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  1. No. By the way, this is the Samplitude Pro Xx forum. Samplitude Music Studio is a derived program, quite simplified. The proper forum for that would be found at the Magix.com site.
  2. OE Snapshots work as Macros?!?!?! Totally never knew this. Thanks!
  3. Great to hear you got it sorted. You might post your process for other PT users here. (I believe the "problem" is the odd way PT approaches stereo files). Craig
  4. Good to hear. Yes, It seemed X3 got stable with Windows by the final 518 version.
  5. No, never experienced this before. Done this hundreds of times over many years. Import has always been true. (You've checked the obvious on the channel? No plugins, No volume adjustments, No EQ. No bussing. No object editor adjustments. And Master channel is at 0) Interestingly, Reaper does this to me all the time, in loading .mp3s. Almost always peaks 4+ dB higher. I have to set my channels on template to -4.5dB to accommodate. Never an issue for me in Samplitude.
  6. So, I finally got around to installing the iZotope "Mastering and Repair Suite". Wow, this looks ancient compared to Ozone 8 and RX7. I see it's from 2013. It loaded into Program Files (x86) rather than Program Files. Am I to assume: 1. These are 32-bit plugins (not 64)? 2. They only work with Soundforge?
  7. Thank you, Kraznet, Matfie, TotteG. As you have been so helpful to LNaum to help him understand how to set up Independence, it has been helpful to me (and doubtless others) as well. Craig
  8. Jordan, Check out Overture. In it's current 5.5 rendition, it is aimed at being a hybrid solution (scoring first, recording second). OR Studio One with Notion. For Audio Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Samplitude!
  9. Kraznet -- Thank you for the tip (from 6 years ago). I have this complaint regularly. Now I have a solution!!
  10. Kraz -- You are the best! I love your video replies to people. Craig
  11. Okay, now I've downloaded it and started to use it. I want to be honest here, because you have obviously poured in a LOT of work. Which is commendable. However, it is TOO MUCH. I really wanted to love this skin. Here's what I DO like about the Arranger: - I really like the full-width metering & numbering. - I love the tall Track Manager metering. The overall layout here is nice, including the horizontal EQ and clarity of S, M, & REC buttons. But, I DON'T Like these issues: (which would make it unusable for me except for on small track projects). - the Track details (Solo, Mute, Record) are too TALL. They require too much vertical space. - The pre-colored meters look great just looking at them, but not in real-time usage. There's simply too much going on. It really is the "Christmas Tree" look, so there is not enough distinction. Tracks that are silent should not be drawing attention to my eyes by being pre-colored. Only the live signal should be colored. Here's the deal-killer for more than 8 tracks: - On a 20" LCD, horizontal usage at 1600x1200 (pretty standard these days), on Camo (mastermod) I can view 13 vertical tracks with metering, volume, and pan. With SDK, this goes down to only 8 fully visible tracks. On Camo, I can view 17 vertical tracks with volume showing (the way I commonly work); but with SDK, only 10.5. Now here's the kicker: the BEST feature of your arranger is the full-width track metering (though the colors need to go away when not being played); However, with Camo I can have 24 vertical tracks with metering visible. Meanwhile, the SDK only shows 12.5 (i.e. half!). I expand to 13 tracks and the great metering is GONE. It disappears completely until 15 tracks, and then the miniature metering shows up (which Camo shows up at 25). - To be usable on larger projects -- the vertical track size really needs to be reduced. And ideally auto-size downward (like Camo) as you expand to more tracks. Also, I lose about an inch of track editing real estate. Not a deal breaker, but a small hit. While I thought I might love this MIXER, I don't. And I don't see myself using it. I do like the grey, the sharpness of the S & M buttons, the Gain and Pan knobs are great. The tall metering is great. Here's what would need to be improved for me to use the SKD mixer rather than Camo Mastermod: 1.The meters cannot be colored without signal. This is too busy, and actually detracts (in real usage) from the metering when music is playing. It is too hard of work on the eyes with the overuse of color. 2. We've lost the numbering of the Auxes and Inserts. I'd replace/re-add these. 3. As the RMS feature apparently doesn't work (nice idea!), the doubled master meters just look odd. I'd remove the RMS extra meters. 4. The wood paneling at the top right looks cheesy to me. Doesn't match. Out of place... Overall-- it's a great attempt. but actually goes too far. I offer these comments to be helpful. You have obviously worked very hard on this. But the totality is over the top (in my view) and falters at the most important place: usability for large track counts. Do let us know if you come up with a variant that addresses these issues, and I'll become your biggest fan. Back to Camo Mastermod and Shadow Transport for me... Craig
  12. SWEET work! Wow! Love the Pan gain pot as well. Can you add that as standard? I've just downloaded the Samplitude v.11 and will try this out... Craig
  13. Many of us have tracked for years with Samplitude. My only night in recording hell was spent with Cubase. You are in a much better world here, trust me. Double-check your settings (i.e. make sure "playback while record" is checked. I'm away from Samplitude right now. It's something close to that) You've got plenty of juice. You may need to confirm your output assignments and whatever additional software or hardware mixer settings you've got. Sometimes it takes awhile to ideally configure a whole setup. But there is no problem tracking in Samplitude! To track with effects, you need to make sure you've optimized your buffer settings and minimized your latency. Craig
  14. I got the ABIT IP35 Pro recently after reading reports of slower speed and hotter components on Asus boards. It appears Abit and perhaps Gigabyte have taken a recent leap from lead over ASUS in the recent offerings. I'm very happy so far with the board. Also, after much research, I bought a fanless graphics card - Gigabyte Geforce 8600 GT. I think it's going to do fine. (Love the absence of fan noise!) Additionally - The Corsair component power supplies (made by Seasonic -- the 520 was sufficient for me) and the Antec P182 case is quite a combo. While I bought the Q6600, I might have rather gone for the duo core 6850 for the same price. I have not run tests, but it looks like right now the dual-core at faster speed probably wins more for Samplitude. However, for photoshop and video editing -- go for the quad. That said, I'm expecting v.10 to be all over the quad. The Samp developers are awesome. Craig Allen
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