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  1. How about using a third party VST eq and automate that? There are plenty out there of comparable quality to the track EQ. Cheers, R
  2. For me personally -i'd like to see the take manager and composer expanded to cope with mutliple takes of a multi miked source e.g. drums. That would be me sold! B
  3. Thanks Sebastian, I'll look forward to giving the demo a go to see how this aspect of Samp 9 works - it looks like an awesome update, I might be able to leave SX ehind and switch back (used to have Samp 7). Cheers, R
  4. It seems like it could be difficult comping several takes of multitracked drums in Samp if the take composer is single track only...In SX I can group each take of multitracked drums (in lanes) and I only need to have the Kick and Snare tracks on screen as the other tracks that are grouped all move as each take is edited. After the comp is done I can ungroup and tidy up the crossfades. As the majority of my work involves live drums I need the capacity to edit multitracked drums over several takes - it looks like the Take Composer needs to do multiple tracks instead of a single track to do this effectively. Any feedback on how other users do this sort of operation would be much appreciated. Cheers, R
  5. About the take manager... I too use SX3 and the take lanes in SX are a godsend for editing live drums where you have about 10 or so tracks. Can the take manager comp a multi take drum comp over say, 10 tracks? This is a do or die feature for me because the lane feature in SX makes this a breeze - it was that and the time warp that I went to SX for. Sonar has the same feature but you can't group the audio clips Samp 9 is looking killer!! Can't wait for the demo Cheers, R
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