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  1. Hello !! Has put at all in that that maximum resolving AD 24 bits!!!

    64 bits internal process would provide more exact mixing of especially low level signals and more exact approximating at final output for 16 bit and 24 bit.

    I will not press in mathematics...

    Effect from 64 bits will be appreciable at a considerable quantity of mixed channels and FX effects of returns, and it would be saved the considerable quantity of the smallest details in a sound is more white. Resolution of human hearing though is limited to a frequency range, but thus there are many nuances in a heard sound such as deviation, phase jitter, harmonious components, various smallest additional sounds, etc. which are perceived if their levels is insignificant are small at subconsciousness level... On my belief products "MAGIX" simply would rise on new qualitative level, they and so are very good!!!, but there is a possibility to be even better!!! And I would like to see DAWS from with 64 bit internal process...


    +1 Great way of putting it!

    Look the OP and some others are getting very confused.

    1. "Samplitude running in 64 bit" is already possible with the lAA versions and the biggest benefit is the program being able to use more then 4 GB of ram.

    2. "Samplitude's audio engine is 64 bit float and all calculations are performed at 64 bit float throughout the signal path. (basically the same thing samplitude does now BUT with 32 bit float).- Samplitude does not do this yet and I would love to hear if Sam planning the jump. The benefits of 64 bit audio are real. It would be amazing if Sam decided to do it's version of 64 bit float and upgrade all its internal plugins to 64 bit float.

  2. It seems I have mistakenly been under the impression that Samplitude had the option for dongle or challenge/response activation. As of version 10.1 in appears as if dongle activation is required. Am I correct?

    If so, that's really unfortunate.



    I used to be afraid of dongles BUT now would not have it any other way. The Codemeter and Ilok are so convenient when you work with multiple computers like I do.

    I agree with everything that was said in the previous replies. Samplitude is the best.

  3. Samplitude!!! I used to be a Cubase user until I realized:

    1.Cubase was bad for audio editing. I know 4.1 has a new audio editor but is it accurate?

    2. 4.1 still has severe Freeze problems.

    3. Samplitude's playback ASIO engine is the best...VSTI's in Hybrid mode are the best I have seen.

    4. Samplitude has the BEST digital sample rate converter around.

    5. Sam has a great batch converter,sounds better, sample accurate editing, restoration,opjects,etc,etc,etc.......

    SAM10 looks amazing!!!

    Honestly, Samplitude was the best decision I have ever made.... It's such a relief to finally find a sequencer... Just please release version 10.

  4. Hey guys I have tried the EMU patchmix and driver 2.0 Beta and it works better with everything except sam 9.1.1. For some reason the 1.8 drivers work much better. Maybe the magix team could take a look at the 2.0 to see what causes the difference. The drivers are a BETA so maybe it's EMU's fault..BUT..the 2.0 really worked amazing in Cubase !..???!

    Note: For the record the 1.8 EMU drivers work Amazing in Samplitude 8.3se and 9.1.1. (For me at least).ou

    one more thing: Could you guys test the Emulator x 2 with sam 9.1.1 and the upcoming X2 64..It's the one thing I really still like.

  5. Hey guys.....I am currently an owner of samplitude 8.3 SE and REALLY want to do the "Sam For Rent Classic Version". To be honest I dont even know where to start. For example I would buy it, with the 8.3 se discout, but then I came across the "90dayPROrentalFREE" stuff and am confused. Bottom line is that I need Samplitude 9.0 Classic...Buy/rent whatever is cheapest. Does making payments on the $999 pro version make better sense in the long run?...Maybe...Just need a US dealer/number/contact ......whatever... please help.



  6. I am new to samplitude 8.3 se and must say the program is badass..I need a tutorial or something because thier is alot in here that is flying over my head. I am going to need beat slicing/time stretching features so what version of samplitude 9 should I get?

    oh yea their is one error I am able to repeat: Every time i do a batch convert(or i convert a file in my VIP pro) to 48000 32bit,at the HIGHEST level, if the batch is over live 20 megs I get an error or my cpu reboots! It really is the only bug/clitch I have had. ??? Is this an error you guys have heard of?



  7. Hi

    I got Samp SE with Computer Music magazine and I've been trying it out on some imported wav files that I did on my AW16G. The sound quality is excellent, and after an afternoon's work I was able to get the object editing going and work out how to do basic comping. This is the first music software that I've used, so I can't compare it to the alternatives, but I do now understand a bit about the power of the object editing, and I like it!

    I'm wondering about which upgrade to go for: the classic or the pro. The pro is very much more expensive, and for me, the critical value point concerns whether or not the analog modelling suite is worth the extra money.

    An alternative would be the get the classic and buy one of the other hot analog modelling plugins, e.g., UAD or even the new focusrite liquid mix box.

    Can anyone give me any insight into this choice? -- how do Samp's analog plugins stand up to the competition?

    Also -- given I'm an acoustic musician recording just voice and guitar -- are there any other features of the pro version that would truly justify the pro version over the classic?


    Make sure you look at the time streeching features of the classic version. TS is something most companies make you pay more for.

  8. "Midi timing is a windows issue, not the sequencers. and I havent heard anything about midi in vista yet.


    I don't know about this one.. The midi in cubase sucks! I Just purchased samplitude se 8.3 and im sold.. Everything sounds and works SO much better than cubase. The midi is very tight(for me at least) and I can mix audio right along side vsti's. The audio sounds amazing, even better than the protools le setup I have. I am going to buy 9.0 standard as soon as I save some money. I have been a samplitude user for only 2 weeks and already have forgoten about cubase 4.

    side note: Midi in samplitude is the tightest I have ever heard on my pc. I am running a 1212m on a 2.8 p4. Cubase sl is also installed and the same midi file triggering the same vsti sounds very different. Thanks Magix for a great product.

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