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  1. Thanks - unfortunately I dont have, or plan to have, a powercore.. (do you know of any native dynamic eq's that would behave like this one ?) Yes, I think so too , just a quick double hit could cause erroneous filtering with dynamic eq too I would think. Seems Sascha is on a holiday or something - havent seen sign of him on these forums for many weeks(months?) br Eirik
  2. Sounds like a question for the main forum (?). Why dont you post it there (too). regards Eirik
  3. I still doubt it, but will try - Could you please mention a plug that will work that way ?
  4. You need to register a "licenced" forum-account to post in the main forums. I'm no midi-guy, so I cannot help much with your question, but it sounds almost like you have an accidental small loop-range on (with no loop activated). Otherwise I have no idea unfortunately, sounds very strange You should be perfectly ok with your 32bitXP - its what most people use here. - register and try the midi-forum...
  5. a bit OT I know - but the linear phase mode of Electri-Q of AIXcoustic Creations equal or surpass both algorithmix and PLpar when it comes to transparency, plus it has loads of "coloured" options too.. (and its dead cheap - both in money and cpu-drainage compared to those..) http://www.aixcoustic.com/index.php/Electri-Q-FULL/13/0/
  6. samplitude v8.0 professional I see - guess you're using a crack then... But anyway, I fear "the official help-files" from 8.1 and onwards will be more confusing than good. (Soooo much new features was introduced with v8.1) You're probably better off with the last v7 help-file. Which can probably be found where you found your v8 Hope you like samp well enough to buy a version at a later point
  7. Sorry I was unclear - I'm asking what v8 version do you have ?
  8. How does that one sound as an idea? And I very much trust the opinion of the AE that wrote this particular post. Methinks having such a thing with a native sidechain possiblility would be huge - not only for toms and such for straightforward usage but imagine using this to expanding drum room mics keyed off snare, kick and toms, controlling the cymbal leakage and then crushing it to death afterwards with an AM-Track... Intersting Holm! - yes I would think others have mused on this too - Its such an "obvious" thing when working a lot with real drums and gating(copies of) them to get enough punch & snap. This description fits my needs well. A bandsplit gate with individual hold&release times would do it. But then make it 3 bands! - So we can clean up low rumble as well as hi-(cymbal) bleed. IF samps multiband dynamics/gate would have been useful for drums at all, we would kinda have it already... Although in its current form (even if "fixed"to work with drums) I guess it will be much too heavy on resources .. (I would easily need 5 of them for one drumset alone in a mix...)
  9. Thanks, but I doubt that would work very well - since the unwanted bleed after the initial hit/first attack is not very much dynamically different to the tail I want to keep. The trick would be to have a delay until a fixed filter kicks in. I have tried with mulitband dynamics, with some results (its already part of my "terror-balance" scheme) but its nowhere near enough alone, and also resource hungry - unlike what I believe such a gate would be. (besides Samp needs a "drumgate" IMO. Currently there's no usable gating for drum/percussive sounds with Samp's own tools) edit If this was a working gate (for drums) it would probably work. (you come close to the mark with your thinking here - see below.) I just didnt think of describing my wish as a multband-gate, as it exists in Samp- but is not working currently with drums/percussive sounds cause of clicks and artefacts and lost transients.
  10. Of course, the delay-time until the lopassfilter kicks in would also have to be user adjustable (maybe both as note-value and milliseconds) I usually prefer using all of my "own" recorded drums. Once in a while I add to snares with drumagog, but mostly not. While working with "played-sounding" rock/pop productions, I always try to keep the tone and a good degree of "naturalness" to the drumset, but to get enough edge and "snap", I have to use gating a lot. The alternative would be, of course, to edit every single hit, wich is just too time-consuming in most situations. I gate one or more copies of the track, always keeping one "natural" for ghost notes & "natural bleed". Sometimes snares end up with 4 tracks (two gated versions plus natural overmic & undermic) Only way around the "holes" created by gating, is meticiously tweaking of all the track-copies to find a terror balance, or go in and edit & eq(lopass) the tail/ring/sustain of every hit. (I usually end up doing that with toms)..
  11. Thats part of the "deal" using economy engine... If you use Hybrid, you'll get tails. Personally I dont care much about tails when stopping, but some think they're important. I've found that only a few plugs of mine "burst their buffers" upon new playback (amp-sims) But the problem may be bigger for others..
  12. Right click on the volume button in the arranger view. There this track's plug(s) and all its different automatable settings will show...
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