master a two tracks (stereo) master ? So just route each track output to the master (done by default), if mono tracks, use the track pan as needed. For all that use the mixer (shortcut M) Then you can directly burn a stereo CD or export the stereo master output to a lot of audio farmats That helps ?
  6. From this Version comparison it sems that room simulator realtime is only for the Samp pro and Sequoia...
  7. I'am with Samp9SE. I want to eq a live recording: + 3 db 80hz, q=1 With Samp eq, the result is a clearly less punchy in the high I tried Cockos Reaeq VST and don't have this effect . Samp Eq seems to be linear phase and Reaeq isn't. Is it a side effect of the linear phase eq ? Thanks Jean-Marie
  8. Yes I work with MS2008, but I think I could fine good advices here I have a 6 tracks vip, and a lot of edits points (more than 100 ) on one track (speech). I edit in the middle of the vip in "Connect objects in all places" mode to be sure to modify nothing after my current edit point. Here is the point : in MS2008 i don't have asymetrical crossfade wich would be usefull here. so i play with two tracks and make my asymetrical crossfade with fades on the two tracks. So I want on these two tracks to be able to momentarily move the selected object and the next of the track to move to the other track without the same move on the tracks not concerned (like if a was in "Connect all objects in one track" mode). So is there something to momentaraly toggle from "Connect objects in all places" mode to "Connect all objects in one track" mode ? Thanks in advance Jean-Marie
  9. You could try to reduce the scrub buffer size in the Extended buffer settings.
  10. Hey, as a pro you shouldn't work with a toy, as you said Seriously, MS2008 is a consumer tool and is very nice and rich, but here in France it's sold everywhere except in pro places. Ok it's only 60€ (sometimes 41€ !) in France instead of 100€ everywhere else but I would never based a business on the use of MS, even if it's named "Samplitude". If you need pro services, buy pro tools (not Protools )
  11. Yes this is a real bug. The file generated is a 32 bits float The hide/un-hide function is not implemented so... Can't you change that in the colors parameters ? It was not either in the MS2007 skin. You can use these buttons in other skins ??? What do you call "engine" ? yes, if i play as is the audio demo given with MS2008 in MS2008 and in Samp 9, it's not the same, but if I activate the automation in Samp, get out the MS Variverb and all the specific effects of MS, I can't hear a difference. Naturally if you make a VIP in Samp 9 or SE with pre fader effects, it can't sound the same in MS. Or if you use any function implemented in Samp and not in MS, it can't sound the same. From that you can't conclude that the engines are not the same. If you use the common part of two, it's not easy to ake out the two. Sometimes you have to search a long time to discover that the differences you ware hearing came from a known limitation of MS or from a compressor or a limiter specific to MS with no correspondance in Samp. OK there are bugs to be corrected and I havn't test all the numerous functions, but I feel that the audio quality of Samp is here and when I'll crossgrade to Samp, it will be to have more functions (pre/post VST, object eq, asymetric crossfades, higher sample rate and bith depth for export etc.), not to have a better sound.
  12. I had relative success to remove some audience noise in Music Studio 2007 (12) with the DeNoiser. But it's not in Sam SE and had been removed from Music Studio 2008 (14)
  13. Yes Yes... because there is no latency compensation . New feature in MS2008 Yes , So how do you go from 32 to 16 bits ? Yes there is dithering but no Pow-r etc. I don't no witch spread noise (linear, triangular ?) but there is one and you can change (and hear) the depth of the noise in the ini file. Yes, but did you try to change the driver communication parameter ? Even with a 16 bit audio card there is a hug difference when this parameter is set to 24 bit. After that i didn't hear big differences between MS2007 and Samp 9 demo. Could you do the test ? Jean-Marie
  14. I just saw this article Microsoft Knowledge Base article 833721 The 3GB paragraph discribe how the 2 gb memory limit could be modified to 3gb in XP. Has somebody ever tried that with Samplitude ? I had this info on the Hauptwerk organ site : "32-bit editions of Windows XP normally only allow any one program to access up to 2 GB of memory. To enable Hauptwerk to use up to about 2.75 GB of memory on 32-bit XP, the Windows boot.ini file (usually c:\boot.ini) must be modified manually, adding the /3GB /Userva=2900 switches in a text editor. This should only be attempted by experienced computer users, since it is very easy to render Windows unable to boot if any mistake is made. Microsoft Knowledge Base article 833721 describes the /3GB switch, and Microsoft Knowledge Base article 289022 explains how to modify the Windows boot.ini file in general. Any such modifications are attempted at your own risk. " Jean-Marie
  15. You can download The V9 manuals here V9 manuals
  16. As a Samp SE user i can only write in this forum but until recently i was able to read the other forums and their attachments, but now i can't open the attachments in Samp and Sequoia forums. It's really annoying. Can this be changed ? Thanks
  17. Just one important function lacking in MS2007 : is there in SAMP 9 SE the object parametric eq ? Thanks
  18. Thanks for this clear comparison I didn't found before. Just one error : the tracks folders are implemented in MusicStudio2007/12 and it's a great feature.
  19. Yes, MS2007 in Europe is the same as MS12 in the US
  20. You should start with Music Studio 2007. It has less limitations than V8SE (you can burn your CD) and more synths and effects. It has the Samplitude engine and all the good functions of V9 except the Hybrid Audio Engine, extended routing and a few others. It is limited to 24/48k.
  21. I should want to compensate for variverb latency on a DAW without automatic compensation. There is nothing about this in the doc. What is the Variverb latency ? Thanks
  22. To copy all of one track effect settings : - Select the track to be copied - Track/Track effects/Copy track effects setting - Select the destination track - Track/Track effects/Paste track effects setting Jean-Marie
  23. If you don't need more than 24/48k, 64 tracks, 8 VSTIs, hybrid engine and all the routing possibilities of Samp, you could try Magix Music Studio deLuxe 2007 (12 in UK) wich is a lite Samp9 and is 60€. Music Studio But not yet distributed in the US... Or you could try Samp 8 SE From these there are also good crossgrade
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