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  1. 1. Is it possible, for example, to move objects within a track and to link it to the automation in an Aux track so that the curves in the Aux track stay positioned relative to the object? 2. When I copy and paste from a track, the automation curves don't go with it. Can I also cut and paste curves separately then?
  2. I've seen video tutorials for the some of the other Magix plug's, but not Variverb. Is there one that goes through all the features?
  3. Ok, I figured it out: http://store.recordare.com/dolet3sib.html
  4. You'll almost certainly save time by creating stereo files. Just use File->Export Audio->Mono/Stereo Convert->2 Mono->Stereo Wave to create interleaved stereo files. If you must retain the mono files as individual channels, the easiest way is to use two tracks and mix them into a bus. Yeah, routing them to a bus track works really well, and then you just treat the bus exactly as you would a single stereo track, at least in terms of effects. Obviously you would group the two mono tracks for editing.
  5. THANK YOU!!!!! That video has literally improved my quality of life I never really understood what folders were for. Geez, goodbye to exessive scrolling! Wow....I'm off to watch more videos now.
  6. I love that I can export the score, but what software can I open it with once I export it? I have Sibelius, but it won't open that sort of file. Will Finale? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know how to select multiple tracks to delete them? Thanks.
  8. dwall


    So the score export function, it'll export it as a Sibelius or Finale file, or is it limited to a specific program? Any further info on that? It sounds great! I could have used it last night.
  9. I understood your tip about naming not going in the undo history, I was just pointing out that I wasn't having any problems with that necessarily, but it is good to know. I'll try the .ini thing, thanks. It only started happening a week or so ago, so maybe something got corrupted in there. Thanks, -Dan
  10. Thanks for the tip, though I'm not sure how that relates to my issue. I'm not referring to undoing track naming or adding VST's etc....I'm referring to the undoing of object and automation edits, especially automation edits. For example, recently I was editing a hihat part. I performed an edit I didn't like. I hit "Undo". It undid that edit as well as about an hour's worth of editing before that edit. And there was no "Redo" option available. It was grayed out in the pull-down menu. I had to close and reopen (I save often). The problem usually occurs when I undo an automation edit. It will screw with my VST's and aux Sends, such as removing them all or they all go blank and become unnamed (defaulting to their original "aux 1" "aux 2" type names). Just from hitting "undo" once. Sometimes redo is available, and I'll hit "redo" and may or may not get all my aux tracks back. Once I just set hitting "undo" "redo" and watched all these aux tracks I'd assigned days ago disappearing and reappearing along with my edit. Sometimes hitting "undo" will randomly change the settings inside my VST effect, I assume to an earlier setting when I first set it up. Also, I noticed that sometimes when I hit undo, tracks closer to the bottom of the project randomly change their names to "Master", and I'll end up with two or three tracks called "Master". Weird. Thanks, -Dan
  11. Yeah, I'm using 9.01. I haven't checked my undo settings, (I can't now cuz I'm not at home), but I will check them. However, I can't imagine there's a setting to undo things at random from earlier in the session. I'd be willing to bet my undo settings are normal. Just last night I was working on a mix where if I ever undid any automation points on any track one of the reverb plugins on a particular aux return would go crazy within the actual plugin (the room simulator), and all the setting would change back to something I'd done hours previously, and my other aux return would turn off, and there was no redo available. The undo's seem to be affecting aux tracks more than others. Anyway, I stopped hitting undo for automation, but accidentally hit it a couple of times because it's so second nature to me, and would have to close and restart the project, and after a couple of times of doing that I started getting bad error messages and would not be able to save the project normally and would have to do a save project as. I love the program, by the way, but there are some serious glitches that I've gotten with the original and updated version. I'm sure they'll all get smoothed out over time. I still like it more than Cubase SX!
  12. Has anyone else been having Undo issues? I am. For example, I change an automation point, decide to undo it, hit Ctrl+z and it's undone, but then several other past things are also undone (like entering and naming new tracks, any comments I've added during that session, any Aux routing that session) and other past things don't get undone. It seems totally random. Hitting "redo" may or may not be available in these instances, but usually it only redoes the thing I was actually trying to undo. All the undone past stuff remains undone and is not in the undo history. Other times redo isn't even available: it's grayed out. Also, I hit undo for an automation point change yesterday and along with it it lowered the volume entirely of another track. This was really strange because it was not something I had ever done before. Redo was available in this instance, so I could hit "redo" and "undo", back and forth, watching the other track lose it's volume as well. I could definitely see these two things being undone and redone, one of them totally random. Undo should only undo the last action taken, and not suddenly make all of my bus and aux tracks lose their names, or, as happened a couple of days ago, half of the editing I did on a track disappeared, and there was no "redo" option. Anyway, what I do now is save my project before hitting undo, and when these things happen, I close and reopen. Any chance for a solution? -Dan
  13. Here's a vote for being able to manually type in values at automation points. I've sat for over minute trying to get a value back to zero, even with the screen blown up and holding down shift or control or whatever. It still skips numbers. The worst is when for an instant it flashes "0.00", but then I accidentally overshoot. I've read that Samp used to have this feature. I would really really really save a lot of time if it were put back in. Please consider this a formal request Does anyone else agree with me?
  14. I understand that, but what I'm saying is that when I try the "Save complete VIP" option, and when I select for it to only take used samples along, a warning comes up explaining that this selection performs the same function as "Remove Unused Samples". In other words, an existing file that is being used in the project will be truncated if I am only using half of it. That's not at all what I want to do. For example, if I am using different parts of two different takes, I like being able to access the currently unused segments later. I do not wish for any files within the project to be truncated. What I want to do is to remove entirely unused files out of the project folder. This is quite different than removing unused samples from within the project. I have performed the "Remove Unused Samples" function and seen that wav files that are not even in the project are still residing in the project folder. Files that I have deleted, for example, or takes I did not keep. Do you see what I mean? I would be very happy if Samp offered a file manager that indicated whether or not a wav file in the project folder was even being used in the project, and if not you can delete it. I'm experimenting with work-arounds, but they are all tedious and involve opening and closing Samp. Cubase has an excellent audio pool manager that even has its own trash bin, and you can easily tell which files are not being used in the actual project. You can remove unused wav files all at once, not just unused samples from with the project. I hope I've made it clear this time. I keep typing the same thing and keep getting the same response, explaining how to do something I'm not interested in doing. I love Samp overall, though, and wouldn't go back to Cubase at this point. Thanks, -Dan
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