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  1. I need to do some quick voulume curve edit after I bounced some tracks from a session in Samplitude 10. When I get the new window up after bouncing, the tool windows also changes which means the curve handle tools dissapear and the only one I got for volume edit is the draw volume curve. I need to just make a few volume curve points and do some quick volume edits but seams always tricky with this draw volume curve. How can you do some fast edit volume curves when having a new object window open after a bounce?
  2. But what about a limiter on tracks to avoid some peaks during recording?
  3. Everytime when I'm going to the window for checking the input signals (Ctrl-Y or R I believe) and then go back to the mixer view all the numbers on each input channels has been switched differently. Very frustrating when you have many tracks in a project. Is this a bug?
  4. When doing track bounce, would it be possible to exclude only one or two objects from master effects?
  5. Ok, how can I do this more practically? Do I find the freeze function in the mixer or menu option? Do this mean I get a separate reverb file after export?
  6. I use two different aux buses with two different reverbs and bring them in at couple of channels.
  7. I use two different aux buses with two different reverbs and bring them in at couple of channels.
  8. I have mix with couple of reverbs and settings but would like to export only the reverb as a separate wav file. No instruments. The idea would be to use one dry mixed file and one final tweaked reverb file for later use and blend these. Can you guys help how to do this?
  9. How can I do to burn samplitude effects or VST effects realtime when recording. Sometimes it would be great with some eq's, compression or other things straight to harddisk without later care about this.
  10. Ok, I try this. One thing when exporting, I know I can exclude effects and do a multitrack to each file but is it possible to export files to zero without manually change each fader to zero. It would somehow be great to have an option to keep the fader settings in the mix when you export the files if you want them unchanged and without manually, first change all faders to zero, export the files and then bring the faders back again. Or do you just save the mixer setup to load them back?
  11. That's exactly what I do but we still don't get the files in sync and not sure how I can do to make this work between our platforms. Is there another way of exporting and importing that might work better? How about converters like EDL?
  12. Ok. So how can I do to get my files saved or exported as BWF so my client later can import these files and get them in sync and with the same timestamp? It seams that other softwares just have an option to choose BWF when exporting files.
  13. Menu OPTIONS -> Broadcast Wavemanager. I'am opening the bwf dialog for the files and suppose BWF will be saved in wavefiles when I later save the project and make them broadcast-wavefiles.
  14. I'm going to deliver my files to my clients Sonar DAW and have the files timestamped in Samplitude as 00:08:34165. How is that possible? 8 minutes and 34,165 seconds? When my client open the files he have them timestamped as 00:08:19 and doesn't sync at all. Any ide'as? I'm using ver 9.
  15. I have a project where I need to have a click track through the song and the tempo needs to change slightly at couple of places during the song. I don't use any midi or external sounds and wonder if this is something I can do with the internal metronome? Is it possible to "burn" the metronome to a audio track with tempo changes so I can later export this as a wav file?
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