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  1. The free copy of Samp SE that came with Computer Music magazine is so good that it's almost wholly responsible for me getting into electronic music. My PC's specs are 1.0 GHz and 128 MB RAM so it works flat out when running Samp V8 SE... ...but it works...just. But when I get a new computer...
  2. Eric, your SOS articles on Samplitude have been very helpful both in explaining how to do things and also in reassuring me that my "workarounds" are in actual fact how Samp is supposed to be used. I'm looking forward to your next article. Is it too much to ask that you mention in your articles how MAGIX's low-key marketing and lack of "How-to" manuals and training videos are almost certainly hampering sales of this excellent DAW? The wealth of learning options open to owners of Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar and Logic leave Samp/Seq in the shade.
  3. If you know the BPM of each track then it's quite straightforward. Load both songs into a VIP and double-click on the song whose tempo you want to alter. This will bring up the object editor, on the left of which are three options. Choose "Pitch-shifting/Time-stretching" and you'll be given pitch & temp changing options. Enter the original BPM of your song and then the new BPM you want to change to. Press "play" to hear it and "OK" to confirm. If you want to change the global BPM of your project, click on the "Transport" button at the bottom left of your screen. The transport has a BPM option at the far right of its panel - which is OK if you want to change the BPM in increments of 5 - 10 BPM. If you'd like more flexibility, press "I" on your keyboard and the "Project Options" panel will appear. In the top right you'll see a BPM box where you can type in the global BPM for your project. I hope this helps.
  4. ...and I'm still an idiot and still struggling with this problem, except now I can't get my synths to respond to velocity changes. I can get Pitchbend to respond perfectly well in the MIDI Editor, but when I try the same thing using the velocity graph - nada. Is it me? Surely there must be some setting or button that is preventing Samp from recognising the velocity changes? I can see the volume meter in the sequencer track responding to my inputted changes, but the sound remains at the same volume. Hmmm. (Settings: ASIO driver, Software FX Monitoring, Tape Monitoring) Does it have anything to do with the "R" button being on or off? (Yes, I'm not au fait with all of Samp's quirks - but that's because there isn't a decent manual.) I'm thoroughly confused because everything seems to be working (pitchbend etc. is working just fine) except for velocity. Any suggestions, please - or is there a "Velocity for Dummies" manual available?
  5. Thanks for the useful suggestions, Frank. I didn't know about the right-click option on the track volume fader, so I tried it but it didn't make any difference - no velocity changes. I also lowered the global volume of my drum machine, SR-202, as you suggested, but again nothing happened. I can alter the visual velocity of cells but not the aural. I'm stumped. Ah, but I've managed to get a MIDI synth responding to velocity changes in the piano roll. Progress! So perhaps the problem is with my drum machine. Unfortunately, maybe it's my imagination, but I think the drum machine responded to velocity changes in the past. Hmmm...
  6. The velocity option in the MIDI editor of Samp V8 SE seems to be working perfectly...apart from the fact that I can't hear any change in the different levels of velocity. The velocity graph below the piano roll and grid works fine, I'm able to change the height of blocks in the grid itself, and I can hear a drum play each time I raise or lower the height of a cell - but the sound always remains at the same volume. I've certainly been able to change the velocity in the past but now Samp won't cooperate. Is there an option somewhere that allows Samp to disregard velocity changes? Perhaps I've selected the wrong option by mistake. Any suggestions, please?
  7. Chulio, thanks for the reply. For a freebie, the SR202 is a very nice piece of kit - I can load 16 different drums and pan each one without any trouble at all. I've made some very amateurish drum loops with it, though someone more experienced could do far better, I'm sure. It's just that I can't understand how to allocate each drum to a separate track in Samp and I'm not sure whether I do it through the 202 or through Samp. Words like "bus" and "aux channel" bring me out in a cold sweat - that's still too advanced for me. I've yet to explore stuff like Send channels and the like. I'll try to work something out.
  8. Newbie question: Is it possible to use one drum machine (I use Computer Music's SR202 VSTi) for a project but then assign the different drums to separate tracks, i.e. Kick to Track 1, Snare to Track 2, etc.? I've always placed all my drums on one track, which meant that any effects affected them all, but now I'm getting ambitious I'd like to treat each drum as a separate entity. Or do I have to open a drum machine VSTi for each kick, snare and hi-hat track? Thank you for any suggestions.
  9. I'm a musical newbie who's only just learned about the existence of quantisation but I agree that Samp would be even better with a "proper" beat analyser like Recycle, BeatCreator or Sonar's Audiosnap. IMHO, an awful lot of people who like to loop stuff, especially hip hop fans, would drift over to Samp if this function was available. Samp can save MIDI grooves, but this would be much more helpful if users could analyse an audio drum track and then save the MIDI groove. Having said that, I have also just discovered that the drop-down menu in Samp V8 SE's MIDI Editor features a quantisation option to add swing and offset to drum tracks. It's very useful (though difficult to find) but now even a newbie like me can slip and slide. Samp continues to surprise me - but that's because there isn't a decent manual or a "How-To" book.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I've used the Remix Agent installed with my copy of Magix Music Maker and wasn't too impressed with it, plus the 15 second time limit made things awkward. Is the Remix Agent that comes with the full version of Samp any different? It would be so helpful if Samp came with a genuine beat slicer along the lines of ReCycle or BeatCreator instead of a "workaround". Yes, I'm a rank amateur.
  11. I'm having a great time with Samp V8 SE, which is the best software giveaway I've known. I shall more than likely buy Samp 9 when my budget allows, but one function I would like to see is a beat slicer along the lines of ZX BeatCreator or Sonar's Autosnap. It's very handy to be able to tweak a groove or replace one-shots or even *prays fervently* save the drum groove as a MIDI file and thus use it with other drum kits and different tempi. Will MAGIX introduce a beat slicer in the near future? You MAGIX programmers may now tear your hair out.
  12. Success! I followed Frank's suggestion and downloaded a program that identified the files as MIDI type 1, which Samplitude accepts. Still no joy. Then Frank kindly took a look at the troublesome files for me and suggested that Samp might not like long filepath names. I moved the folder of non-working MIDI files to the root directory on my C:\ drive, pleaded with Samp to have another go...and the files loaded. Frank, thank you very much for the help. Now I can unleash my terrible music on the world...
  13. Frank, I don't know what you mean by "try loading the windows MIDI files" but I followed the rest of your suggestions: 1. I loaded the "NEW" MIDI template. No problem. 2. I loaded the "EMPTY" MIDI template. No problem. 3. I created a MIDI file by tapping out a few notes with a VSTi synth and then used Export Audio>Export MIDI File. I'm such a newbie that it's the first time I've tried to do this. It exported my new MIDI file without a problem. 4. Next I started a new VIP and used Ctrl I to import the MIDI file I had made previously. Success! It loaded the MIDI file I created...but it also created another window with the MIDI file in it for destructive editing. Is this normal? So that's progress of a sort. At least I know the MIDI function is working ok, apart from not accepting MIDI files that haven't been created in Samplitude already. I'll try to send you an example of the offending file. Thanks a lot.
  14. I've tried MIDI files from different sources (Groove Criminals, Groove Monkees, etc.) and none of them will install. (The only time I've got Samp to import a file, it was a Groove Monkee file.) The preview box identifies them all as "MID" and when I right-click on a file the Properties say that the file is indeed a MIDI sequence. The MIDI editor works fine if I play on a VSTi instrument so it must be some tiny technical issue or setting which is causing the problem. If I could only get that box that offers the option of placing the MIDI files into one VIP track or separate tracks to appear again then I'd be on the right track. Ah well. Sorry to be a nuisance, folks. Samp V8 SE is still fantastic but if I could import MIDI files...
  15. I took the ini file out of Samp (I hope it was the right file) and restarted. No difference. Then I replaced the file and started again. This time I got a "Load MIDI File" box to appear (progress!) but when I select a MIDI file to load, nothing happens. Aargh.
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