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  1. Thanks Tobben and Sebastian. I tried MixInFile without success, but after some searches here I think my problem was "forced monitoring." Will try again tonight.
  2. Hi, I'm using Samplitude SE - I have a midi part recorded that I need to convert to audio. It needs to be done in real time, as I am using an External device (Muse Receptor via Uniwire) running Kontakt. So I cant just use the mixdown buitton on the mixer, which is not real time. Is the best way to acomplish this to mute everything else and use "mix in file"? Or is there something I'm missing? Thanks, Phil P.S....I'm migrating from Ensoniq PARIS. Right now I have Reaper, Sampitude SE, and PT LE on my machine, and I am working on some stuff in all 3. Each has their selling points. I like the editing of PT, the flexibility of Reaper, and mixing on Samplitude. Delay compensation is pretty much a must for me for mixing and is the main reason I'm abandoning PARIS as my main mixing platform.I am leaning towards going with Samplitude PRO with an RME Fireface - waiting on the 1st patch for version 9 to see what the user reports are like. If anyone cares.....
  3. That's exactly what I need!!! Thanks!!!
  4. I think the answer is "no"; but why is that so bad? david Thanks for the response. Not sure from the context what you mean. Why is it so bad to have seperate mono files? I just want to be able to use a stereo compressor/eq etc. Why is it so bad to have to do a manual bounce? Not so bad - but want to make sure it's a completely neutral process..... I think the answer is "no"; but why is that so bad? david
  5. Hi, I'm migrating some projects from Paris to Samplitude - I'm a new user with SE, soon to have either Classic or Pro. Paris only supports mono tracks, but allows stereo plugin use on 2 adjacent tracks. Is there anyway short of doing a manual bounce, of combining say, Left and Right piano tracks to one stereo track in Samplitude? Thanks!!
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