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  1. You da man Kraznet! What would Magix do without you? Still had to rebuild many old custom key commands going way back. - Greg
  2. Hey SB, 1 ?. How do you separate a midi drum part into separate tracks in SP4?

  3. Hey Greg - hope all is well! I;m trying to install X3 (suite) and am having problems. X3 is not recognizing my SCOPE/XITE ASIO drivers. X2 works fine. X3 doesn't. At the audio setup window I select the Scope ASIO driver set but immediately get an error message saying ASIO drivers not found (even though I have a Scope project loaded up with ASIO drivers. Like I said, X2 works fine. Any ideas? Are u still using Scope? Thanks!

  4. 1) Open settings using 'Y' key. System Options>Playback>> click OFF 'Spacebar also works in background' button. Note that SOME VSTi's tend to take priority over the GUI, and some do not. I also got in the habit of using underscores (_) in ANY file name, and avoid using spaces. 2) NOT possible to drag-n-drop to VSTi windows (as far as I know). Not even possible in Samplitude/Sequoia's native Independence Sampler (that I know of). Yes, the manual is a little clunky and incomplete. Never has been totally up-to-date. I recommend searching on YouTube for Kraznet's Samplitude tutorial videos. They are very well done. If/When you decide to buy Samplitude, then you should join the main forum where you'll find all the veteran users and beta testers. Have fun, and good luck! Greg
  5. Yes, but you have to detect transients first. You should post over on the main forum. Good luck
  6. Roli should setup like any other midi keyboard, except it has its own editor, and can send other controller data to VSTs that can see it. Samplitude handles midi just fine, so it may depend more on your sound modules. I run Kontakt and Omnisphere in multi-channel mode with no issues. You may want to ask over on the main forum since there are probably more MIDI users over there. Greg
  7. Superior 2 works great. That's all I have See you over on the main forum! Welcome to our little corner of the world! G
  8. http://www.musictech.net/2016/02/roli-interview/ Many DAWS have adopted JUCE. I doubt Magix will ever consider this. Greg
  9. MIDI Ox does this, but it's future support going forward with Windows 10, etc. is in question.
  10. For now you can save a track preset with all your VST settings, then copy the track and insert the preset. G
  11. Not sure if the demo VIP's are included with the Samplitude ProX demo installation, but there should be some demo projects already included. G
  12. You could be getting an initial velocity controller key switch coming in at the beginning of the track that is setting all velocity low. G
  13. Actually, one of the best features of Samplitude is being able to zoom way into sample-level. Greg
  14. Just did this this past weekend! Thanks Kraz!
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