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  1. Hm... it took me almost 1.5 years for the various VV algos. And that's 2 channels. Now you can do some calculus Seriously, I'm not saying anything. As usual, we like to listen and gather feedback here. But any statement on future plans isn't up to us devs, no matter if 'yes' or 'no'. What I wanted to say is that the Sequoia market (mostly broadcast in germany) needs better implementation for multichannel plugins in the very near future, especially for reverb. The roomsimulator isn' t a good thing here. It needs so much resources that you even kill the most newer computers. And you cannot parameterise sufficient. The VariVerb could be a first step in that direction. I don' t expect a "yes" or "no" here. Best regards DZ
  2. Yeah, please try with a stereo input, perhaps test with pre-fx panning or so. You should be able to notice that extreme panning doesn't result in extreme reverb on either side, of course. That would be the case with dual-mono reverbs. VV's room/hall algos work with a matrix of delays that span a mesh over the 'virtual room' and take the source channel seperation and positioning into account. That should result in natural localisation. Let me know if that works for you. And what about the extension to >=5 outputs ? Best regards DZ
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