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  1. Yes indeedy! What Kraznet said. Should work perfectly.
  2. Wow! You're right. Not even Glue Objects or Freeze Objects keeps the fades. I see your point now. Thanks.
  3. I also noticed that you have these really weird,long file names. There is a way in Samplitude to have the Track name be the recorded object's name. In fact,IMO it should be set as a default, but for what ever reason isn't. Simply right click on the Channel Name in the mixer window or Object Editing window. This should bring up you track options window. Next in the "Record" field, click the "All Tracks" button and choose (track name) By doing this your are setting all tracks in your VIP to save the recorded object as the name of the track. For example, the Guitar track would read "Guitar" and add a number to that if you are performing multiple takes.
  4. Oya... The Build Loop Object function also works for MIDI files too! Also.. from reading through your posts, it sounds as if you are having issues with Samplitude saving your "Destructive Effect" to the original file. This might explain why you're original file is growing in sizes. If I'm misunderstanding, then think the opposite. Meaning, you have Samplitude setup to save to a new file every time you calculate a destructive effect or freeze. I have it setup to just keep saving the calculations to a single effect file that will change in size depending upon how much processing i've applied over the time of the session. See my other photo for where this can be adjusted. Thanks
  5. Have you tried "duplicate objects"? MGB Hi MGB, If by duplicate objects you mean essentially just copying the object and dragging in to the new position, yes. but this defeats the convenience, speed, and efficiency of using loop based objects. Regards, DB Hi DB. This may help you a little. Try right clicking on the object and choosing "Build Loop Object"? If you've got your tempo change markers in place and have objects snapping to the grid, you should be set. Auto crossfade needs to be enabled as well. Makes things work like ACID or ACID files. Just grab the edge of the object and pull. Also check out Kraznet's 22min. tutorial for "Working with Objects" BadAss Samplitude Tutorials
  6. Click: My Controls Under "Personal Profile", click Edit Signature. Edit then update. Done.
  7. What version of SAM are you using? What part of the mix are you wanting to compress?
  8. Ask the client if they are capable of exporting the session in another format that's more SAM friendly.If you're getting a lot of different formats, maybe it's time to invest in something like SSL's Solid State Logic Pro-Convert Digital Audio Project Translator Software or get a copy of Cubase4.
  9. I'm pretty sure Reaper will allow OMF, as well as allow you to reexport it in a Samplitude session format. Reaper is free. Give'r a try!
  10. You need to make sure that the object link button is not pushed, for the first question and also click "record each take to new file", to answer your second question.
  11. Hi Matt. See Here: Vista/XP64 bit Codemeter solution.
  12. Thanks but I was asking about adding several MONO tracks. eh!? That's it. You still have to assign each track as mono. You can do them all at the same time through the Manager/Object(tab). Just hold shift and click the MONO box in the Manager. It will make all of the tracks with objects Mono record tracks.
  13. Right click on the object and choose "Build Loop Object". Check out Kraznet's tutorials: Samplitude Tutorials
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