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  1. Yes... I have to check my old drives to see what I have. I know I have Tweaker and Tommy, some others... I backed up on DVD...but... they in a box somewhere...haha
  2. Hey Tim,

    I hope you all made it thru that storm ok!!! 

  3. This is great info. AM-Munition is my go-to for boost, compression and limiting. I wish I didn't spend so much on other tools I didn't really need... or just end up never using much. I recently used the ColorFX Tube and Tape Saturation plugins are nice as well.
  4. Does anyone remember those Acid music remix contests they had some years ago? I have all my entries, none were that good but backed up and was thinking of remixing the mixes... I wonder.. if I could post them on soundcloud or somewhere legally?? Who owns the rights? Is it Sony, Magix or each band??
  5. Could be the display settings, showing the stereo wave as single/half wave instead of left and right?
  6. I think its ok... but could have been mixed and mastered better if done by a pro. It is only digital delivery for now... if I ever get cd's of vinyl made I will probably have someone remix it. https://khromerodent.hearnow.com/ Originally recorded years ago with Fostex D80 @ 16bit, and a midi-sync'd Roland R-70 drum machine in various basements and spaces.... Then years later imported into Samplitude and added Toontrack (CV kit) with Eddie Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors on every track to simulate a studio console .... plus a few other fx of course. I basically wanted all the tracks to sound like they were recorded at the same time and in same studio with the same amps and drumkit. when it was recorded we didn't have funds for real studiotime.
  7. I had some other problems at the same time with "Save complete VIP" in another project. One peice of audio was cut up into objects and placed onto different tracks and manipulated. Each had their own fx and track fx and one track the obects were glued to make a new wave. When I saved the project into a new folder everything was fine until I opened it up a week later and some audio in the objects were missing and one section of a wave was copied into another area of missing audio. Something happened with my system or the external drives. I have no clue. I have never had any problems like this. The only things different in my process was freezing one or two objects with fx and melodyne to save CPU. If anything else comes up I will post otherwise I will just make double backups.
  8. I only just started using it on these projects. I am pretty sure it was used on the object, and then possibly frozen, but a previous version of the project shows the min marks of melodyne on the object. (I was able to open that bak project) I'm finished with that, mixed and saved over the corrupt VIP. The projects that would not load the melodyne had huge offsets in the objects that used it. I think using in destructive mode (mild fixes) would work better in most of my cases. Nothing was dramatic.
  9. Looks like a melodyne update was available but after updating it still giving me errors in those projects. Very Strange. I used it on some vocal backups and a couple lead vocal objects, a few of them I did freeze so there are a few waves in a freeze folder. (Prior to the "save complete VIP") I'm probably just gonna go back a few save's and start over. It's only two out of 9 projects that it's used in so it isn't too bad. Frustrating.
  10. Here are some jpegs... I hope it is a easy fix.
  11. Something happened with my melodyne integration on my objects in a couple projects. I finished the mix a week ago, track bounced, then saved complete VIP into a new folder. Today after listening to the mixdown, i needed to make minor adjustments but when opening the saved project, all the objects list the melodyne vst, and that vst can not load at all now. I went back to the original and even started a new project...seems something screwed up my melodyne!?!? No idea except a recent Windows update a few day ago (I think the latest?)
  12. Off the top of my head, I would copy/paste the complete track into a new empty track and just delete/reset what you don't want out of the new track.
  13. That intro threw me off… Ooo weee uuu !!! Nicely done!
  14. Independence was far too complicated for me to be get too technical with it but I do Love the sounds. just picking a sound, panning and combining instruments, having everything there to compose something in one midi track is nice. I think it is still a very useful tool, I still use my Roland R-70 rhythm composer from time to time to program patterns and that's ..old...but I am just so used to it.
  15. Keep clicking rescan it will eventually fix itself. (joking) I made 2 folders. One 32bit one 64bit. Put the dell's in there, then Scan the 32 bit first, then the 64 bit. Now they are somewhat organized. (I will be hiding that rescan command because it causes my vst's menus to get messed up again)
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