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  1. Hi George Worked like a charm, I pulled the INI files out, both of them and re booted samp. The M24 works great except it won't save my settings so every time I open up samp I have to set it back up again, any ideas on this? basically I set up HUI, offset 8, set it to audio device, hit apply and ok, the first 8 jump on the m24, then another HUI, offset 8, audio device 2, apply ok the next 8 jump, then HUI a third time, offset 8, audio device 3, apply, ok and now all 24 are working I got my 24 track template setup how I wanted with this config for the hardware controller and did a "save as template" and named it 24. Closed samp, reopened it with the 24 template and I have to set up my hardware controller again Now when I open hardware controller, I see all 3 HUI's, however the first HUI is now set to audio device 3 and the last 8 controllers jump to life, and the audio device 2 and 3 are blank So any help with this would be great all my plugs and stuff are showing up INCLUDING the magix ones! I then upgraded to 10.2 and got it all going there, that had a couple of issues at first but again trashing the INI files seems to have fixed it One thing I notice though is 10.2 seems to hesitate, when I hit say hardware controller it pauses for a couple of seconds and when I click say HUI again a couple second pause, that wasn't happening in 10.1 which was instantaneous. So I am defragging and gonna check it out later and see what the deal is Oh you were right about the monitoring for amplitube, it works great now also Thanks a ton for the help I am now ready to begin recording my new stuff
  2. Hi, I changed your forum registration;you should be able to post in the other forums now. One initial recommendation I have is to download and install 10.2;which does have some changes are far as controller options,etc. Some of the other issues,like certain Magix plugins not being available,sound like they may be ini-related.Have you tried resetting any ini files? Are you using a midi merger to get all three M24 midi outputs into the Yamaha N12? What firewire controller is installed in your PC? (I am sending you a support ticket as well.) Regards, George Hi George thanks for registering me! i will download and install 10.2 tonight and see how it goes. if i still have the issues i will do what you say in the ticket. just some more info for you the magix plugins do not show up in the mixer drop down box under plugins either, however the DLL's are in the file i pointed out above so it looks like they installed fine. i will try the INI fix you suggest if 10.2 does not fix this the M24 is USB connected to the PC, it runs off this USB connection only. it worked fine with 3 banks of 8 in the demo version. the yamah n12 is my FW device and sound card. it runs my ASIO drivers etc and all my inputs and outputs. by they way samp's elastic audio looks great, i may not even need melodyne after learning it, but would still like to get it to work. anyway, i will try all that out AND the amplitube suggestions, i think i forgot to check the right monitoring option and will do so tonight thanks! tim
  3. and am all registered so if i can be added to the other main forum that would be great some issues i have right off the bat 1) none of the Magix plugins show up, the main ones do, but the ammunition and all the other suites do not, and i scanned magix PLUGIN folder and when i go to C: program files/magix/plugins etc i see the DLL's for ammunition and all the others. how do i get them to show up????? in the demo they are in their own catagory 2) melodyne plugin will not transfer any data from the one track i used it on, it shows up and i hit the transfer button and then hit play, and when its done, nothing transfers, is there an issue with melodyne plugin in samp v 10.1? it works fine in sonar 7PE and Cubase 4.5.2 and Reaper 3) I set up my M24 as 3 Mackie HUI's, set them to the proper audio devices, exactly as i had in the demo and as i was told from mixed logic, it all worked perfect UNITL this version. now when i set it to audio device, audio device 2, and audio device 3, offset 8, 3 mackie hui's, samp actully dissapears, not a crash just poof , gone 4) i still cannot get amplitube to even play on a track, i set it on an audio track as an insert, load it and i see input and output in the meters, but no sound at all, checked it in cubase, plays fine i have been thru the video's, read the manual over and over for the sections i need to use, am not a noob and have cubase 4, Sonar PE 7, reaper, and had saw etc all up and working fine. cubase 4, and sonar 7pe still work just fine with the above, minus the samp plugs i got everything else set up and tested fine but these are major sticking points i listed and 5) i had to rescan my cubase vst folder twice to get my waves plugs to show up, then they disappeared, then re scan and they are back. not cool also many of my plugs are showing up double?? doesn't happen in cubase or sonar spec's XP home, tweakd for audio, no anti virus, or internet quad core q6600 2.4 ghz 4 gigs ram 4 500 gig seagate 7200 rpm HD's yamaha n12 sound card, works fine so far in samp, everythign set up perfect and plays perfect, 44.1/24/128 to record, 512 or 1024 to mix i really need help with my controller, samp plugs, melodyne and amplitube. also there doesn't seem to be alot of action on this forum so support here worries me to any help would be appreciated
  4. Ok I bought some birdline skins and the dark alloy one from orange hill when i loaded the dark alloy up in the demo i cannot scroll down to see the whole large meter on the left?? it sits in about the middle and i cannot scroll down to see the whole thing?? how do you canhge this up so you can see everything?
  5. Hi Guys still working in my demo. in a track i set my input to my guitar port, track 8 off my n12. and i get a signal no prob in Samp, then i insert amplitube 2 on the track, but no signal goes to the plug? i am looking but in cubase thats all i had to do to get it to play, i even went back into cubase and confirmed this anyway, anyone here using amplitube? how exactly do you get it to work? thanks
  6. Thanks a ton guys with your help and fiddling some more i think i have a decent grasp on most of this! hopefully my Samp Program will be here this week and I can dive in this weekend and get going. i am pretty stunned at the depth of this program! the plugs are just fantastic, and this forum is so much better than i am used to. thanks for taking the time, i know its a pain sometimes when noob's come blasting in with tons of questions. i truly am trying to figure it out on my own but these questions and some other things i have learned will set me up for my global template and i should be good from there thanks again!
  7. thanks guys thanks andy i will be in touch when i get it, get it set up and registered etc
  8. ah thank you pouring over the demo and help file today, so much is very different than where i am coming from (cubase), but very excited about the transition going to just do some easy all audio stuff first, then add in the midi pieces, vsti breakouts etc i need, and hopefully finally get my permanent template down and in and then just cruise along!
  9. Hi Guys I have been pouring over the video's, manual, demo and help file. some questions i am not finding answers to easily are these, please bear in mind i am coming from the cubase way of doing things and just want to knwo if Samp can do these things, and if so how its done here? 1) very simple, can you change the meter colors? i am going buy the birdline skins and would like to have the track meter colors in green, yellow and red. also in cubase i can set the level where the color changes, can this be done in Samp? i like to set my greem to -18dbfs and red at -6dbfs, for my input levels and mixing. 2) I have a quad core q6600 pc, with XP home, tweaked for audio etc. i also have SP3 and the 3/Gb switch on, are there issues with SP3 and the 3/Gb switch with Samp Pro 10? 3) Do VSTi's such as EZ drummer, BFD 2, or stylus RMX automatically sync to the BPM of the project or is there a setting i need to set for this? 4) I have Reason 4 rewired in cubase, how well does rewire/reason work in Samp? i found the checkbox to activate rewire so was just curious, what else needs done to work with reason? 5) Layered recording an comp'ing multiple takes into 1 - In cubase i can toggle recording and each take becomes a seperate lane under the main track, when i am done i can cut/splice the parts I like into the 1 take, how are multiple takes handled in Samp? is it easy to do and then comp parts into one? are there lanes in Samp? 6) I found the snap to grib button, and i set the tracks to bars and beats, how do i set the tracks to have grid lines say every quarter note of a measure etc? so i can see these grid lines etc? 7) Can you link tracks that are not next to each other? say i want to link track 1,2 and 7? how is this done? 8) In Cubase i can name my inputs and outputs with the gear i have and save it. so for every new project say my LA 610 shows up on input 1 etc. can you name inputs and outputs in Samp and save them so they load every new project etc? 9) I understand AUX busses, but in samp what is a submix bus used for? 10) In Cubase there is a VT instrument rack where i load my VSTi's, such as stylus rmx, atmosphere, BFD2 etc, is there a rack or something like that with Samp? or how exactly are these loaded? 11) Programs like stylus RMX, or BFD2 i have broken out to individual tracks in cubase, what is the selection to do this in Samp? is it the last dot in that box when i load them onto a midi track? 12) RMX, in cubase i have 8 midi tracks and 8 instrument tracks linked so with rmx i can drag and drop midi files onto the corresponding midi track and it plays on the instrument track so i can add effects etc. what is the best way to break out RMX in SAMP? sorry for all these questions, this is most of my workflos, all the other stuff i have figured out ok, these seem alot harder to find so far any help would be great thanks tim
  10. wow, eeire, i JUST got an email from Kevin also confirming this now thats exciting stuff. i have my studio torn apart but should be back up by the end of this week and will be trying all my gear into samp, the M24 and N12 especially if i can get that all rolling i maybe crossgrading very soon after that. thanks for getting that info back to me also, kev said you guys or samp in 10.1 and .2 implemented alot of cool control surface changes that i did not see when i tried out 9 thanks!
  11. Well to make a long story short, i started on cubase sx2 on a mac and it was a disaster when OSX rolled out, so i switch to SAW on a PC, and while a great program it did not support the way i wanted to work, which is with hardware controllers/daw controllers etc, so i went to sonar and liked it but never got it working great on my system, motorboating issues, glitches int he screens etc etc (but its a good program) of course i have tried reaper, support justin just to support someone like that, but again its isn't laid out the way i like it i really like a console style program, i like samp and how it looks, performs and is laid out. cubase i came back to since i co write with someone here and there and he uses it. for me, its a nice program but aloms to sci fo laid out for me, there are things i don't like about the way it looks and the way its laid out. so we come to samp, which i have checked out over time since ver 9, and now i reall like how its working, how it looks, sounds, etc however like i said i have purchased yanaha/cubase interactive parts, and the M24 did not have a template written for it for samp so that worries me a little, i would need basic but full functionality off it 24 faders, pan, mute, solo, select, jog wheel, transport controls, bank jumping etc the yamaha n12 has worked fine in reaper and sonar so i think the asio drivers will be find in samp. i will try and test all of this when i get my studio set back up this week so it may sound dumb, but i just really like how samp is laid out. i tried the demo on this machine and without reading anything i was recording and rolling in a bout 30 minutes, it made sense to me, if that makes sense its almost like matching up my hardware to software/hardware, it looks like it should?? also i am pretty simple 99% audio, i have some soft synths i use atmosphere, dimesion, rapture, BFD2, ez, addictive drums etc i take it samp can scan other VST directories correct? thanks guys
  12. Hi I currently run CUbase 4.5.2, actually most of my studio is geared towards and yamaha and cubase setup. so that being said i was wondering a few things 1) anyone here come from cubase? why? whats better? worse? etc? 2) i have a yamaha n12 that is my sound card, it replaced my rme ff 800, and sounds better, is more stable, and is fantastic for mixing stems back out of etc (plus the cubase templates) that being said does anyone here use one as a front end? i knwo i would lose the transport controls on it but i think everything else should work?? just checking, i will also try it with the demo 3) i have mixed logic M24 www.mixedlogic.com as my controller, works great in cubase, sonar, reaper, even PT, have no idea about samp though, anyone ever us it or try it? it does HUI but i have never heard anyone useing it with Samp 4) i work on a PC quad core q 6600 oc to 3.0 ghz 4 gigs ram xp home tweaked for audio, no internet , no anti virus etc 4 500 gig seagate drives etc how does smap work on a setup like this? does it use all 4 cores efficiently? 5) how is samp with things like RMX or BFD2 and breaking out all the tracks to seperate tracks in samp? anything else i can expect from a big change like this? oh 6) is there a crossgrade to the leatest version of samp v10 pro?? if so where is best to buy it from? i don't see ti on sweetwaer where i normally buy alot of my software stuff thanks tim
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