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  1. Timecode is the way to go for me. I went through readme files and saw that sequoia 10.2 added the ability to edit the timestamp and with one command to replace the timestamp with the "original position". I then looked for it in 11.03, found it, tried it, and it worked. I was able to load into Nuendo to conform the performances. There was a replace all wav files command. Nice. The theater I am getting these performances from uses V9, so it was important to have a reliable solution. The moral of the story is to be careful about getting timestamped BWF from older versions of samp, and be sure to replace timestamp with original position if loading into another app so the timestamp is correct.
  2. Checked readme files for samp 9 and sequoia 10. I saw this 06/12/2008 Sequoia 10.1 Samplitude and Sequoia: Filehandling / Import / Export -Time stamps -broadcast wave editor -time stamp can be edited or assigned from object positions -save buttons for transfering data into WAV files o destructive Wave Editing: Save button saves chunks (e.g. marker) and timestamp into WAV file o Mix To File is stamped with BWAV timestamp Okay. This doesn't explain the wrong time stamp value for the file, but it suggests a design flaw or bug. I still don't understand why the correct time stamp would be automatically added after recording. Weird.
  3. Fast forward to 2010 and samp11/sequoia11. I just posted this issue on another forum and only found this thread by accident. All wav files recorded by samp/sequoia are bwf. They do have a timestamp. The timestamp is wrong, however, some of the time in that it is different from the original time in the hdp (thanks for that clarification sebastian). So this is a bug. Has this been fixed since Samp 9? And the workaround for samp 9 is to bounce the file? thanks Randy
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