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  1. Another trick. Copy vip markers to audio markers And Copy audio markers to vip markers. The combination if these commands can help a lot sometimes. Georg
  2. Markers move with objects on the first track In mouse mode Link objects one track Link objects all tracks. If you want to move only markers make a new track at the top insert an empty or dummy object (eg midi ) and move this dummy object in link objects one track mode. Georg
  3. Using no monitoring provides the destructive Solo mode. Pfl And non destructive solo is only available when using the solo bus. This is known to samdev and hopefully will be changed. I will bring it to their attention again. Georg
  4. And another masterpiece.... Again just smartphones. Thanks for listening. Georg
  5. Sequoia cannot playback intermediate video codecs properly. Unfortunately.... georg
  6. Yes, only from the phones. and reverb of course....
  7. Unfortunately they only used metronomes set to light blinking. Only the conductor had a midi file playing back. The Rest is lots of edits... Georg
  8. 64 Videoclips made by the musicians, I aligned them and mixed it. All done in Sequoia. Was quite a bit of work... https://youtu.be/nZHOJHP33Ps Georg
  9. Very interesting, but as Sebastians post is from 2007, it is strange to revive this thread....
  10. I think if you choose your time signature to be 15/8 , the chosen tempo will be for the eighth notes. Georg
  11. Right click on the Plugin button to open the FX dialog. Change the order there to your taste. The Objects come first, then the mixer. This you cannot change. Georg
  12. Don't think this is possible. Not implemented yet afaik. Georg
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