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  1. I know for shure that this is recognized and discussed with developers already. I think part (or most part) of the problem lies in certain plugs/fx and the way they behave - (ie I only have it with NI-combos/amp sims). Its not a general problem AFAIK, and to my understanding there was a "price to be paid" to accomondate for some of these.. So I think they're still pondering to find a good solution. In the meantime, I live with it, but I have learned to flush the buffers before a final bounce if there's any of those present in the vip. (just play an empty space for a couple of seconds before the bounce to let the tail "empty itself")
  2. You could always bounce on object level, then you dont have to null the mixer.. Make a small (maybe muted) object duplicate over all tracks @ the beginning, and "ctrl a"/mark all objects. Then go to bounce dialog and choose "objects" and "glue selected", and it will make a file of each track starting from the same position. Quick and easy. Note that object manipulations will be included like it would with any other bounce/export command. And if you have a mix of stereo & mono-tracks, you might want to do it in two different passes to keep them like that. Once in a while I recieve from & give files to ProTools users, (also did with v9)and the timestamp has always worked for us. (I just bounce files on object level "where they are" & dont bother getting the same starting point - saves a lot of space too) I believe your situation to be a Sonar-problem really, but it should be easy enough to test, just re-importing files into samp and see if they keep position-info.
  3. It should be no problem with opening v10 vip's in v9. It will obviously not open v10-only FX like am-munition(pro) and some types of automation might be fragile (much more complex automation in V10) but everything else will be ok afaik. I've done it a few times myself.. (owning two versions, updated only one at first- but now both are10's though )
  4. Yes - there's no useable gate in Samp for drums as is. Personally I use use Sonitus gate which work OK and has lookahead. But I'd LOVE to see Sascha develop a proper drum gate for Samp - and include a "delayed/tail only" filter option (so that we get the full freq of the attack but can filter out f.example cymbal-bleed of the next hit still keeping the tail/resonating quality of the drum... Eirik
  5. Thanks - yeah - I should have guessed it was too good to be true...
  6. Wow - I didnt know this was possible - I've bought two full licences to let my assistant work simultaniously.. lost some money there it seems Good thing this is a possibility though - I may buy one to have a third.. br Eirik
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