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  1. the cubase forums are pretty insane, especially the attitude of the mods. i have 4.1.2 running and its been solid for me, but again i mostly do audio. i have been testing the samp 10 demo and have figured out mostly what i need to do pretty easily looks like support is pretty good to, is this the official forum for magix? in that are their actual samp employees here? Sonar is a good system also but it glitches my monitors whenever i hit a button, with cubase on the same system AND the samp demo nothing like that happens it feels (as much as one can fee on a PC) like cubase and samp are very solid, fast and responsive. i keep cubase to do sessions with friends on that platform so sonar was my main DAW but like i said there were some issues i had with it and the samp workflow for me feels better, less frills and no nonsense type thing.
  2. i have and run both and like one of my other posts i do mostly audio, very little midi. just curious if you are from one of these other DAW's what brought you here to samp 10? thanks
  3. Hi i have a mixed logic M24. kevin B from mixed logic has successfully setup all 24 faders/channels in samp 10 with 3 JL hui or just HUI modes in samp 10 however with the demo and following his exact steps i cannot get more than 8 to work. does anyone know if the demo limits hui integration for multiple setups? thanks
  4. do you guys know if samp will support the artist series controllers? http://www.euphonix.com/artist/index.php
  5. ah got ya, thats exactly what i meant thanks for that!
  6. i apologize for the newbie questions here. i am reading the help file now but can't find this ok alot, most of my tracks are mono in. i have the RME FF 800 with inputs 1 2 3 4 on one is my API pre, 2 is my 610 etc when i set a new audio track to mono though, to choose the individual in, it only plays on the left side of the track if i choose stereo track i can only select inputs 1&2 together how can i set a mono track, for mono in 1 - API, but have it play on both sides of the track? i know i am missing something simple here thanks!
  7. cool i will check it out tonight and try and set up some templates thanks
  8. yep your right, the main window pulls fine, its just the mixer that stays fixed so that being said if i have the mixer and transport etc on one monitor and the main window stretched to fit the other one, and save it as a template, will it open up on both monitors like i save it? or will ihave to re create the views each time? thanks for the help
  9. ok found THAT answer in the help file right at the beginning looks easy thanks again guys!
  10. Guys thanks so much for the replies, i am pretty sure this is a go for me. thanks for everything the demo loaded easily and i started setting it up with my stuff and it was smooth and easy. one last dumb one here, 1) my audio PC is not on the internet, and i was trying to find out how to register samp this way, i really do not want to put it on the internet even to register. is there a way to register samp without being on the internet? not a show stopper at all but in addition to my not wanting the pc on the internet, the way its racdked (rack mount pc) its a real pain for me to get behind the desk and run a cable into the NIC ok guys thanks a ton!
  11. Hi i downloaded the demo and am running it on my pc, i have a dual monitor setup, 2 24" dells, i cannot seem to pull the background of samp across both, and when i pull the consol or mixer view to one monitor i cannot stretch it to fit the whole view. is there some setting that allows this? in sonar or cubase i can stretch the mixer view all the way across and up and down to fill the screen even if i don' t have tracks that fill it? just curious thanks much
  12. Couple more for you 1) can you group faders easily? in that i selec track 3-4 and 7 and put them into a group so one fader moves them all? 2) is it easy to label inputs from my RME FF 800? i have 4 inputs now (api, pendulum quartet, la 610, and sebatron thorax) and i want to label the input api 610 quartet thorax and ca i label my output to my macki bigknob - to bogknob? 3) was looking at the bird skins (very nice) is it easy to order if your from the US though? not sure how to pay with it in euro's 4) how is automation with samp pro 10? i don't need to automate plugs often, but how is it with third party stuff? and i take it the basics are good, fader rides, pan, mute, etc? 5) is there a dither plugin included? how is the wuality if so? do i need to activate or buy it seperately, that thru me in sonar and was a PAIN 6) is it easy to set up project templates? i normally use a 32 or 48 track template with ez drummer, addictive drums or stylus RMX in addition to 32-48 audio tracks. 7) how does samp work with ez drummer or addictive drums? does it set up properly with the multi track outs of those programs? i like 8 tracks set to the main midi track to control mic'ing in thos programs 8) how good is the hardware insert? if i want to use some outboard reverbs or comps etc? 9) dumb question here but you can set up samp to work on dual monitors correct? 10) hos is ASIO implementation with an RME FF 800? thanks for the ehlp guys, i just found out my M24 will work with samp v 10 so i am moving forward!
  13. Hey thanks alot for the replies, sounds pretty good one kind of dumb question, is the GUI skinnable in samp?
  14. Hi Guys I am thinking of getting SAMP 10 pro. i was wondering if you could toss me some answers here and tell me if you think its a good fit for me first i do have a pretty long history of recording and understanding DAWS. i first used SAWstudio for a coupld of years and now have both sonar PE 7 and cubase 4.1, as well as reaper. i use cubase for sessions with other cubase friends and am using sonar for my main DAW. that being said my setup is quad core q6600 2.4 OC to 3.0 4 gigs ram xp home sp2 tweaked for audio 4 HD 7200 rpm sata 2 RME FF 800 i am 99% audio which is why i am interested in samp, i have read that for non midi guys like myself this is probably the best, compared to cubase and sonar. both of which concentrate alot on midi and do it well ok some quick questions 1) i have alot of VST plugs such as IK multimedia reverbs, waves, URS etc and they are either in my cakewalk vst folder or cubase folder, both of those programs allow you to scan another programs vst or plug in folder and oad them into the current program, in SAMP can i scan both programs VST folders to use those plugs? - how is VST support in samp? 2) any issues with an RME FF 800?? 3) how does SAMP HANDLE SOFT SYNTHS? i can use and hope to use the sonar and cubase ones in SAMP. 4) how does SAMP handle quad core machines? any special tweaks for this? i record at 44.1/24 and usually have a buffer setting in at 256 and mix at 128 or so. what do you guys set your buffers to? 5) i have a mixed logic M24 controller, anyone by chance have this and how does it work with samp? i have heard SAMP is not so good with front end controllers but does it work well with any protocol?? www.mixedlogic.com thats my initial questions thanks for any help and i am sure i will think of more as the day progresses oh how is support from the company?? after steiny i am prepared for anything thanks
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