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  1. orangehillaudio.com Talk to Tom Sailor, he'll hook ya up.
  2. What is the target and appreciative audience then for 64 bit audio? Those people that own the 12.1 surround i-pods listening to classical, jazz, acoustic, or choral music Greg
  3. It's been on the list for V11. Haven't found an .ini tweak yet. Greg
  4. I'm a newbie with Sequoia and video. How would you handoff (exchange) files with someone working in a Mac-based environment with Final Cut Pro and using Sequoia for sweetening? Would we have to go through an additional step exporting to Quicktime and then converting to an AVI? BK Hi Bob, Usually, I receive quicktime exports from final cut with either photojpeg(75%) compression or H264 codecs. It works well in Sequoia, but I think Samplitude is somewhat crippled in this aspect - haven't used it for a while so don't remember. In Sequoia, I find that these mentioned formats to perform as good or better (read "more stable") than in Nuendo. None of them can compete with PT that eats everything in terms of video. One of my complaints is that Sequoia doesn't export to quicktime, but only AVI. So if you want to send previews back to the production it has to be converted to AVI. Usually, I send my mix back to Final Cut either rendered or as an OMF. And I agree with Nick - no one I know in this business needs the video recording option in a DAW. We need basic established features. I have a couple of request threads over at the Sequoia forum, if you guys take a look there you see what I mean Best, Ola I haven't had any issues with H.264 QT's in Samplitude. Seems to like the format just fine here. Also, the EDL transfer from Video ProX directly into Sampliquoia is working OK for audio, but some tests are still being done on multiple segmented video object transfer into Sequoia. Samplitude still only handles one main video track. The cheapest solution now is to use Movie Edit Pro (cheap, and by the way, a very good NLE for the money), and import those rendered video files into Samplitude. One crazy thing is that you can already now drag-n-drop video into friggin' Music Maker directly into the track - but not (yet) in Samplitude. Again, I think they are working on consistency of this feature across the products - including for V11 Sampliquoia. Greg
  5. Just wanted to say that the Magix dev's ROCK! Greg
  6. sometime soon I guess. Greg
  7. Hopefully someday soon we won't even need Protools I much prefer doing everything in one program. Greg
  8. need MUCH more information, please. Which solo mode are you in? (right-click over solo button and see which solo mode you are in). Are you soloing in mixer, or track? Thanks, Greg
  9. Actually, I'm going to update my statement. Magix should merge the new Video Pro X into Sequoia, and MEP into Samplitude. But I don't see this happening for V11. In the meantime, you can directly EDL export out of Samplitude (markers and all) and automatically launch MEP, and the audio tracks land right inside MEP. VERY cool. Greg
  10. Lately I've been testing using markers/EDL's between Samplitude and VideoProX or Movie Edit Pro (two other fine Magix products ) - exporting directly out from Samplitude to MEP, and then using MEP for the NLE video editing, staying mostly with mpeg's. Then I'll render an avi out of MEP, and bring it back into Samplitude (since it currently only handles <ahem> one video track) for final audio mix. Afterwards I'll just send the audio mix and the video editor SHOULD just need to fly in the audio and do a conform edit, which is perhaps ideal anyways, since the Premiers and Vegas's out there are not real strong on audio editing anyways. I'm also still testing being able to use the markers and EDL's somehow in other programs like Premier - like some sort of industry standard tranfer format (hmmmmmm..... ). Unfortunately as far as I know, there is still a workaround needed to convert .avi's rendered out of Sequoiatude to .mov's using a program like SUPER - http://www.erightsoft.net/SUPER.html This is IF the other facility doesn't accept .avi's or just simply do not do their own conversion. bluecastle may be correct regarding long segments and sync. in Sequoia - I rarely go over 5 minute segments anymore. Also, personally I've never had problems playing QT's in Samplitude, and the 'native' .mxv format coming out of MEP is also 'friendly' to Samplitude. IMO if Magix would basically just <ahem> merge VPX with Sequoia, or MEP with Samplitude, then this might provide what some other people have requested - the ability to have multiple video segments to sync. to for audio production - like a sort of REAL video post environment. (I'm being facetious of course) Greg
  11. My fellow San Diegan Jeff is correct. The 'remove unused samples' can be confusing and can get OVERUSED, so I've adopted the 'save complete VIP in' and merely archive older files onto an external archive drive. MUCH cleaner this way anyways, since I can always go back and rebuild in case of a major drive crash (which occurred for me several years ago). It's NOT designed as a robust file management tool. Regarding track height - I'll have to test what is happening when adding new tracks, but I personally am so used to using mousewheel with ctrl or alt, or ctrl+alt to zoom into active tracks that I never think about it . Samplitude DOES have a similar drag the bottom/top edge of the track paradigm as the Sonars and Cubases, but I'm not sure about being able to set a custom default starter track height. Perhaps Volker or someone can chime in with maybe a custom .ini file setting somewhere. Or maybe I'll find it. Greg
  12. This is an example of the track-only vs. object/range/track paradigm of Samp. You can range-bounce, object-bounce, or track-bounce (by soloing the tracks you want to mixdown). There's also ways of using folder tracks and freezing tracks in order to get a mixdowns that way. Hope this works for you. Greg
  13. After bringing them in and adjusting them, you can then ctrl+d or ctrl+l copy them along the track similar to Acid. Greg
  14. Thanks for the info on the crossgrade, I'll give Bob Mondock at Sweetwater a call. I hate to be a pain, but there has been a new development and I wanted to check with you before I downloaded. I've just ordered a new computer (hoping that it will solve any future problems). Right now I have an Acer with a Core 2 duo 2ghz processor and 2 gb of ram. I have a 400 and a 160 gig hard drive and I'm using Presonus firestudio and DigiMax fs for a sound card. I'm running XP Pro the new computer is a Dell with a Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor with 2.33Ghhz per core. 6 Gb of DDR2 SDRAM. 750 GB hard drive and an external 1 TB hard drive. Vista 64 bit OS I'll use the same sound card and I do all my drum tracks with V-Drums triggering BFD 2. I make extensive use of the UAD-2 Quad card as well as EMI Abbey road Comp/Limiter and Nomad LM-622. I also use IK Multimedia ARC room correction as well as the Classik Studio Reverb, Miroslave Philharmonik and T-Racks 3. My Main reverb is Altiverb 6. Will I have a problem with any of this using Samplitude? Thanks You shouldn't, but you won't really know until you download and push the program to see what it can do. Some UAD users may chime in here re: old compatibility issues that have since been resolved, and I've heard mixed things about BFD not liking Samplitude's hybrid engine (or whatever), but I think you'll be OK. I would advise to build up a project bit-by-bit to see how far you can go. There is also a LAA version of Samplitude for the over-2Gig-RAM configurations (running here on two 4Gig systems no problems). Also, Kraznet and a few others are having some success with the 64-bit OS's. Be sure to watch the videos on the samplitude.com site as well. I say go for it Greg
  15. Yes, I agree with Sebastian that DB has done some REAL due diligence with the program, pointed out some things, and kept going, which is a lot more than some people do. Besides the usual helpful, courteous, professional demeanor of the folks on this forum, I think you'll find the program rather refreshing. It can be deep and confronting at times, but if you dig in, it will respond. The only other thing I can say is - WOW do you have a LOT of stuff going on! So, I also recommend the demo, and then slowly building up a project using your go-to plugs and build up from there to see what Samplitude can handle on your system. Samplitude is NOT Cubase, and is NOT plug-n-play, so you may have to do some optimizations along the way. Have fun, Greg
  16. This is one of the paradigms of Samplitude - when you open the wav editor, it will show you all your takes, but it SHOULD have a range highlighted for the span of the particular VIP object you're working on. Before copying your objects, you can put a manual fade on the object edges by sliding the corner 'nurb'/hook over to the left/right. No need to do all the work of rendering to wav first. I'm not sure why your getting clicking when crossing the edges of the looped objects - other than there may not be any fade - but I've never noticed clicks at borders. You can also try simply sliding objects against each other to create an instant crossfade (if you're in object mode). So, there's object fades (at the edges), and automation fades (another topic), and volatile wave edits (not necessary in Samplitude), but when working with objects, you just need to set things up once before copying/looping or whatever. Greg
  17. Hi Greg, By "turning off CC07 on the mixer faders" do you mean mean de-selecting Controller 7 in the "Automatic Column Fader mode for MIDI Tracks" section of the System Options - MIDI? If so, I've done that and it had no affect. I'm not using any plugins...just 5 straight MIDI tracks set up to interface with an external synth (Motif ES7). Regards, DB I think Dax mentioned turning it off at the fader (which may be the same thing). Right-click over the fader handle and set the volume mode for audio only. Don't worry about the system config. at this point. Greg
  18. Try turning off CC07 on the mixer faders and set them for audio volume only, and see if that shakes it off. I never had these issues here, but other people have reported something similar at times. Also, what plugins are you using, if any, and in what fashion? Aux channel, in-channel, etc. Greg
  19. Well, when you finally fire up Ammunition, be prepared for quite a surprise. It is VERY good. There are companies out there selling their one limiter/compressor for the price of Samplitude, so beware I also have Omnisphere, but have not encountered the stuck MIDI note start issue. Omnisphere IS currently my one big resource hog - right up there with Kontakt3, which is also CPU hungry. All I can recommend is to try to keep your VIP and ASIO buffers set at the same number. This sometimes helps with burdening devices. Also note, that I don't think many of the developers test their plugins/synths in Samplitude's hybrid engine scheme, so they're used to developing for those other 'boxy' programs . Be prepared for an epiphany moment when you start hotrodding the workflow and navigation with hotkeys. I'm about 80% hotkey driven now, and can move very fast through the program now. For me it was like having a 'eureka moment' Have fun, Greg p.s. by the way, it's very helpful to have your system hardware configuration in your signature. That way people that have similar configurations can chime in and help.
  20. Yes, ctrl+L does the trick (thought I had mentioned that). Anyways, the drag-copy in Sonar is basically a ripoff of Acid Pro anyways, and I highly doubt Magix will/could implement this, since the engine in Samplitude is very different from Sonar. Greg
  21. Hi Greg, I believe this is something I could get around by simply adding a new MIDI track. A more troublesome issue for me is the limitation of the MIDI Editor to an object level. I see Samplitude treats MIDI in this regard much the same way it does audio. For those who use MIDI as a composition tool it is very useful to be able to 1) see the entire track in the editor (you would have to glue all track objects to do this in Samplitude) and 2) be able to see multiple tracks superimposed in the editor and be able to switch quickly to which track you're editing. Also, the use of what Sonar calls Groove Clips is very useful. These are basically repeatable patterns that can quickly and easily be painted/drug in either direction (in Samplitude you have to copy and paste the objects). Obviously there are ways to accomplish what you need to do in Samplitude, but for my composition needs I find these MIDI features very useful. Regards, DB You don't have to glue the objects before editing - just group highlight all the objects you want - or shift+click, or ctrl+click - and open the editor from there. This way you should get all the MIDI you want to edit. It also works conversely if you want to edit just by range. Also, you can group the objects across multiple tracks, and then in the editor turn on the colors for the various tracks before editing. The track you want to edit will be in the pull-down at the top. It should also be default I believe be editable by selecting a note/even in the editor, and this will become your active editing sequence. I've seen Sonar's groove clips, and Samp. has a similar thing - just ctrl+drag to copy an object, or ctrl+d copy as many times as you want (or I think there is also a ctrl+L default for multiple object copy). There's a good MIDI video demo somewhere up on youtube as well as on the Samplitude site. By the way, having seen the Sonar demos (with the new Roland relationship) at NAMM, left me fairly unimpressed. Roland's hardware integration with Sonar8 is 'groovy' and all that, but seemed somehow restrictive, since you're now tied into their hardware. It's a subjective choice for $5K to get into this 'V-Studio' system. Greg
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