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  1. Thanks for listening. And the kind comments. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. This is the 8th track on my latest album My Fantasy. Just a collection of songs recorded in Samplitude Pro X3 Suite while sitting around in me jammies. This one is called Say Goodbye.
  3. That's some good stuff!! Makes me want to learn how to use Independence. I really like the SAM captures showing what synths you used.
  4. Did you try the Search function in the browser? I just did that and it found Independence. Can't say it was visible before.
  5. Hi. I'm a long time user of Samp. Used to hang out at the older forum. Just came back to this forum, did a search and found this thread. I just went Vista with a new set up and can't get Samp 6 (2496) to work. Any chance you might want to pass along how you got it going? It installs but will not launch. Thanks, Ken
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