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  1. Thanks Adam. Its been a fun ride Peace T
  2. May been an obvious answer , but did you re-authorize/activate the waves plugins? Peace Tom
  3. Thanks guys, Happy to hear you enjoyed Peace T
  4. Thanks for watching Hope you enjoyed it Peace T
  5. After seven months of being closed to the public I have been working tirelessly on a documentary of the lineage of Lost Studios. It is a three part documentary. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I had making it. I used all Magix products. Movie edit Pro deluxe and Samplitude 2496 SEKD to Samplitude Pro X5. A 23 year span of recordings, pictures, videos and music. Peace Tom https://youtu.be/rZbpC6AtSJc
  6. Sbernie In the email you received after you purchased Samp, There should be an activation code for Melodyne. Open Melodyne stand alone and activate Best Tom
  7. Update::::::::::: Ended up Talking with Tom at Orange Hill audio. I have to say if you want support go there. We talked it out on the phone and he gave a very easy answer. First make sure and open up the code meter and update the firm ware. Not sure if i had done that but did it any way and make sure you have the 3.2 update .....Not sure if they are the same.....Did it anyway Second: open up the Samplitude file folder in my computer..... c: , make sure extensions are not hidden...... and DELETE..... Samplitude_9E_audio.ini Restart an WOO HOO I have been running 4 hours now and no problems A big Hooahh goes out to Orange Hill Audio and Big Tom ....hope you had a great dinner with the wife tonight Thank you Peace Tom
  8. Thanks Andy, I am all over it. I will post my outcome for others after its fixed T
  9. New owner of Samp 9.1.1 and have been using samplitude since 1999. First problem that I have not been able to resolve on my own System seems to lock up and then automatically closes samp down after 30 seconds or so. It generally looks like it happens with a mouse swipe or mouse click. Or right after recording an additional track when I stop and try to save. I have also noticed my DSP and CPU usage is higher than in the past XP pro sp2, AMD dual core, 2gigs ram,sata drive, Delta 1010's I have searched the forum for others having the same problem but cannot find ayone with the same issue Except on audio forums board. Please help and or rescue me Tom
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