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  1. Thanks for the quick reply and many thanks for this wonderful plugin. I hope we will have soon the updated version in a samplitude patch.
  2. There seems to be Vandal version 1.104 while Samplitude 11.1 has older Vandal (probably 1.103). I downloaded 1.104, but it operates in demo mode. Is there a way to make the Vandal VST recognize the host and if the host is Samplitude to run as authorized version instead of operating in demo mode. This way we would not have to wait for the next Samplitude patch in order to have the most recent Vandal?
  3. I would pay for a video if it is not mainly Sequoia source/destination editing oriented
  4. Well, believe it or not, I would preffer to download a software (even if it is a very expensive one) instead of waiting several weeks or months to get it delivered by post with the high probability of loosing it on its way. Even the 5 Gb's of the Sam Pro installation DVD are not a problem for a download - it would have been downloaded many times faster than it took the Deutsche Post / Bulgarian Post and finally UPS to deliver the package to me. With the 2 Mbit/s (around 220 Kbytes per second) connection I have at home it would take me less than 7 hours to download the DVD. Of course such download service would be a problem for Magix, as it would require a good internet connection bandwith for the server and most likely will also cost some money in terms of traffic. If Magix decides to make at least the SFR versions downloadable (if I already have the dongle), I would be extremly happy Even if the download includes only the basic installer (without the additional samples, response files, tutorials and so on) and later after serveral weeks we receive the normal DVD.
  5. It seems that Samplitude V10 Master and Samplitude V10 (former Classic) can run with or without a dongle - you may choose to buy V10 Master or V10 (ex. Classic) and activate it without a dongle, but you will not be able to use it on multiple machines. However, what Sebastian is saying is that there is no e-Version (i.e. - downloadable version) of V10 (Master or Classic), meaning that if you want to buy V10, you have to get it as a full product package (DVD, printed manual etc.) and you cannot download it - the installer is several gigabytes.
  6. Ok Thanks, I will try to visit the city if possible.
  7. Pop3 seems to be working, as I got a lot of e-mails on my mobile (symbian) and on my laptop, but it seems that they have cut the SMTP, so I was not able to send e-mails. Otherwise I really enjoyed the free web browsing. I was on the airport at 10:00, but I was floating around till 11:20 when I decided to check my e-mails and check the forum and saw that invitation for a coffee. My next flight was boarding at 12:50, so if I have checked the forum on time, I would have like 2h and 30 minutes to go to the city (maybe using CAT?). Probably the next week I will be flying to a different place, but the week after I suppose I will be again through Wien. What I really like in the Wien airport is that there are many security check points, practically for each gate, while in many other airports you go through a security check when you enter the airport (the gates area) and this is usually the performance bottleneck. The decision to have a security check point for each gate gives much better scalability of the services and also it gives you much better chances to not miss your flight. Cheers, I think this was a good decision, but it was with a lot of help from you - you deserve a bonus from Magix for proactive marketing As with many successfull products, the happy users are the best advertisement. Regarding smoking, I remember something you told me maybe two years ago, that you promised your wife if you get Samplitude (SFR) you will quit smoking - the money you spend monthly for cigarettes are the same or even more than the montly SFR payment, so actually buying Samplitude will help the family budget... But I see this promise did not last long
  8. Thanks andy! I also received the activation code and activated the dongle while waiting here on the Vienna airport. Thank you very much! Ps. The dongle survived the x-ray scanning
  9. Very nice idea Maybe next Monday if I'm going to fly through Wien again. It is a bit late at the moment to go to the city, otherwise I wold really enjoy.
  10. ^ Okey, I will be tomorrow for two or three or hours in Wien (actually only on the airport) and if something goes wrong with the dongle, you will buy me a beer
  11. I hope so. I do not see any warnings about that in the printed manual, nor on the Wibu site.
  12. I am planning to take the dongle with me while traveling and I am a bit worried whether the X-Ray scanners used for security check on the airports could cause some damage to the dongle. So far all my USB memory sticks have went through many such scanners without a problem, but I suppose that this dongle is quite different from the memory sticks. ps. Probably not the best place to ask for dongle related questions, but I'm not able to post to the main forums and I need this answer quickly as I am going to travel again on Monday morning.
  13. Well, finally got the package Now I have to fight with the next problem - the activation says: "User code not match. (is_rent_dont_match)". I tried to contact proservice, but it seems that this cannot happen before Monday.
  14. Well, usually I am pretty lucky, but such things happen It is particularly interesting, that I was about to get it today with a courier, but yesterday and today the Sofia airport is closed due to fog... What can I say - I will assume that the Universe has its reason to not allow me traveling with Sampiltude So far I have bought only Samplitude SE 9, so I don't have a full version installed. Is it possible to run with the dongle I have received older versions - i.e. I thought that this dongle is for V10? It seems that I have some luck, I was just informed by the company I work for, that the business trip will be three weeks only and I may be able to fly back for the weekends. This means that I should be able to get it at the end of next week
  15. Well, It seems that I am having some bad luck with this SFR program. I signed the contract two months ago and I still don't have the software. First it was sent by mistake to a wrong address, then Magix had to wait for it to be delivered back to Germany and resend it, then I got the package, but inside was only the Codemeter Dongle and no installation DVDs. Now the DVD should have been sent, but it will probably arrive next week when I will be travelling abroad for almost a month. At the end I will have 3 months waiting for Samplitude - quite a lot of time. It is either a bad luck, or the UNIVERSE is trying to prevent me from getting Samplitude V10 Pro on my laptop and travelling abroad with the precious Codemeter Dongle - who knows Anyway, what I wanted to ask is whether there is a way to download the Samplitude V10 Pro (English) setup files which I suppose are not more than one or two hundred megabytes (without the impulse files, the Indepence sampler etc). I would not mind to download the whole DVD of course, but I suppose that this is too much to expect. The Codemeter USB Dongle is staying on my desk and I am looking at it with the hope to use it.
  16. You could check this option as well: http://www.samplitude.com/eng/sam/sfr_wasist.html I already decided to go with this one, as I will be getting every new payed release (10, 11, 12 etc.) for free as part of the contract during the 25 month period.
  17. Thanks for the information Sebastian! It sounds better this way
  18. Ok. Finally decided to get Samplitude Pro and I think I like the SFR option paying certain amount every month and getting the payed upgrades for free. However, while reading the SFR FAQ I have found something that is not that clear to me: Doest this mean that I cannot have Samplitude installed on multiple machines (desktop and laptop) and choose which machine I would like to use by moving the dongle between them? My understanding of the quoted text is that SFR is bound to the hardware. In other words: If I want to have the *only* advantage of the dongle (being able to use any machine I like, just by moving the dongle), I have to buy a normal Samplitude Pro license instead of using the SFR licensing model? Another question - is there any information regarding changes in the SFR licensing (montly payments etc.) for the upcomming V10? Any information would be appreciated. Already sent one of these questions to samplitude@magix.net, but still no answer.
  19. Thanks alot I managed to change it back to Secton 1 view.
  20. Today I've got very strange screen layout, or at least strange for me. I think I pressed the space bar and some other keys unintentionally and this is why it is looking like this. However, I do not remember exactly what keys I have pressed. Closing and opening the project again does not help. Please take a lot at the screenshot and tell me whether it is possible to get rid of the two windows on the bottom showing the tracks. Thanks in advance.
  21. There is a demo version of Samplitude 9 ( http://www.samplitude.com/dltrials/samplit...onal_demo_e.exe ). You can download it and try this plugin inside.
  22. I suppose this is Samplitude SE - if this is the case, there is no support for skins.
  23. Just found that I can specify for bars/beats selection to be "full bar" instead of the default "1/4" (in the project options). Now the range selection "jumps" as I am expecting it to work. I'm happy now
  24. Thanks again Now I'm getting better results with the range selection. This would be a nice feature Another nice feature would be automatic analysis of the lost asio buffer markers if it is possible to define a strict rule for good/bad samples or add a setting "Ignore Lost ASIO Buffers". I really like that Samplitude is giving information about problems with the ASIO buffers and I doubt I would use such an "ignore" feature and rely only on my ears, but I think it would make ex-Cubase users feel better, as this Lost ASIO Buffers count in the status bar and the message that errors occured during the recording is a bit annoying for a new user of Samplitude. It would also make the support happy - if somebody is complaining about lost asio buffers error message, one could just tell him/her - "go to System Options and make sure that there is a mark in front of the "Ignore Lost ASIO buffers" option and everything will start working properly". Of course in order to improve the user experience the option should be called "Safely Ignore Lost ASIO Buffers", this will make the user feel "safe" when using this option Anyway, there are so many features in Samplitude that I don't know, so the last thing I need to do at the moment is to give suggestions for new features
  25. Thanks Phil! I managed to find this command - it is hidden under "Range", submenu "Edit Range" and the name is "Range Over All Selected Objects". Unfortunately there is no shortcut key defined and I am using Samplitude 9 SE and I think I don't have an editor for the shortcuts. Anyway, I will live without it - it takes more time to access it in the menu than to make range selection with the mouse. Regarding #1 - I think I have found the answer. Within the same submenu, there is a command "Range End to Right Marker" (Shift+F3) - I think I will fall in love with this shortcut I understand the idea of the suggestion for #2, however I have some problems with the snap function - I have "Snap Active" (has a tick mark in front of the context menu) and then I have "Snap to Beats/Bars". I suppose with this snap mode selected when I left click somewhere and start moving the mouse in any direction, it will start snapping to the next bar/beat, however nothing like that happens - the selection moves fluently, without jumping to the next bar. In other words there is no difference with "Snap Active" on/off. I tried the same with "Snap to Grid/Frames". It seems that I am doing something wrong, or I have wrong expectations. About #4 - if I don't have audible errors like clicks, does this mean that I can safely keep the recording - i.e. the recorded audio is ok more or less?
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