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  1. Here are some great videos from Kraznet as well! http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=12091 Jamie
  2. WELCOME ABOARD!!!! All Cubendo users... please click the link below and sign in!!! http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=11925 If you are a Sonar, Logic, or any other daw user... feel free to sign in as well! Best, Jamie
  3. Thanks Kraz! I'm busy working on the cds. They are working on our building and I have to wear an ear plug from time to time in my right ear while I'm trying to edit! Pushing through! Jamie
  4. HEY KRAZ!!! How about a vid feature automation? One thing I have noticed that's not in Samp that Cubendo users (perhaps other daw users) are used to is on the VSTi's and the VST effects there are R & W buttons so if you want to automate those effects while you got them up in your window In Cubendo... all you need to to is click the "W" and then start moving the parameters in the VSTi and the VST effect and it writes it on the fly. Then, click on the "R" button and it reads the automation you did. Can something like this be done (or added) to Samplitude? SEA
  5. It would be very very VERY (did I mention very???) VERY COOL if we had a really good start from scratch... like a "Here's how ya do it in Samp" video. I mean.. you see these types of things on Sonic State NAMM video demos etc. Like.. you got a dude that stands there saying "Uh.. here's what's cool in version XYZ" or whatever ya know? Samp has tutorials which are very nice, but I like the down home/here's how ya do it approach! Kraznet has some good videos he did! I'm waiting on Dr. Funk to get his "FUNK" together and then do some videos with Camtasia or something. HEY DOC!!! R U LISTENING TO ME??? SEA
  6. Hey JDA! Come on over... the water's fine!!! Have you checked out Kraznet's videos he's doing for the forum? Here's the link. http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...showtopic=12091 Great stuff!!! Anyway... Samp is an awesome program... been around forever... GREAT German technology... and has GREAT audio and a GREAT audio editor! BTW, did I mention they're GREAT?? The support is the best I have ever seen... PERIOD!!!! Others can vouch for it a well! So WELCOME ABOARD (In advance!) You'll love what we're doing over here in SAMPLAND! Jamie
  7. I just watched the Bounced video.. now Take Manager/Composer! This is AWESOME STUFF KRAZ!!!!! You should be on Samp's Payroll!!! Cheers, SEA
  8. Hey John, That's what I thought! I thought that the manual wasn't available so someone offered to copy his. SEA
  9. One more thought... I was speaking with my wife who works for a corporation who deals with copyrights all the time. When mentioning this thread to her she said "the copyrights on things like manuals are to keep the competition from plagiarizing the manual for their own products... NOT to keep the end user from being able to use the product!" I thought she had a good point. Jamie
  10. I guess one way to clear this up is just to call MOTU (or whoever) and say "Hey... is it ok (since I can't get the manual any more) if a bud I know makes me a copy? Also... what about mp3s? Have you evern shared a song with someone (not selling it of course, just sharing it) that an artist did? How does that work in this mix? Best, SEA
  11. I don't see why it can't be implemented at some stage as it comforting to see what you're recording in realtime as the object is created and also in the midi editor . Also it would be better of there were separate audio and midi options because I like to have the "Show confirmation dialog (OK,Delete) after record " for audio enabled but for midi I prefer it disabled . Regards Kraznet AGREE! SEA
  12. Hey Chulio! I know what you mean! Hats off to you Dejan! We haven't officially met... but perhaps I'll drop you a line soon! Franks is great (and the other Devs.) And Kraznet? Well... he can't be beat!!! And who can forget Dr. Funk! (now I see there's 2 of them.) Well... with the help of some good doctors... how can we go wrong!! Thanks to everyone on the MAGIX/Samplitude/Sequoia forums!! You're ALL THE BEST!!!!! SEA
  13. I'm trying to find the problem but it might be faster if I just ask! When I'm cutting a part (like a bass part using Trilogy) and I play it back.. it's like I'm playing AHEAD of the beat! Like I rushed the tempo and 1/2 a beat ahead. I'm playing around with my Latency in my sound card but still the same. I have it set to 128 and Samp to 128. Also setting are as follows ASIO Device - ASIO 2 - Wami 192X Clock Source - Wami 192X Clock ASIO Buffer - 128/32 VIP Object Buffer 128 Engine Mode - Mixer FX Monitoring (all the way to the right) Jamie
  14. I AGREE! I just got Samp 9 for $399 and I figured (if nothing else) to have it just for the POW-r dither, object editor, CD mastering and burning on the fly, the sound of the audio engine (sounds great to me)... how could I go wrong! And with the devs and the end users on this forum really (and I mean REALLY) giving us all this great support... well to ME... that's a BIG part of it!!! A company that's there for me instead me there for IT!! I mean... WHY support a company who doesn't give a DANG for me and all they seem to care about is how to get more of my money! FORGET IT!! Yes... companies MAKE there living on new customers and repeat business. Sure... getting an upgrade to a new version every year... paying a few "shillings" for it so the company can keep the stream of income flowing, that's needed and I believe in it. But to make promises and then BREAK them? HEY... I believe "A Man's Word IS HIS BOND!!!" What's that old saying... "The customer is always right?" Seems to me a lot of that has been lost in today's world. Feels great to get that back over here in Sampland! Hey Frank! I think Samps motto should be something like "Samplitude... We're There For YOU!" or maybe "Come Home... Come Home To Samplitude" SEA
  15. Hey Kraz!!!! That was WAY COOL!!!! Love your voice over too! You should do a whole session from start to finish! Like... "Here's how you do a VSTI midi session in Samp 9 using Trilogy, HALion 3, BFD, etc." Something like that! Especially for all the newbies who are still fumbling our way around. Some cool tips & tricks like where we all go "Wow... that was sweeeeeeeeeeet!" Anyway... great job! KUTGW (Keep up the good work) Jamie P.S. What software did you use to do the video demo?
  16. SEA


    Hey Volker! How about when setting the range for a loop (start and stop) and you want to click somewhere in the middle of it, it doesn't disappear? Currently this seems to be the problem and you have to always reset the loop section. If this could be tweaked that would be great! It should work where you select the area you want to loop (the start and end point) and then you can adjust the start and the end without redoing it as well. Also.. what about multiple loop points where you can jump ahead or go back to the section you want to? Is this possible in Samp 9? Best, Jamie
  17. Thanks Kraz and thanks for helping Salvador! He's a good man... I've known him a few years and he's helped me quite a bit as well when it came to Cubase and things. I had encouraged him to test Samp out and it looks like he's doing a good job at it! Jamie
  18. Thanks Kraznet for your help!! With your support (and others) it helps us Cubendo users understand how Samp works and perhaps appreciate it a bit more! Of course... I believe there's always room for improvements. Perhaps there some suggestions that are worth considering as well. Jamie
  19. Ok... so far so good! The manager tab seems to be working well. You have to play around with it and get used to it. However... wouldn't it be a good feature, if when you unload a VSTi from your project... it also removed it from the tracks and the VSTi Manager? Or perhaps it's better to keep them all in and do it manually? I can go either way myself. Yes.. it's faster (IMHO) to just unload the VSTi... then have it unloaded in the VSTI Manager. but then again... i'm still new to Samp and it's work flow. Perhaps the VSTi Manager way is better. What do you think forum? Shall we take a poll? Jamie
  20. All this is done in the Manager under the Track tab . You can shift select-delete multiple tracks you want to remove. Thanks Kraznet! I'm trying it now. I'll let you know how it goes Jamie
  21. Ok... found it and removed them from the mixer. But (IMHO), this should be an update in 9.1 cause when you unload a VSTi in Cubase (and I'm assuming in the other major daw programs) it unloads it in the mixer, the tracks when you unload the VSTi. Now... I have done this in the mixer... but the tracks in the VIP are still there? Is there a way that I can just delete tracks when I select them and hit delete? In Cubase it's "right click"... "press del"... gone! In Samplitude (AFAIK) it's right click on the track... select "Insert/Delete Tracks"... then scroll over to another window and scroll down to "Delete Tracks" Another thing... in Cubase you can click on a track... hold down the SHIFT key... select another track... (more if you like) and then hit delete etc. So far in Samp... I can only select 1 track at a time (that I know of). Not complaining... just saying "Hey... shouldn't this be easier?" Jamie
  22. Thanks Rich! I'm trying to find the VSTi Manager... I'm checking the manual. I see what it looks like, but HOW do I access it inside of Samp? Jamie
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