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  1. What version of SE do you have 8 or 9 ?. I have V8-se, in V8 the track is routed to stereo master and the master is routed to whatever outs you have your monitors pluged in. If you have V9 then i'm unsure, but it would be very similar. The other thing is if you have a Fireface 800 then you have the totalmix software mixer this is were you set the level to your monitors, headphones for playback or tracking. Hope this all makes sense
  2. Assuming you have all the software that came with the rme 800 installed just plug into 1 of the mic pre's on the front make sure you have a track armed in samp also RECM needs to be active on the transprot ,now set your record levels using the RME software ( mine is fireface settings ) youl find this under the input gain tab of the fireface settings ,once you have a good level just press record and you recording. OH almost forgot if you press y & I you can set your bit depth, Drivers, and sample rate to what you like. This should at least get you started. And yes I also have a pair of those behringer mics they certainly arn't top shelf but for the price there great! Have fun
  3. Hi all 1st time i've done anything with midi in sam V8-se so i hold complete novice status sorry bout that. What i've got is a midi drum track that sounds very robotic and i want to make it more natural sounding so i'm wondering if there's a way ( some kind of filter ? ) to randomize the hi-hat velocity hits. EG: select all hi-hat hits only, then set max-min velocity and walaah all different velocity values. Otherwise its going to be very tedious to change all hits individualy! And maybe something similar for quantization of note positions also. Thanks in advance for any response Wolffman
  4. I don't know what your computer specs are or what interface/hardware your using but I've been using V8 se for about 6 mths as it came with my RME ff400 and I can tell you that it has really surprised me how good this program is even with the limitations compared to the pro version. I've mixed some songs for a friend with up to 38 audio tracks and as long as i use the asio drivers it runs as smooth as silk. on occasion i've forgotten to change back to asio after running from the onboard sound card and it will start to stutter a bit with this many tracks, but with asio driver through ff400 no worries. My specs are 3.4 ghz pentium dualcore with 1gig ram I have no idea if V8 se is taking advantage of my dualcore processor or not but as i say it runs great Cheers Wolffman
  5. Can't seem to find this feature in V8 se, maybe its only in the pro version of samp? or am i just missing something? Cheers
  6. Thanks Kai I'm all clear on dither now , really appreciate you taking the time to explain! Regards Wolffman
  7. these 16 bit source files with NO CHANGES AT ALL? do you mean recorded tracks with no change to level or compresion,reverb etc applied? or something different.
  8. Thanks Bob So basicly its better to dither a couple of times if necessary than not to dither as this will stop build up of distortion ? And the less dithering the better i guess. If i have a multi track project i want to bounce to a stereo 32 bit float file for further processing does samp dither this file or not? Do i have to switch dither of or should i leave it on? ( is it necessary to dither this 32 bit file or not ?) Sorry about all the questions but i'm just trying to understand this whole dithering concept as it is obviously more important than i originaly thought in getting the best quality recordings possible, ( our common goal ). Regards Wolffman
  9. Thanks Ben I'll try your sugestions and see if i can hear the difference, from what i've been reading the noise dithering adds is very low level. Are there any simple methods to compare one type of dither against another? Maybe theres a thread on this subject ?, if so could someone steer me in the right direction thanks again.
  10. I've been reading the thread double dither in the main forum and as a result I have realized I have been doing just that on some occasions with my own recordings. I'm a V8 SE user and the options for NOT dithering are. 1: No Dithering, 16 Bit internal resolution. ( not recommended for volume,effect or mix calculations ) 2: No dithering, math rounding of sample value So my My question is, if i have a limiting plugin on the master out that has dithering and i,am mixing down to a 16 bit, 44.1 stereo file which one of the no dithering options is the best one to use? or is it better to turn of the dither function in the plugin ( if possible ) and use sams ( Dither with triangular spread noise ) i beleive this is the best one to use in V8 SE as it does not have the POW-R option of the full versions. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Thanks Unempty for explaining the ducking, it sounds like the bass ducking the kick would be very usefull at times so I would like to be able to set this up in V8se I have downloaded the free slim slow slider & sidekick plugins but i still don't know how to set up the tracks in V8se to achieve ducking or even if it is possible in V8se ? i'm assuming you are a long time user of Samplitude so maybe you have done this in V8 and know the procedure? I know i'm asking a lot but if you could explain this in simple terms that'll be great as i'm not up to speed with a lot of engineering terms being a vertual novice. Thanks again
  12. Hi all I read a post by unempty in the tips & tricks thread of the main forum on sidechain compression / ducking i also downloaded the demo file vip but i don't have the compressor used in the demo so i still didn't get what was going on. I am using v8 se but i'm unsure if that makes any difference? So if anyone can axplain what you use sidechaining/ducking for and how i would set that up in V8 se that would be great. oh and can the samp comp be used for this? I know unempty explained this in the the tips & tricks but i'm a novice and this is completly new to me. And i would like to thank all who post in this forum especialy the experienced users who take the time to help out newcomers like myself as i have learnt so much just from reading it. you guys ROCK! Cheers
  13. Hi tekker All clear on that now, thanks for going to so much detail, much appreciated. It will certainly help on future projects. Cheers
  14. Hi all I've noticed in the Direct x / VST plugins master page you can place plugins either between the pre & post position or after the post position. I checked out the help pages and found this "All plugins loaded below the pre line in the list are inserted in the effects chain at the pre position, all below the post line at the post position. " But as you may have guessed i'm a novice and I still don't know what this actually means or what difference if any it would have on the track the plugin was applied to. So if anyone can help on this thanks in advance. Also does anyone know if the snapshot function in the mixer is available in V8 SE its not on the mixer anywhere i can see but it does talk about it in the help file for SE. Thanks again PS: great forum.
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