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  1. Did you install the driver ? I have downloaded the doc here http://www.miditech.de/links.htm but it don't say anything about this !!! But you can find here the last drivers Jean-Marie
  2. If you want object level processing, why not - having two mono tracks, left and right panning - grouping the corresponding left and right objects on the two tracks - applying effects to each group But yes, i know, depending on the effect, it's not the same thing to have two monos processings versus one stereo... Just a suggestion. Jean-Marie
  3. Music Studio, the little brother of Samp, is widely distributed in France (and translated in french...) and for the home studio market, I think it's a good way to go to Samp. Jean-Marie
  4. Folder tracks are new in V9 and very useful for multrack editing.
  5. Probably, Magix Music Studio would be a good and cheap first step to Samplitude... Jean-Marie
  6. Vol and pan automation work great in MS... About the audio engine quality, I had better sounding with the same multitrack VIP (without FX) in Samp 8.3 than in MS2006. But now, with MS2007 (= MS12) there is no more difference (to my ears). I don't know about Samp V9, but in MS2007 the FFT is now really great and usable with the new scales and zoom capabilities. But yes the MS skin is so flat... Jean-Marie
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