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  1. hi! i've never heard of a sam user to operate this controller. but some user ("SluckP2") did another steinberg controller get to work (with a special version i prepared for him to test). so you maybe ask "SluckP2". the special version is only an option for v11 (not your current v10pro). so the only way you can try this before you upgrade, is to install the trial version on another computer. ciao falcone
  2. hi terry! thanks for reporting! i reproduced your problem here. obviously a bug. if you need to control that parameter you need to edit the controller setup file manually. - find your "controller".cps file subfolder "Controlpanels" in the samplitude program folder (where "controller" would be the name of the setting you have choosen in the hardware controller setup). - use a text editor like notepad to open and fild the entry "HWC_SOLO_MONITORING_VOLUME" - change "xx_slotnumber=0" into "xx_slotnumber=1" if you try, please let me know if this does work for you too. ciao falcone btw: you can also use the "learn hardware controller" function in the mixer. this would avoid the manual edit, but it wouldn't be as persistent.
  3. unfortunately variverb doesnt support that kind of controlling. due to its internal processing of incoming and outgoing automation messages the requirements for the learning mechanism for hardware controller are not met.
  4. hi Tanakan! that is only the network client program, which works for the EuCon Pro line. the artist series needs another server program, to work. ciao falcone
  5. hi henryklein! 1. SysX: - steht schon seit längerem auf der feature-liste. problem ist nicht die komplexität, sondern das es nicht so weit oben auf der list steht. auch händisch im cps-file ist SysX nicht möglich 2. ddx-format: - das beschriebene format ist mit der aktuellen datatstruktur im cps file zwar abbildbar, aber die algorithmische interpretation seitens samplitude ist noch nicht so flexibel. das problem hier ist, dass das ddx-format nicht den implementierten protokollen (hui,mackie,...) genügt. da wir so ein gerät nicht hier haben, ist die "blinde" implementierung des protokolls nicht sinnvoll. - daher nur der generische weg, der dann aber eine summe verschiedener protokolle abbilden muss, was gleichsam komplexer und aufwändiger ist. 3. cps-fileformat: eine komplette beschreibung ist hier nicht möglich. 63_ElementText=TrackVPot_Controller -> sprachunabhängiger eindeutiger name der zu steuernden samplitude-funktion 63_TrackNumber=31 -> spur, auf die sich die funktion bezieht 63_SlotNumber=0 -> slot (eine zusätzliche dimension, um verschiedene parameter mit gleichem namen auf der selben spur zu steuern) 63_Value=1fb05f6a -> hex-wert 1.Byte (ganz links) ist aktuell irrelevant (=spurnummer), byte 2..4 enthält die midi-daten, die beim anlernen empfangen wurden. 63_Value_a=1f000000 -> analog zu "_Value" für zweiten teil einer zweiteiligen midi-message (hui-protokoll / 14-bit) 63_SEND1=1f000000 -> format analog zu "_Value", enthält die midi-message, die die led-des buttons ansteuert 63_SEND1a=1f000000 -> zweiter teil zu "SEND1" 63_MASK=1fffff00 -> bitmaske, die ID- und wert-bits der midi-message trennt (ID-bits = 1, wert-bits = 0) 63_MASKa=1f000000 -> zweiter teil zu "_MASK" 63_WerteBereichIn=1f000000 -> sollte 0 sein (nur für sehr spezifischen fall bei faderport nötig) 63_WerteBereichOut=1f000000 -> wie "WerteBereichIn" 63_MODIFIER=1f000000 -> bitmaske für "shift,control,option"-modifier 63_CTRL_TYPE_FLAGS=000000 -> bitmaske, die die checkboxen der hwc-options-seite repräsentiert ich weis nicht, ob der controller in ein anderen modus schaltbar ist, damit er mackie oder hui-protokoll verwendet. aber das wäre wohl der weg, um das problem aktuell für dich zu lösen. ciao falcone
  6. after further review the call on the field stands. the vst / vsti without hwc is controlled by mouse, which windows sends directly to the vsti - code. sam doesnt get that information. the vsti might send its changing parameters to sam via the automation interface (a part of vst standard). when a vst / vsti doesnt implement that inferface sam will not recieve the parameters, and their values. so sam is not able to send them to the hwc. the problems i mentioned only affect performance not functionality.
  7. hi! in general this should work. as you report of problems i took a closer look to confirm this. i found some problems, which i have to further investigate. so your request is not ignored, but a final description of whats going on / or wrong is not available yet. some VSTIs work here, some dont. this is the current finding. ciao falcone
  8. hi! thanks for your point of view. it shows clearly which direction you want samplitude to go. "ah well i suppose there are not too many users like me who judge a program by its flexibility i.e. its options." there are surely many of those users, but also many who want just to work with a tool, not to network with a ultra flexible something, that COULD be one tool or another. - so you are right. your vision has its charm, but there also obstacles to convert this into reality. - with such a flexibility your questions to the support would be like: "i want to do ..., that worked yesterday, but not today. why doesn't work your program right?" an the answer: "oh, yeah, this could be so when you have set option ... to yes and option ... to 1/3. but also when you scrolled the mouse wheel while pointing to ..., or ... or ... or ..." - to handle different products like "Music Studio", "Samplitude", "Samplitude Pro" or "Sequoia". with features and workflows here and not there and vice versa. - to handle different versions like v9 or v10. especially migration from one version to another. some workflows or features might be changed or replaced all the time to adapt to users needs, new technologies or product identity. the transition between two versions would require a large amount of time for developers, and testing but wouldn't create a benefit for everyone to justify that effort. so there are pros and cons. and its not that we are too lazy to implement your vision. ciao falcone
  9. hi! the stop + jogwheel - functionality is a integrative part of the jogwheel-function. this wont make sense anywhere else. "'ctrl' and 'option' seem not to correspond with anything on the device,..." -> dont know what you mean. you can put these modifiers to the buttons you want. and put the alternative functions (by using the modifiers or a combination of them) to buttons. "it doesnt seem too much to ask that the jog wheel control navigation, track volume, master fader and tempo with a few different modifiers." -> navigation is default function of jogwheel -> track volume can be learned to jogwheel + shift (maybe this is not as easy as it should be) -> master fader can be laerned to jogwheel + option (or another modifier or modifier combination) -> tempo - i dont know what you mean by that. do you think of shuttle? i hope this will help you ciao falcone
  10. hi! sorry i'm late - haven't seen your post before. "1. is there a way to assign the control for the filter type in the eq? so i could set a button to toggle between pass, cut and peak?" -> no, not yet. how important is this? -> for now it's not on "the list". "2. is there a shortcut to go directly to the customize controller section like there is to go to the main system devices (y)?" -> no, not yet. i'm sure if you have found a setting, that fits your needs most, you wont need that dialog much often. (another menu-entry, shortcut entry, toolbar button, or whatever would make you make you happy for maximum 4 hours but would increase the perceived complexity for all forever.) "3. can the eq dialog for the active track be automatically shown each time i select a track? no biggie but it would be nice..." -> another exotic functionality. so lets have a look on the implications: - do you want the eq-window of the selected track open on any track selection changing event or just when switching via hwc? - do you want the maybe open eg-dialog of any other or the formerly selected track to be closed on that events? - do you want to switch off this behavior when you don't need it? -> three more complex options in the program, and every one has to deal with it. sure it would make your life easy, but if we do this, we would do other requests the same way. so you would have to page through 150 pages of options. all have to read them just to find your option. i think you got the point. maybe you find a better idea. thanks for your requests - it helps us a lot to get samplitude/sequoia better. ciao falcone
  11. hi! of course you can assign the hwc-modifiers (to distinguish from keyboard modifiers, which work differently in samplitude) to your preferred buttons on your controller. this is done via systemoptions -> hardwarecontroller -> customize controller. a button may have alternative functionality by using a modifier. there are exemptions. for example it doesnt make much sense to assign a modifier to a modifier+button combination. e.g. you want to put "shift" to "option + stop". in that case a button learned to "shift+"anything wouldn't work, because option would always also be active. so you would have to learn "shift+"anything to "option+shift+"anything which would things make only worse. which functions would you like to control via the jog wheel? "can i not make stop be the 'option' modifier while also remaining the stop function?" -> never thought about it. maybe because if you want "option+" anything you would trigger also the stop function. while you are in stop this might not be a problem, but while playing this could make things very uncomfortable. so this is for now not possible, and as long as you don't convince me, that this could be so much better, it wont be regarded for development. thanks for taking part in this forum ciao falcone
  12. hi! 1: "trackselect" is the function you put usually to the button of one channel to select that channel. and to show via LED that a channel is selected or not. if you want to change the selected track by a knob, there is the function "arranger->arranger navigation->track select vpot". this function works only with "endless" knobs. that means, knob controls that send up-messages and down-messages, as in contrast there are continuous knob controls which send an absolute value (e.g. 0..127). "touch pad almost works but since the 4 fields overlap, one always seems to override so that i can only go in one direction." this i don't understand, as it's been too long ago, that i have seen that controller here. 2: as submixes are, from the controller standpoint, just tracks, there is no way to address them in a different way. this means you cant put the submixes on the fader the way you want to. the absolute addressing is a idea to be discussed, but i think that would be too statical. in samplitude - for now - you can only route tracks from left to right. (as far as i know. - there are always discussions around.) maybe it would help if you put "active control" on another fader. but this has to be done manually. if you interested, i will explain. vpot is the term that refers to a knob control. it comes from a electrical circuit element as far as i know. this name was there when i started here. ciao falcone
  13. samplitude\controlpanels this is the position of the pdf file. it tells you which button triggers which function of the hardware controller templates included in samplitude. if you need help on setting up your own template i would like to help you. ciao falcone
  14. hi poofox! which version of samplitude do you have? maybe this feature wasn't implemented at the time that version came up. would you post a screenshot of the hardware controller dialog. -> this would give me a hint, witch version that is. ciao falcone
  15. hi André! bei dem gerät, das wir hier haben, streuen sich bei rechtsdrehen auch ein paar links-messages ein. ist mir bisher nie aufgefallen, aber der pan-poti hat sich immer eher unangenehm angefühlt. was damit ganz gut erklärbar ist. von sam-seite kann man da leider gar nix machen. bei dir werden anscheinend sehr viel mehr falsche midi-nachrichten erzeugt, als bei meinem gerät. das grät ist also defekt. das musst du dich mal an den hersteller / vertrieb wenden. ciao falcone
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