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  1. I've been looking at wish lists for Samp releases since 6.1 was just a rumor....but why not, playing is free. -Modular, so people don't buy crap they don't want/will never use.... -Workable EQ to match the outstanding compression and reverbs... -Cooperative hardware/software sharing with major league players such as UAD or Radar...
  2. There was an in-depth article on a serious PC review mag s couple weeks back describing Win 10 as having the engine based more on the power of Win 7, and incorporating the cute face of 8 for those increasing numbers of folks who prefer their computers to resemble their phones and tablets. It was reported all the cute crap can be completely shut off allowing an icon based Win 7 screen if desired without much effort...thank God
  3. I'm reminded of this all the time - I bought his Macbook years ago, and every time it boots, the computer reminds me of who the original owner was...
  4. When I had an operational commercial place, I found (my experiences only) having a couple of good plugs to cover what hardware didn't cover was all I needed. Plugs tend to make everything sound the same somehow, whereas hardware seems to accentuate the detailed differences in signal chains. This is why (my preferences and experiences - of course everyone has a different reference point) an even modestly equipped hardware based operation somehow seems to have a (to my preference) 'better' sound than a place that has every plug in known to mankind.... How many digital variations/emulations of an 1176 or a Roland Space Echo can there be, and how much difference can there be, while still sounding 'like' the original?
  5. 58 here (and just found the 'general' forums - thanks Tim for the nudge)... Don't do much except for my own enjoyment anymore, but going over several decades of work in the past few months, I've found that hands down, the best sounding stuff -not necessarily the best, but the best sounding- all came from projects on which screen were not necessary, or in some cases invented yet.... Screens and the subsequent shifting of priorities - fistfights break out over this, but face it: no computer EQ, summing, etc, will ever match the interactive wonder of a properly positioned quality mic, going thru a decent board with all its crosstalk and such, each channel competing with the next for power... The focus of the music on the performer, not the editing skills of the operator; the focus of acoustics on the recording space, not the control room; etc. playing it right instead of fixing it to resemble something it wasn't... A handful of Ashly SC50s is exponentially better than 1000 instances of artificial 1176s, and 16 channels of Soundcraft 1600 EQ smokes 1000 channels of an SSL plug in. I dont like the idea of people looking at waveforms to determine the quality of a mix, without even knowing what it sounds like...who the hell knows what it sounds like when you (anyone) are making judgements from a low rate mp3, or listening to a CD in your car on $4 speakers while traveling 75 MPH in traffic? Has to be louder than the last song, right, so people will remember it... Feel free to borrow my cane anytime
  6. Not superlative, but at least very good...pres decent enough, AD and DA work well...trouble free unit...used one for quite a while for remotes, and they produce excellent results...knobs a bit flakey, but protecting them should present no problems... Huge bang for the buck....
  7. yes...with a blank vip, set your tempt to what you want (say 100 BPM 3/4 time, whatever)...then using the mixinfile commands, hit play....the only thing that should appear in the resulting wave form is the click track...then insert to your original VIP (lining up the grids, if that's what you do) and you now have a click that can be manipulated, fed to multiple cue sends, etc....
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