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  1. Thank you! I had written emagix tech support and they didnt have them. This is really important to me.
  2. Can't you rewire something like Cakewalk Project 5? I seem to remember it has all the contemporary midi programming tools. That way you've got the specilaized programming app and Samp's audio editing and FX.
  3. No, there are some VIPs in there, but not the ones related to the tutorial videos on the CD. They are called WS1.VIP, WS2.VIP, etc The tutorial video says to open them, but they did not ship with Samplitude. What is the first thing a new user does? Run the tutorial on audio editing and arranging. The tutorial tells him to open WS1.ZIp in the audio directory. It is not there. None of the VIPs in the CD tutorial are there or on the CD. I think I will borrow your Avatar.
  4. Where are the tutorial VIPS??? Where are the tutorial VIPS??? The tutorials tell you to open VIPs that did not come with Samplitude.
  5. The tutorials on the CD nor the installation has WS1.VIP Just got Samp V9 Pro and this is a bad way to start out. Share my frustration: New Samp user + missing documentation == New Cubase Customer + Ebay sale.
  6. Frank, Its great that a devloper responds to these threads. The "signal to noise" ratio is very high on these forums. I work as a software engineer in the USA and I am impressed with Samp and believe that it is not carrying as much bagage as other sequencers so it should do very well moving forward. However, I have to confess that the whole "hybrid engine" concept is not terribly clear. (I feel I got this to work because I was lucky in finding the right combination of settings on the VST and Samp.) This may be because I do not yet have the printed manual and am just using the V9 demo. However, when you switch modes, maybe there could be a pop up or context help that describes exactly what each mode means and what constraints are imposed -- and what you need to do in your VTi. There is a pop up, but it doesnt say "enable monitoring in your VSTi". It just talks about buffers. Also, who is the primary audience of the hybrid engine? I can see it being useful to me because my DAW is an ancient AMD 2400+, but most power users are on dual core or are using non-native plugs, and if you need more processing power, wont your first step be to increase latency? I saw maybe a 10-15% differnce in processing when switching between modes, so I'm not sure if I understand the benfit or if it is worth the additional complexity. I'm just a hobby user. Can you help explain this concept? Thanks, Chris
  7. Kraznet, Using the mode you indicated, I can hear channel FX on playback only, but I can no longer use EZ drummer "auditioning". IOW, the EZ drummer UI no longer works when Samp is run in this mode. EDit: After playing with EZD, I enabled "monitoring" and now it seems to work. Thanks!
  8. Have ordered V9 Pro, but am using the demo and am not able to get channel FX to work. Master EQ works fine, but channel FX are not being applied. Am running an instance of EZ drummer and am trying to test variverb. No FX. Then noticed that channel EQ is not working either. Did not have problem with V8 demo. Must be a setting. any help appreciated.
  9. I've been playing with the V8 (and over the past couple weeks) the V9 demos. Called synthax and its true -- they have _great_ pricing on the crossgrade. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is! I'm guessing that this may indicate that they will be changing/lowering their price structure in the near future (Or maybe something more drastic??) I have always noticed that the forum here is more professional than the cubase / sonar / ableton forums. This is probably because the users ARE professionals and the cost of entry at 1K weeds out the riff raff like myself. Anyway, not to quote the actual price, but lets just say that you can get into Samplitude V9 pro for a price equivalent to other "prosumer" windows sequencers. Package should be here next week. Really looking forward to it! SC
  10. I just watched the elastic audio video "Its Myyy House" and was very impressed. It seems able to assign pitch and increment/decrement in half steps and less. Was wondering if this has the capabilty to output midi nots based upon an audio melody? So if I sing a part, could it generate a midi line? It couls also make transcribing guitar lines and replacing with synth sounds very easy. If this cant do what I describe, does anyone know woftware that will? Thanks
  11. Is there a way to disable or default the midi import dialog? I will be playing back a project in the demo and it will stop playback because it needs to know if I want the midi in one track or multiple. I always choose into one track and wish it di not pause. This is a pretty big impediment to creative workflow. Thanks.
  12. I'm a home studio user that tracks guitars and vocals. The am-track and am-pulse plugs are pretty impressive in the demo, but I confess I've never mastered before and I would like to take my demos to the next level in sound. If I get a UAD-1 with their verb and mastering suite, will I need the am-pulse and am-track plugs? Also, how about the elastic audio? I could save $300 and apply that towards a UAD-1. Opinions? For those of you with the UAD-1, do you still use the bundled plug ins?
  13. Hi, My first project with samp demo is to learn how to edit audio. I have a drum solo that I want to sync to the project temp and surgically dissect (and repeat) into parts that can be used in a song. How do I split an audio track? How do I recombine audio clips? (Is there a way to keep the new clips together without destuctively fusing them?) Is there a way to link clips so that audio edits applied to one effect all of them (concept of linking would be more useful for midi clips) How do I select a small area of the wav and delete an audio hit? and then replace with transient noise from somewhere else? This might require some crossfades? Thanks, SC
  14. I've been eyeing samp for years as my next sequencer upgrade. I've been playing with the demo and its powerful and very fluid. Unfortunately, there is NO ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTATION! Tutorials? Training? Books? Nothing but a pdf. In the end its about the music. I can buy samp and screw with the features for years, or get cubase and become a power user in short order. I have read the same complaint in the main fourm. The only solution is for power users to create "man pages" (short, focused tutorials and HOWTOs). But no one has stepped up! The only solace in this whole thing is that it appears that the German market is just as screwed. Magix needs to clean up their act.
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