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  1. Yeah, In fixed it by buying a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still don't know what the issue is internally but now that I have changed computers it works aas advertised.
  2. no externals connected at all. I run through an internal WIFI card to a DSL conncection. The computer I am using is a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop running a Pentium 4 at 2.8ghz. The graphics card is an Nvidia FX 5200 Someone (from Magix) named Andreas Opermann sent me a link to a system test. When I get back to where I have my samplitude disk stored I'll run it. Chris
  3. Please run the attatched TGTQPC.exe which measures the timers on your computer system. Please report its last output which is a difference between timers in ms. This is just to check if there is a huge timer problem, drifts up to 40 ms are quite harmless. I ran the EXE and the TGT-QPC: is 8351.26ms or a rate of 71.6924% Could this be my problem? Chris
  4. Thanks for the idea. Mine was set at 50% (factory default?) and no, changing it to 100% didn't have any affect. I had thought to by an upgrade version of Samplitude but if it's going to be this big a headache........................................................................ ..Cubase is looking awfully good right now!
  5. Well..................I tried changing the settings you suggested and nothing happened. Any other thoughts??????? Chris
  6. Thanks for the reply, Yes I am running SE. The actual printed midi notes are off and yes I can physically change the position of the notes in the editor and it plays them correctly. I will try the fixes you suggest and let you know........ Chris
  7. Okay, so I'm not the brightest light bulb in the box sometimes but this is making me pull out my already thinning hair! I am running a P4 processor at 3ghz using Samplitude V-8.3. I have an RME fireface (that the software came with) and have a simple Midi keyboard routed through the Midi in on it. When I record using a VST (native instruments B4 II) everything sounds great while I'm recording (monitoring) but when I save it an listen back the timing is totally off on the midi AND it is running about 20 BPM faster than the audio record. I have tried everything I can figure out as far as settings to change and still get the same thing. I have become so frustrated with it that I am almost ready to go back to using my Cakewalk Pro Audio 9! Anybody have similar dysfunctions? There may be an easy answer but I have searched the help section and can't figure it out. HELP!!!
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