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  1. 1. whether this software (Sam9) is going to be newbie friendly

    it's the reason it use samplitude.

    I remember it took me about 5 min to understand how to record and mix, without reading the manual.

    it was with sequoia 7 at a friend's homestudio. I was using logic platinum then and have tried cubase 3 but samplitude is much easier to use than either of them.

  2. thanks for the help.

    I might have been using too many vstis at the same time. I freezed some tracks and it seems ok...

    I never used vstis before I got V9, so I probably got carried away...

    regarding the Fireface, well....it's much better than the edirol ua-5 or the Presonus Firepod I had. it doesn't sound like making music on a computer anymore. well worth the $$$$ I think.

    but I don't know much about audio interfaces

  3. (ok, it seems I activated samplitude and I don't remember doing it)

    but why can't I post anywhere else ?

    how should I set up the fireface and sam 9

    I get clicks and pops and don't know how to get rid of them..

    where can I find all the infos about setting up the soundcard and sam ?

  4. The difference of Enterprise Disks to normal Desktop Disks is not so much performance in Bytes/s, and Noise, but more as durability of mechanical parts, ability to withstand constant operation, lower defects on data carrier, increased MTTF (MeanTimeToFailure) in operating hours.



    thx seb :D

    to make sure I understood : entreprise = raptor ? just a different make ?

    regarding soundcards, is an RME Fireface 800 better quality than the Firepod Presonus ?

  5. Well, I consider Enterprise HDs as very useful for Audio Production. Raid5 on a Client system is maybe a little over the top, but HDs are stressed utmostely when doing Audio. Enterprise discs just are more endurable.



    thanks sebastian.

    is this it ?


    or this one ?


    any opinions on the Firepod ?

    Not superlative, but at least very good...pres decent enough, AD and DA work well...trouble free unit...used one for quite a while for remotes, and they produce excellent results...knobs a bit flakey, but protecting them should present no problems...

    Huge bang for the buck....

    actually, the owner of the firepod I am currently using is no longer selling it.

    as I have to buy a new one do you have any recommendation or should I get a Firepod ?

  6. hello :D

    I am a guitarist and record demos at home. I use VSTis (ezdrummer, elektrik piano, B4) and Amplitube 2 (for test guitar tracks)

    I have 30-50 tracks on my songs. (can be more)

    I want to get samplitude 9 and the best system for it.

    I have a Presonus Firepod, but can get another one if that's not good enough. opinions ?

    as I don't know much about computer stuff, can anyone please help me find the right equipment ?

    I read this :


    if there is nothing to add, then I will go with it. I have always used AMDs but do Intels work better ?

    a friend of mine mentionned Raptor disks and Raid 5. do I need that ?

    thanks in advance for your help :P

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