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  1. Cool, thanks. I've been working intensely with the demo all morning...so far, I really like the object-oriented way of working. Really cool. One thing I'm noticing is that there are more menus and mouse-clicks to do a lot of things. For instance, re-ordering/drag-copying the basic track VST FX inserts, among other things. I'm also wondering if there's a way to get modifier keys to help with editing in the main arrange page...like "alt" will turn the pointer into the cut tool, etc.? This REALLY helps workflow! From my limited view right now, it seems more oriented towards audio than composing, which I knew already...but we'll see as I get deeper into it. I'm still very unclear on the video thing...the Help pages do not really make anything clearer at all, at first glance. If I can't work to video, then I'll have to look at another DAW, unfortunately. $3000 for Sequoia, just so I can do that, is simply not an option.
  2. Hello all...I have heard nothing but fantastic things about Samplitude and about the forums here...very different from Cubase right now. A short history (bear with me): I'm a professional composer who lives in smoggy L.A. - I score a number of TV shows (some of which many of you might watch, who knows!) and do awards shows for MTV and the like. I also do a lot of songs for movies, etc...so it runs the gamut. I've been on Cubase for about 5 years now, and I feel abandoned by the company...I just can't take it anymore. I come from a very strong engineering background, and know my stuff in that regard. > I know that the workflow in Sam is different...I'd like to hear from some ex-Cubase users here in that regard. I work extremely fast, and it's important for me to have a very smooth and fast interface, technically - doing tons of mouse clicks to get one simple thing done doesn't work for me, and Cubase is pretty good in that regard. I'm 100% willing to learn a new way of working, as long as it's very fast and intuitive once you get it. > I know that Sequoia has a much more advanced video engine, but all I need is to be able to import QT videos and work to them, locked to the project. I need to be able to shift timecode references to the video, and the like, but I don't need actual video editing capability, really. Do I need spend three THOUSAND dollars on Sequoia so I can use video? > I use tons of VSTis in my work, as well as ACID loops, etc. How are both of these things handled in Sam? > Is there a feature similar to Audio Warp on Cubase4 (or the much better implementation of it on Sonar6)? > Does Sam support DUAL dual-core configurations? > Any issues with multiple UAD-1 cards? > Is quantizing MIDI as flexible as Sonar/Cubase? Any other helpful information would be great...I'm dying to get out of Cubase land. I understand that I'll have a transitional period, but it's worth it to me, especially considering all of the great things I've been hearing about Magix. As you can see, I need to be able to do basically everything on my DAW...I need great a great audio engine along with fast and smooth MIDI capabilities (MIDI is the thing that concerns me about Sam). I truly appreciate your opinions and help. Cheers, N
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