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  1. ...and I believe there was a tweak in 10.2 with the MIDI comping modes to provide options for overwriting in-place, or using the Take Manager. It actually IS writing in the same track, just that you can now click through the various takes to grab what you like. Greg
  2. First, try setting your buffers at the same number. RME = good choice - generally very 'Samplitude friendly' (I still use an older Multiface I without issue for over 5 years now). re: automation - try right-clicking on the automation button to setup the curves visibility, color, controller assignment (or learn), etc. Also, opening up the MIDI editor gives you access to automation as well. By the way, IMO - the automation setup and config. is still a little non-intuitive, with plenty of room for improvement. Greg
  3. Sorry if this is stating the obvious, but have you checked that this is not caused by your accidentally selecting a very small range and having loop mode activated? yes, I thought of this too. Forgot to mention it. Having a short range set with loop turned off would cause this type of behavior. Greg
  4. and the other obvious question - what is your hardware configuration and buffer settings? Still working with 'default' settings? Greg
  5. FPU's aside, the Sonar guys have to go to their 64-bit approach, since they are using a different technique than Samplitude's current structure. At least that's my understanding. Stupid sampler companies got us 'over a rock' with their 'high-quality samples' - what are they sampling at 96/192? ...and if the destination is still i-pods, CD's or DVD's, then all that overhead gets lost anyways, so IMO until everyone is listening to high-res surround on blue-ray (or whatever), then the Sonar guys may have jumped the gun Anyways, from what I've read - Kraznet and others are already running Samp. on 64-bit OS - so that's a start. Greg
  6. Samplitude 10 DLV (download version ) uses challenge response . Samplitude 10 Pro uses a codemeter dongle . Regards Kraznet If this is so, is there any way to remove all this Codemeter runtime that has infested itself all over my computer and Registry? It was installed without option when installing Samplitude 10 DLV. Regards, DB Using the uninstall (or add/remove programs) rather than just deleting the folder SHOULD obviously remove Samplitude entirely. Then try uninstalling codemeter itself, if it's still loaded separately. If this isn't possible, there are free uninstallers that work OK for deleting deeper things like registry keys. If that doesn't work, then use msconfig in command line to delete the bootup call for the codemeter. At least Magix Samplitude install doesn't load files all over the place like many other apps (ahem - Sonar, Acid) do. Before installing anything, you should probably set a restore point anyways. It's always something... Greg
  7. OK, thanks for checking in. Greg p.s Samplitude runs at 4gig, and it's audio engine is effectively already at 80bit, so.... IMO, 64-bit is still hype until plugins and media can handle it. The big ROM/Samplers out there need it in order to handle streaming overhead, but beyond that it's moot. The Sonars and Nuendo's of the world NEED this overhead to handle the beasts that Samplitude already can. Nevertheless, good luck out there
  8. The dongle started around V8. I don't know of any plans to get away from dongle - although the discussion pops up every once in a while. As I said earlier, there was a recent thread regarding putting the dongle contents on the host drive and application folder somewhere/somehow, but I unfortunately haven't had time to find it. In the meantime, I don't think the DLV uses the dongle, so that would be an option for you. Greg
  9. I'd be surprised if they announce any 64-bit strategy at NAMM - but I'll be there, and will poke and prod those guys to see if they cough up any information re: V11 developments. In the meantime - just grab the DLV version and jump in with V10, and if you decide to go for V10.2, then it'd probably be cheaper to crossgrade later on as well. Greg
  10. I already answered as many as I could. The rest are up to Magix (re: 64-bit, etc.) to answer. re: burning CD's - it's very easy if you use the CD burn sequence - since it's practically a wizard that walks you through the process. Greg
  11. The main thing for me early on was to remember that there are about 3 ways to get where you want to go, since the menu-driven people need to be satisfied, and the mouse-driven (right-click) people need to be satisfied, and the hotkey people (like me) need to be satisfied, etc. - so the GUI at first glance doesn't seem intuitive enough because it's 'non-static' like some other hosts, where there's at most a couple ways to get things done. The object paradigm grew on me right away though (going back almost 11 years now ). Greg
  12. If DXi refers to Direct X instruments (since some people intermix this with other DX terminology), then yes, Samplitude handles Direct X instruments. Best if you just try it on the demo. Greg
  13. There's always the tutorial videos on youtube and Kraznet's videos on samplitude.com http://uk.youtube.com/results?search_query...p;search=Search Greg
  14. I think the default mode was debated back in beta, and I can only assume that it becomes an optional switch at some point. Greg
  15. I guess I forgot about the endless debate over a year ago on what the 'default' setting should be Got so used to hotkeying my way through the program, that I lose track of the good ol' days. Sorry for the confusion. Greg
  16. Codemeter doesn't disrupt your system like the reputation of other dongulators in the past. Samplitude doesn't suck itself into your registry or glue itself to your machine ID. You can run Samplitude on multiple machines. There was another thread recently re: embedding the codemeter in a localized file, but I'm not sure what became of it - I will have to re-read the thread Nevertheless, I think the DLV should give you a good taste of what's possible. Greg
  17. Read mode (most similar to default as in MS) should move the whole automation line up/down globally using the fader and leave it it where you want when you let go of the fader handle - or use mousewheel for real-time response. Latch/Touch modes will drop in all the node points that can be edited later on. The slider should move up/down in response (if it's volume), pan obviously should respond also. (Effects and MIDI control can get interesting also ) If none of this works, then maybe try clicking on the record button. Other than that, I'm not sure what's going on (?). Hope this gets you going . Greg
  18. The VST version of VV is 1.1 at present. For the Samplitude/Sequoia internal version, we're currently at 1.11. I've got updates for both code branches on schedule for the beginning of 2009. ...and for Samplitude bundle release? Update soon? Thanks! Greg
  19. I have the dongle networked so that I can share it across 3 computers running Samplitude. I don't have a problem with using dongles - including recording live sessions on a laptop. Greg
  20. Yes, very refreshing here, indeed If/when you decide to make a switch, be sure to call Tom before he heads off to NAMM. Have fun! Greg
  21. Check with Tom Sailor at Orangehillaudio re: crossgrade deals. Samplitude already handles DXi. Someone from Magix will have to chime in re: 64bit development efforts. Greg
  22. Try the different automation modes. Right-click over volume button in mixer or side-bar and go to Track automation mode> latch or touch. Also try the mouse curve mode and you can move nodes around using shift and ctrl keys. Greg
  23. +1 Ecox on guitar - use this all the time. Nice. Smooth. Greg
  24. I've personally specifically stuck with Samplitude for years now due to it's excellent core technology, good professional knowledgeable community, and responsive developers. Have I checked out other hosts? Sure, but I always come back, because I don't see the evolution or sense of 'ground-breakiness' with the other developers that Samplitude has provided over the years. I think what you'll find when people have issues (and this is not a criticism of Bob or anyone else - including myself), is when they carry over expectations from other hosts, (oftentimes relative newcomers to Samplitude), that many times are actually already implemented in Samp. in one form or another, but perhaps lurking somewhere where the user isn't expecting them. This comes down to workflow more often than not. What is still expected now, I think, is all the little extra nitty gritty higher-end features that cater to i.e. video post vs. high-end MIDI user vs. live performance, vs. live recording vs. production studio vs. sound design, etc. etc. I really think Samplitude strikes a strong balance between all these market areas without ignoring them. Is there room for improvement - always? But, the devs. also have to be concerned about 'keeping up with the Jones' syndrome, and work hard to maintain the integrity of the core program. Just know that, for me Samplitude has been the most reliable, fast, transparent, workhorse of a program that I've ever used. I've worked in busy studios in LA that are obviously ProTools or Nuendo, or whatever-based, and find myself sort of snickering inside when I see to what degree the engineers sometimes have to wrestle with the programs to get it to do anything. Is Samplitude impervious to this same criticism? No, because people get used to workflows and hotkeys, and screen colors, and whatever. This will never end. Where it stands now is a very powerful, diverse host that yes, has great external hardware integration (working great with external effects here - with adjustable sync by the way), very deep MIDI implementation that is IMO about 90% up to par with the Cubases and Logics out there that are YEARS ahead in MIDI development, quick freeze, hybrid engine, the infamous object editing, and of course full front-to-back record-edit-mix-master-burn within one tool. Now, I may come off as a 'fanboy', but believe me that the beta team beats the crap out of this program (I love to try to do things it may not be designed to do), and then go for stability and ruggedness, and then all the little items and tweaks fall into place soon enough. V10.2 is now the main core of my studio - using 'heavy' synths/ROMplers such as Omnisphere and Superior2 as well as external effects, hardware control via Yamaha 01V92V2 mixer, and, of course the native plugins are very good - especially Ammunition, which IMO is worth the price of admission alone I think you should grab the demo and throw everything you can at it - on your system - with your desired workflow, and see what it can do. There are crossgrade deals available, so I don't think a switch-over won't cost you as much as you think . Keep posting questions here as you go, and have fun. Greg
  25. Yeah, 6 is a lot, and yet people have requested it off and on over the years. The other skins do have up to 8. Greg
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