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  1. Well, I am heartened to learn of the possible existance of a future Groove Quantize function. THe idea of using rewire is a good one, but a little like using a hammer to crack a nut. THe idea of a first class audio midi sequencer that doesnt have this function is a little daft for one so mature as this product. In discussion with several other potential users its a major missing feature. There are several other major workflow issues that stop it from being used as quickly as one would expect for a programming tool. But this one stops a whole section of music programmers from considering it against other tools that probably arent as well supported, well developed or as nice to look at!
  2. Steinberg users looking for alternatives are always going to miss these features. Not that the beat detection is well implented in Cubendo but its whats holding up many of us none the less. Are there any workaround or has this functionality been added to Samplitude. Basically it consists of the ability to analyze an audio part (mostly a drum loop or groove) and extract the timing positions from it and great a offset midi quantize that mirrors those positions. This can also be done from existing midi files (my preferred method) this allows you to use third party apps for groove from audio extraction. And the existance of this feature in Samplitude would be enough to persuade most programmers. In short, as it was last checked out Samplitude was a great great audio tool with a good reputation, its just lacking midi features to become a serious music production tool for contemporary music programmers. Very many of whom rely on midi offsets to acheive swing, groove, drive and funk in modern music.
  3. Guys / Samplitude, This is a real bone of contention for me. I would LOVE to get to grips with this software, but its still missing a major major feature for me, and I beleive for programmers of contemporary music. Just in case you arent aquainted with the method, the idea is that certain groove contain none linear offsets from perfect time that give them "feel". Ie Swung hats and 1 snare early second late etc ...may give a funky feel or a driving feel etc etc. I have been working with these basic principles in Cubase and Nuendo for a long time. Sonar 6 now sports this important beat programming workflow feature. Samplitude is unusable for me whilst missing this feature, in my opinion its not a fully functional music creation tool without it. Would anyone from Magix or any user like to comment on any "workaround" they may have or when this extremely important function may be included in what is otherwise a premium title. Thanks
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