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  1. Hi Frank Can I ask what you mean with a higher latency? Do you mean when playing or recording/real time, you have a higher latency, so that disappears on mixing etc. as you are monitoring? Regards Il Padrino
  2. Good to know! I may try the demo then and see how I get on this weekend. If I do switch, I hope for a cross grade offer somewhere, or sell a limb or two : Am itching to hear the audio quality difference, is it that noticable? I didn't think it could be when you got into the digital world.. still they say it is. Thanks again. Il Padrino
  3. dr.funk Thanks for the reply We've both been contributing to the DX fiasco over at cubase.net I notice. I felt it would cause a problem there with certain people had I asked the question of Samplitude experience at such a sensitive time. Partly why I am interested in Samplitude also! Wish I had got a good deal like you had mentioned Sounds promising from what you have described above. My main concern is the use of VST instruments, which I do use a lot of. Or should I say I use them often. Do you have any experience so far in this division, so to speak? Thanks dr.funk PS> Username on c.net is Il Padrone
  4. Hi all Am considering moving here from having used Cubase for years. For anyone that has, can you give some advice on what will be hard to get used to, cross grading options, is midi substantially less in capability that Cubase SX? Any advice or views from anyone would be appreciated. Kind regards Il Padrino
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