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  1. I lost my codemeter. What do I need to do to replace it? William
  2. I would like to export my Samplitude projects directly to 5.1 AC3 files. I have an AC3 encoder that works as a plug in under Adobe Premiere. (I paid $300 for it.) It is not a stand-alone software. (I think it is from the company that makes Dolby products.) Is there a way I can use my Adobe Premiere plug-in AC3 Encoder with Samplitude? If not, where can I purchase the Digigram AC3 Encoder that the Samplitude Help files mention? Are there other AC3 Encoders that would work with Samplitude that I might consider? Thanks, William
  3. Updating from Kontakt 2.1 to 2.2 solved the problem. (It is free.) Kontakt will then load as a plug-in. To load it properly, click on the MIDI out selector for the track, then click "new instrument", then click Magix Kontakt 2. William Osborne
  4. I would like to use Kontakt 2.1 as a DirectX/VST plug-in with Samplitude 8.31. Kontakt shows up in my VST list, and seems to load fine, but when I open the plug-in edit window, the Edit button doesn't work. I click it and nothing happens. I am thus unable to load samples into Kontakt. Any suggestions? William Osborne
  5. I have rendered a very long wma file with Samplitude 8.31. I would like web listeners to be able to start at various points in the file from which it will then play to the end -- sort of like picking tracks on a CD. Windows uses two options to create this possibility: startpoints and startmarkers. Startpoints aren't very useful because the Windows Media Player has to stream the whole file up to where you want to begin before it will start playing. I would thus like to try startmarkers with the hope that the file will begin playing back from that point without having to first stream everything in the file that came before it. Does anyone know how to insert startmarkers in a wma file, and how to code the metafile (.asx.) to then begin playback at a startmarker? William Osborne
  6. Thanks to all for the information. What medium would you recommend for long term storage of stereo and 5.1 recordings. I have an ADAT and could export to that via a light pipe. William Osborne
  7. I have heard people say that CDs and DVD-As sound better if you use slower burn speeds to create them. Is that true? The idea makes no sense to me, since it would seem that digital information is digital information regardless of the speed at which it is burned. Does anyone know for sure? William Osborne
  8. Version 8.31 of Samplitude solved the problem. It creates gapless inter-tracking playing. What a relief! William Osborne
  9. My log in problem was due to an outdated email address. I've downloaded 8.31 and will report back about gapless inter-track playing. Hope it works. William
  10. I just tried the download page in the service center again. It now opens, but there is nothing on it. William
  11. Thanks for the quick answer Sebastion. I am able to log into the service center, but the download link doesn't work. There is a long pause and then a message that says the page cannot be displayed. I am sure I must be properly registered because my dongle (I mean Samplitude's) would not work if I hadn't successfully registered. Do you have any advice for how to get the download page to work. I am anxious to move on with my project and need to see if version 8.31 can indeed create gapless inter-track playing of DVD-Audio. Based on what David says I am worried it won't, but you seem to suggest 8.31 fixed the problem. William
  12. Yes, I would like to upgrade to version 8.31 to see if this will fix the problem, but I cannot find the download anywhere on the Samplitude website. When I log into the support site a link to Download appears, but when I click it nothing appears. Can someone give me the URLs I should follow to get to the 8.31 download? Thanks, William
  13. Thanks for the info, David. I am using Samplitude 8.1. The “DVD-Audio Solo” software you link to in your post isn’t very good for me. I have to make a “rehearsal version” of my DVD-A disk a musician plays along with. To make cueing of each passage easy while practicing, I have close to 60 chapter numbers. To create a chapter with DVD-Audio Solo you have to export each chapter as a separate set of six mono .wav files, and then rename them to the format used by the DVD-Audio Solo. I would thus have to separately export 60 sections of the work and rename 360 files. And then hope that 60 chapters would run smoothly without inter-chapter gaps in the sound. It would be so easy if the burner software that comes with Samplitude would create chapters without short gaps between them. It automatically uses the chapter markings inserted in the VIP and would be so efficient. Does the burner software in version 9 of Samplitude have the same problem with inter-chapter gaps in the sound? Even if I set my DVD-A player to “audio only” there are still short gaps. Given my need to have around 60 chapters, what burning software would be good to use with Samplitude? Which software could read Samplitude’s .wx file and not have inter-chapter gaps? Is there an update to solve this problem, and if so, when will it be available? William
  14. I am creating a 5.1 DVD-A of a work that lasts 50 minutes. It is in six continuous movements. (There are no pauses in the music between movements.) I placed a chapter marker in my VIP for each movement. When I burn a DVD-A the chapter markers are included, but there is a short pause in the sound between the chapters. It does not sound like any music is missing, but rather that the DVD-A player takes a moment to buffer the new chapter, or something like that. Since the music should be continuous, this is a problem. I am not sure what the source of the problem is. Is it something being done by the DVD-A burner included in Samplitude that commands the DVD-A player to pause for a moment? Is it an ideosyncracy of my DVD-A player that it takes a half a second or so to buffer each new DVD-A chapter? My DVD-A player does not pause between chapters on normal DVD-video. How can I create chapter numbers in a DVD-A and not have pauses in the sound of a work that is continuous and should not have pauses? Any suggestions are welcome. William
  15. Thanks to all for the very interesting comments and suggestions. Some time ago, I tried exporting all six 5.1 mono tracks and placing them in a new VIP set to a stereo mix. There were obvious phasing problems. The 5.1 mixer seems to do something to avoid these phasing problems. I am using MBD in the master controllers of both mixes (stereo and 5.1.) This results in a different overall sound for each. The MBD boosts each track of the 5.1 independently (or so it seems,) while the stereo master boosts all the tracks together as a whole. This results in a stereo mix that is denser and less transparent. If I place MBD in the individual stereo tracks problems arise with distortion because I am also using MBD in some of the objects. And the cross track panorama settings are different as well. Some of my double MBD routings stem from the problems of trying to record the enormous dynamic range of a classical solo trombone and still have everything sound relatively present. Some parts whisper, and some parts blast. I think I will have to upgrade to 9.1, create an entirely different VIP for the stereo master, use different settings in many of the individual objects, create special aux sends to create a wider feel to the panorama (assuming I understand Volker’s message correctly,) and add an aux to create a pseudo LFE quality in the bass. Even then, I suspect I will still only be able to approximate the sound I hear when listening to the 5.1 mix on stereo headphones. It would be so much easier if something that sounds like the 5.1 mix could be bounced to a stereo track, though that might involved hairy technical issues I know little about. William
  16. Samplitude begins with a set of original stereo or mono tracks from which one can create either a stereo mix or a 5 .1 mix. I have noticed that often 5.1 mixes sound better than stereo mixes, even when using stereo headphones to listen to both. There are some basic reasons for this aside from any particularities of effects routing. The 5.1 mix has an LFE channel that adds punch to the bass. And one can use the panorama functions of the 5.1 mixer to overlap the channels in ways that are impossible in a simple stereo mix. (The stereo panorama function doesn't emmulate the kind of panorma mix you can get using the 5.1 functions.) It would be great if there were a way of creating a stereo mix of the 5.1 mix. I don’t mean the sense of surrounding space, but the general qualities of the panorama mix and the LFE channel. Samplitude should consider building a “5.1 to stereo” function into their mixer. In the meantime, how can I do this? I have thought about trying to make a stereo recording of the 6 channels of the 5.1 mix by playing it into another computer. (Or maybe I can loop the six channels back into the 2 channels I still have free on my sound card.) Will this reproduce in stereo the qualities of openness, transparency, and punch that the 5.1 mix has? William Osborne
  17. I just finished editing a 50 minute recording of a large work for trombone and quadraphonic electronics unsing Samplitude 8.1. I’ve mixed three stereo tracks (1 trombone stereo track, and two stereo tracks for the quad electronics) to 5.1 surround sound. (I am not a Samplitude beginner – I’ve been using it since version 2.5 -- but I am not a member of the more advanced forums.) Using the snapshot function on the mixer, I have set Samplitude to play back in either 5.1 or stereo. Even when using stereo headphones, the 5.1 mix sounds much more open and clear (or airy as it is sometimes put), and there seems to be much more punch to the bass even if I turn off the LFE channel. I don’t get that effect when listening to the stereo mix on headphones (or speakers.) I know that using multiple channels on a sound card usually gives one better sound, which might also be a factor creating the difference. But still, I am wondering why the positive qualities of 5.1 surround come through even on headphones. Are there techniques for getting that same kind of open, powerful 5.1 quality when creating a stereo mixdown? It would seem possible, since I get the 5.1 effect when listening to that mix on headphones. Any comments are welcome. William Osborne
  18. David, thank you for your very kind reply. I found that my problem was very mundane. In the version of the VIP with just three stereo tracks I was using Multiband Dynamics in the master controllers to enhance the sound. Once I put the same setting into the Master Controllers for the 5.1 version it sounded identical. There was no difference in the sound quality. I am very interested in Ambisonics. I heard a concert the other night where a composer was using Ambisonics in a Mac Laptop to grab live samples of a flutist which he would then move around on a quad system throughout the hall. Really neat. I've got to look into Ambisonics. Thanks again. I will check out the link. William Osborne I forgot one other question. I am using Sam version 8.1. I could not find a download for 8.31 on the Samplitude site anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks, William Osborne
  19. I am currently using Sampltiude version 8.1. I am trying to create a DVD-A in the 5.1 ITU format with 24 bit sound at 48 kHz. I am using the 5.1 surround setup to mix three stereo channels down to five mono channels and a LFE channel. The first stereo track (a solo trombone) is mixed to the Front L&R and Center 5.1 tracks. (Most of it goes to the center track but I sent some of the sound to the front speakers to give the trombone center channel a little more body.) The second stereo track (a synth) goes to Front L&R. (It is thus mixed with some of the trombone track.) The third stereo track goes to Ls & Rs. I notice that the sound, especially on the Front L&R is not as clear in the 5.1 version as it is in the three stereo channel version. The Front L&R 5.1 tracks are about 6 dB softer and also seem to have less highs and softer attacks. There is a loss of quality. Is this normal? Is there a solution? Are there improvements in Samplitude version 9 that would remedy this problem? Any answers are welcome. William Osborne
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