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  1. Its easier than you think. Use a mini jack cable to connect the output to the input. Cheers M BTW 5 samples wouldn't be noticable. Martin, Thanks. I think maybe my biggest problem is that I'm not doing each track in mono. So I'm not able to patch the output to the input. The 5 samples thing is what we counted. It seems to work, I have done this the hard way. Recorded 4 tracks of guitar and one track of bass. No issues. I suppose I'll have to try this again with Drums. Other wise I will look for some hardware based card that can support the software.
  2. You need a cable running from OUT to IN - it doesn't matter if you don't hear anything for this test. Stereo or Mono wiring - doesn't matter either. That way you are recording the whole signal path. Cheers M Martin, Thanks for the tip. Here's the problem for me on this. I only have a standard stereo soundcard built in on my PC. So I can send out to in. Or at least I don't think I can. But doesn't matter. A buddy guitar player is an audio engineer and he was working on this with me. We managed, how I don't know, from the 1Khz Sample since we couldn't do it the way it was written out. We would try a different approach. We recorded an acoustic guitar track. Then followed up with a second acoustic track. We then took the same idea you had an zoomed in on the sample to get one sample. from this we noticed the other guitar track was late by 5 samples in the count. So we set the record offset in the setup section for 5 samples of offset. Re-recorded the parts on a new project and it was right on the money.... So problem appears to be solved. I'll find out tomorrow when I lay down a drum track and record guitar and bass underneath it. I have one other question that I could get to work. That was input monitoring. When I'm finished a track and I want to start a new track (track2 lets say) and I select Playback while Recording, I can't hear the guitar I'm playing. I only hear the tracks that are not in record mode. I looked all over for this in the book and help menus and I'm alittle stumped on this. My PC's soundcard has (input monitor section) and I've selected it. So why don't I hear my guitar coming through as I'm playing live with the system as it's playing back the previous recorded track?
  3. Martin, Okay,I'm stuck on this one. 5. Menue Object/Trim Objects reduces the object down to one sample.(put a marker on it shift+1) I think I did this correcting. But I made a range with marker 1 and 2 and then hit trim and it got rid of everything accept for the one sample. But I can't figure out how to route the Track 1 to the input of track 2. Remember I only have a simple stereo sound card in the PC. 6. Route the output signal from Track 1 to the input of Track 2.
  4. I think this will explain that I believe I have been setup in the system. -----Original Message----- From: Andreas Opfermann [mailto:aopfermann@magix.net] Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 4:40 AM To: Dominic Subject: Re: forum info Hi Dominic, I updated our product database and now you can download all updates at this location: http://support.magix.net/areas/samplitude/us/index.html Your login data are: blah blah blah (not listing this info) Have fun! Andy
  5. Sebastian, Where do I go to do that? I also have not had a chance to test these other options out because another project I'm working on is demanding the time I need. But I will test this weekend. Thanks for all the help and I certainly didn't think you were judging I was a pirate user.
  6. Er, that wasn't actually clear from the original posting. Anyway, I didn't want to suggest that you were not a legitimate user (you made that obvious in the second posting), but to explain why you (and other newcomers to the Forum) might feel like you got a somewhat suspicious response in this instance! BGK Dude, You indeed thought I was Illegitimate, or better yet, you were leading.... That's good enough for me to think you were fishing to start trouble. Are you an owner in the company? Or someone who sniffs out Pirate Users for brownie points? If your not an owner. Then your not contibuting to helping me in my quest for answers. You are only adding to my problem by wasting my time by having to solidify that I am a Owner of said program. It's not your decision to decide whether I should or should be here asking these questions. Newbee, means just that, New to the program and not a hacker head. So I've decided to dub as the "'Tude Pirate"! for your nosing into others business and starting allogations because you are an uninformed forum participate. Secondly, my system and the use of this forum has been approved due to one great person at Magix/Samp who followed up and fixed my registration issues. So when I have the backing of none other than, Andreas Opfermann. I don't need your two cents.
  7. Thanks Kraznet!!! AS for BKG. First off, maybe you didn't read my original posting, but just to put EVERYONE's mind at ease. I'm with a Dealer who sells the product. So yes we are a paying customer. Period. This software was pasted down to me when another person left the company in order to be able to demo the software for customers that the sales staff needs to demo for sales of Hardware and Software products. Here's the company I work for: www.wpsworld.com We are a little company in the U.S.A. that only does about 80million yearly. And our Sister Company, Washington Music Center, outsells (from one store) every Guitar Center Store combined. Is this enough information for you now....
  8. Agreed!!!! Kudos to all of you. Now I'll be able to try this stuff tonight when I'm home to see if these things with the "Y" and the "R" will guide me on what to do. Or at best to tell you all what the setting say. If not, I'll be back with more. In the Meantime, this is the card that is in my PC from DELL. SigmaTel High Definition Audio Card Internal HD Audio Bus and HD Codec. Capable of 7.1 audio (not using that) Just in using it in Stereo. If anyone knows of what this card drives with or maybe what the tweak would be for it, I'm all ears....
  9. Hello, just to clarify. I've not updated the version I have is 8.1 not 8.01. This was an office master version of the software and I've been tasked to learn it. So, to do so, I'm using it at home in free time so I can do spend quality uninterupted time with it. Since I'm a part time musician at least I have all the gear to amp/drum/bass/keys to do this. Without show a client of some pre-recorded non-real world file. It will be really me. Multi-tracked and all. For demoing. I will do the update as soon as I can once I can get this running. Like I said, I'm a newcomer to the product line. So as far as drivers and such. Where would I find which I have running?
  10. I recorded a live Drum track and when I went back to record a guitar track on the next track. I was playing along with the headphones on and I could here the drum track fine (But couldn't hear the guitar in my headphones off the computers headphone jack) So I ended up using one ear covered with the phones and the other not covered so I could hear my amp. Laid the guitar part down in sync with the drums as I heard through the headphones. When I went back to play the complete 2 tracks together to check it. And the guitar was slightly off sync with the drum track (considering that I was downstroking on the 1...beat How do I fix the timing issue? I noticed on another recording a did with just 3 guitar part and a vocal. And it was even worse, totally unusable I tried shifting the parts a little to see if I could line it up to playback all in time. Nope, wasn't happening. My stats are as follows for what I am using: Samplitude Professional 8.1 DELL XPS400 2.8Ghz Dual Core PC WinXPPro, 1Gb Ram, 160 (7200 rpm) H.D. SigmaTel High Definition Audio Card with Internal HD Audio Bus and HD Codec. Capable of 7.1 audio (not using that part) Just in Stereo. Mackie CFX-20 Audio Mixer (running everything to the board and then taking the stereo L/R tape outs of the board into the PC's Stereo Audio input through the Mini Jack in and only capturing the 2 channels of audio mixdown from the board. Then I want to be able to go back over and add in as many tracks of Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals as I want. I had a Free Trial version of N-Track Studio and it was only capable 4 tracks and it worked perfectly and I never had a timing issue. I'd like to think that what I'm doing in terms of layering my tracks together is possible to do. I'd rather not have to go out and buy some outboard hardware and ProTools in order to do this. Can the program do what I want? What is set up wrong in my system? How do I resolve this issue? Does anyone know if maybe my soundcard that's internal needs some tweaking or something? I read in the manual about ASIO and stuff but I'm clueless on how do I set these, if I even can? I'm not a programmer or a over the top windows god. So if you have a suggestion, you will have to give it to me step by step as I'm not that proficent, but I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to PC's. Thanks for any and all help, Dominic
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